Hot Picks for Christmas: Playskool Heroes for the Win!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s … Playskool Galactic Heroes! Whatever it is hurtling through the sky (or more likely your kitchen!) one thing is for sure, we know your kids will want it!

Let’s face it, every child loves to pull on a cape and pretend to be a superhero! As parents we encourage this kind of fun, confidence-building and imaginative play.

That’s why Playskool Heroes is a Mum Central favourite, igniting the passions of little people and allowing kids to save the day in one adorable, age-appropriate swoop!


Here’s why we think you should explore Playskool Heroes for your kinder crew this Christmas!

1.  It’s grown-up themes in perfect for little kids formats

The Playskool Heroes range is specifically designed for little-kids – the products are sized just right for smaller hands and they’re simple enough for younger children to play, understand and manoeuvre.

As a Mum I know my own son is hot-to-trot for Star Wars this Chrissy but I want him to have something he can actually play with independently and in a format that is enticing yet age appropriate. That’s the best thing about Playskool Heroes. They combine the big-kid brands, like Transformers, Star Wars, and Marvel, for little-kid hands and play.

The logic is that Playskool Heroes are cool enough to keep their interest but also targeted perfectly in terms of the level of play, dexterity and comprehension of a younger child.


2. They’re made tough and ready for serious kinder level enthusiasm

Playskool know that little people put their toys through some serious workouts. That’s why unlike models or characters for older children the Playskool Heroes are built durable for long-lasting fun. Even better they are also lightweight to be pocket and little hand-friendly.

Minimal small pieces and maximum interactivity aimed squarely at younger kids means this range is going to be long-loved months after Christmas is over – as well as survive the rigours of kinder level play!

3. Playskool Heroes has all the cool characters

The Playskool Heroes range includes characters like Spider-man, the Hulk, R2-D2, Han Solo, Captain America, Iron Man, and the Transformers. The hottest and most sought after franchises of 2016 are all there and ready for adventure! Did someone say ideal stocking fillers? Oh yes we did!

So what are the hottest choices from Playskool Heroes this Christmas?

1. Star Wars Galactic Heroes Figure 2-Pack
From helping R2-D2 & C-3P0 navigate the terrain, to teaming up against the Dark Side or outwitting intergalactic gangsters this is the ideal first choice for a child beginning a Star Wars collection!


2. Star Wars Galactic Heroes Deluxe Vehicle
Flying for the Resistance, your little person will be personally defending the galaxy in this X-wing Fighter vehicle! Imaginative play includes preparing for blast off and executing defensive maneuvers all at the press of a button! Fly safely little one, your galaxy depends upon it!

playskool-galactic-heroes3. Transformers Rescue Bots Rescan
It’s easy for little hands to convert Rescue Bots – the hardest part of this decision will be which character to choose!  From Optimus Prime who converts from fierce robot warrior to truck mode, the Blurr figure that converts from robot to racecar, or the Boulder the Construction-Bot which converts from robot to bulldozer, maybe you’re going to need more than one Mum!


4. Transformers Rescue Rig
‘Chase the Police-Bot’ converts from robot to police vehicle and ‘Heatwave the Fire-Bot’ is ready to roll to the rescue on your little person’s cue! Let your kids fulfil their civic duties and save the city, there’s a bravery medal in their future!


The Playskool Heroes range is available from major retailers nationally.  To find out more about the entire range, visit Hasbro.

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