VIDEO: Check Out the Crazy Way this Baby Bump Moves


When you’re close to the end of your pregnancy, where’s the best place to go? Into the bath, of course!

And what do you do when baby won’t stop moving from within? Film it, naturally.

This is exactly what NSW/QLD birth photographer Lana from Lana Bell Photography did with her 40 week baby belly. The mum recently shared the raw footage on Instagram page @the_birth_day, bringing back lovely memories of those precious womb wiggles.

Water baby already!

After giving bub a light nudge, Lana lies back and watches as bub moves around. You can see the limbs poking her and possibly even the head (or butt?) trying to push through the skin.

As Lana explains in the post, “So much visible movement because she was posterior so kicking all out front.”

Baby is definitely ready to make her escape, that’s for sure!

Bickmore’s baby kicks

It’s been the week to celebrate baby kicks with The Project‘s Carrie Bickmore also sharing a video of her moving baby belly. As Carrie kicks back and relaxes, Baby Bickmore #3 gives her mum a few nudges to the tummy.

To add to the sweetness, daughter Evie’s hand is resting on her mum’s belly, eagerly waiting to feel the kicks from her little brother or sister. Nawwww. Sibling love already!

Carrie announced her pregnancy in June 2018 and, although the due date and gender is unknown, we’re predicting an early December baby. And a girl!

So much baby kicking goodness! Does it make you want to do it all over again? If so, check out our checklist on how to tell if you’re ready for another baby.

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