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Hilarious: 40+ Dogs of Snapchat Will Have You in Stitches!


Everyone enjoys social media but we’ve never quite appreciated it as much as right now! These Dogs of Snapchat have us more than entertained. #dogsofsnapchat we love you! 

Capturing all their adorable antics, stupid acts and plain old disdain for one another (and their human owners!) you’ll fall head over heels for man’s best friend all over again. That is once you wipe the tears from laughing your head off. Totally safe to share with your kids, this is a fun moment to enjoy together.

From the pregnant dog (who we can all totally relate to!) who just can’t stand it one-more-minute to the adorable pup who made it home and wants to be ‘let in’ after a bold escape or to the collie who’s very unimpressed to be celebrating her birthday (dog years mean you age fast, right? Can you blame her?) these pooches will make you smile. Pretty sure that’s called canine therapy. But without the responsibility of owning your own pet! Winning!

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