The Super Sweet Proposal That Will Melt Even The Hardest of Hearts


Marriage proposals can happen when you least expect them. On the beach, at a concert, in the hospital delivery room…

Yes, sometimes there’s nothing like watching the love of your life deliver a new life that turns men into hopeless romantics. Check out this so-sweet-it-almost-hurts proposal.

New parents and high school sweethearts, Brianna Moloney and James Hooks, welcomed a son, Sawyer James, on 24 August, 2017. But the birth wasn’t the only surprise in store for Brianna that day.

 Super Sweet Proposal

In a Facebook video that has been shared more than 47,000 times (and counting) visiting relatives captured the moment that James decided to pop the question to his baby mama, making full use of the brand new addition to the family.

 Super Sweet Proposal

“Mommy will you marry my daddy?”

New mum Brianna had no idea that her just-delivered baby boy had a delivery of his own to make. Cue one super sweet marriage proposal heading your way, girl.

“I had absolutely no clue that the proposal was coming. We have talked about it but I was thinking it would happen around Christmas time or something.”

A midwife wheeled baby Sawyer into the room and told Brianna that he was a “little chilly” and needed skin to skin to help regulate his temperature. The new mum unwrapped his swaddle and soon realised that he was wearing a very important message. She also noticed a little sparkly somethin’ attached to his itsy bitsy baby wrist with a ribbon.

Brianna turned to see James kneeling by the side of the bed. The answer to the boys’ super sweet marriage proposal? A resounding YES.

The newly engaged couple tell Mum Central they don’t have any immediate plans to wed.

“We don’t have much planned yet, we want to wait a couple of years so Sawyer can be our ring bearer,” Brianna says. “And I know I want it in autumn.”

Brianna Moloney and James Hook pose after super sweet marriage proposal

Brianna Moloney and James Hook


Let’s all say it together; ‘AWWWWWWWWW!’ We wish this new little family all the best for the future!

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