These Royal Baby Names are Just Right for Meghan and Prince Harry’s Baby

In case you missed it, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their first child!

Like most of the world, we are pretty darned excited for Meghan and Prince Harry. And, like most of the world, we will be on Royal Baby Bump watch for the next six or so months.

But, in the meantime, we figured the Duke and Duchess might like our assistance in naming their baby. They haven’t specifically asked for our help. But, it’s okay. We don’t mind putting in our two cents.

Duke and Duchess of Sussex royal baby names


So, Meghan, Harry, all fellow royal baby watchers, behold the only list of royal baby names you’ll ever need to read:

Sticking to tradition

It makes sense for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to go with an elegant name. I mean, older brother Prince William did for all three of his kids.

But Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis all have THREE names, which means the pickin’s are slim for little brother, unless he’s okay to double up. Some of the top contenders, like Diana, Elizabeth, Alexander, Charles and Arthur already make up the middle names for the trio of Cambridge cousins but this seems to be a trend in the royal land. After all, Prince George’s second middle name is Louis, which is also his little brother’s first name.

Other royal names that are circulating among cousins and extended family include Savannah, Isla, Mia and Lena.

But there are still a few more royal names to consider. All of these names come with pretty decent odds (yes, bookies are already taking bets on Baby Sussex!):

  • Alice
  • Augusta
  • Alfred
  • Albert
  • Eleanor 
  • James
  • Mary
  • Nicholas 
  • Victoria

Family comes first

Many people believe that Harry and Meghan will go with Diana if baby is a girl. But there are a few other choices to honour Harry’s late mother:

  • Ana – A variation of Diana
  • Frances – the middle name of Princess Diana
  • Spencer – Princess Diana’s maiden name

Or, the couple could opt to honour the Markle family with these ideas:

  • Doria – Meghan’s mum’s name
  • Mark – A tribute to Meghan’s surname, Markle
  • Rachel – Meghan’s real first name
  • Alvin – The name of Meghan’s adored maternal grandfather. Little Lord Alvie? Yes, please!

British American contenders

Meghan and Harry aren’t quite as traditional as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. They may prefer a trendier choice that reigns supreme in both their home countries.

Here are some of the hot names that top the charts in both Britain and America and we reckon would suit a little royal perfectly!

  • Amelia
  • Archie
  • Ava
  • Alfie
  • Chloe
  • Evie
  • Emma 
  • Hudson
  • Lily
  • Leo
  • Olivia 
  • Oliver
  • Poppy
  • Sophia
  • Theo
  • Zoe

Other considerations

  • Haran – Okay, so it’s probably pretty unlikely that Meghan and Harry will combine their names to make baby’s name. But… if they did, then Haran could work. Better than Megry. Or Harmeg.
  • Violet – In honour of the friend who set them up
  • Zane – The surname of Meghan’s character in Suits 
  • May – Their anniversary month. And also a cute name! Or middle name.
  • Bogart – This is the name of the dog that Meghan left behind in Canada. Yes, it’s unlikely that the royal couple will name their baby after a dog… but you never know.
  • Delta – In honour of the Okavango Delta in Botswana where Meghan and Prince Harry took their first super secret couples’ holiday together, back in August 2016.
  • Sydney – The city where the couple announced their baby news to the world! Sydney Sussex – it has a nice ring to it!

Meghan and Prince Harry baby names

Meghan, Harry, a massive congrats from us at Mum Central on your super awesome baby news. And good luck with the baby name game! We hope our ideas have helped make the decision just a little bit easier.

In the meantime, browse through our previous regal baby name post for more elegant ideas for your little one.

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