If you’re my age, ahem, which is late 30’s, you’ll no doubt remember the Nokia 3310. The ‘IT’ phone of our generation with endless battery life and an indestructible build.

Selling 126 million units in its time, this was the “must have” phone of the 90’s. And guess what? The Nokia 3310 returns!

Did someone say nostalgia tech? Oh yes we did! 

Remember the hours you wasted playing snake? And what it was like to text when you had to hit a key 3 times to get the right letter? Well, bring back all them feels as Nokia is making it happen once again!
nokia 3310 info

Super affordable at approximately $65 the phone will come in black, white, silver and red. The technology is basic, it offers 2.4-inch colour screen, a microSD slot, and a two megapixel camera. What does impress however is the Nokia-standard durability and battery life still unlike anything else on the market. According to the manufacturer, it boasts 22 hours of talk time and an incredible one month standby time, per charge.

nokia 3310 snake
So who is this phone for?

With limited ‘smart’ capacity, hard-wearing design and battery that just goes and goes, this would be the ideal choice for a child or teen who needs a phone. It’s likely not a long-term phone choice for an adult as it has limited functionality. If, however, you want to feel all 20-something again why not turn on Venga Boys, get yourself a Nokia 3310 and lose yourself for hours on the couch at your parent’s place playing snake? It’ll be like being young all over again.

nokia 3310 product shot

If you’ve a teen with a mobile phone or you’re thinking of equipping them with one please check out this article on X-Plan. This smart idea by one forward thinking father could potentially save your teens life – or at least reputation!

nokia 3310 relaunch


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