HOT TOYS 2019: 16 Hot Toys on Every Child’s Christmas Wish List

It’s time to beat the Christmas toy rush and get your gift-giving sorted well ahead of schedule with Mum Central’s hot toys 2019 countdown!

We’ve scoured high and low and are super excited to get our hands on the must-have ‘hot toys 2019’ that are sure to be a huge hit with kids of all ages. Our hot picks include LEGO sets, adorable new Fur-Real friends, family board games, magic kits and oh so much more!

Gifts for boys, girls, babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school-age kids, tweens and even teens, we’ve literally made ALL the lists and checked them twice. So, without further ado, let’s launch into our predictions for the best toys for Christmas 2019. These are the toys every kid will want for Christmas.

Drum roll, please …

1. Full steam ahead: LEGO® DUPLO® Steam Train

BEST FOR: Preschoolers
PRICE: $99.99
WHAT MAKES IT HOT: The action bricks for added excitement

Surprise your little conductor on Christmas morning with the popular Steam Train, now even easier for your toddler to control. It comes with a handy Push&Go motor that toddlers can easily push forward or backward to send the train a-chuggin’.

The set is geared for hours of play with five coloured action bricks that sound the horn, turn the lights on and off, change direction and stop the train. How fun! Complete with a train station, coal tipper, 2 DUPLO figures plus an animal figure and a simple toy train track, your preschooler will be ‘choo chooing’ all over the house!

WHERE TO GET IT: Kmart, Big W, Target, Myer, Amazon and all leading toy stores!mum central

hot Toys for christmas 2019 LEGO DUPLO Steam Train

2. Busy beads: Lalaboom 36 Piece Interconnected Beads & Accessories 

BEST FOR: Toddlers
PRICE: RRP $44.95
WHAT MAKES IT HOT: Winner of Educational Toy of the year 2019

For the littlest loves on your Christmas shopping list, you can’t go past this multi-award winning bead kit. It’s perfect for toddlers 10-36 months and allows them to get creative with colourful, textured beads that snap together. It’s entertaining, educational and engaging all in one! Lalaboom is a sensory exploration and follows the Montessori approach of creative learning which inspires children towards a lifelong love of learning.

Great for developing pattern recognition, fine motor, and problem-solving skills, the Lalaboom bead kit will keep busy fingers occupied for hours. It’s even won the Australia Educational Toy of the Year 2019! Toddlers are often hard to shop for, but this toy ticks all the boxes.

WHERE TO GET IT: Check out the Jasnor website for more information on where to buy Lalaboom products.

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3. Flippin’ Fun: Vuly Play Trampoline

BEST FOR: Ages 4+
PRICE: From $699 (on sale now)
WHAT MAKES IT HOT: The safest trampoline in Australia with cutting edge innovation

Keep your kids active while having enormous fun with your very own Vuly trampoline. Built to last, Vuly Play premium trampolines are rigorously tested for Australia’s harsh climate and have a range of built-in safety features.

With a variety of trampoline models to suit every family and budget, a Vuly Play trampoline is sure to be the perfect gift this Christmas.

WHERE TO GET IT: Directly from Vuly Play.

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4. Cuddly Cubby: Fur Real Friends Cubby the Curious Bear

BEST FOR: Preschoolers
PRICE: $169
 Cubby the Curious Bear is the brand new toy from Fur Real!

It’s amazingly interactive and lifelike with over 100 interactions – voice, touch, and motion. Kids can comb his hair, play peek-a-boo, feed him honey and dance with him.

Not only is Cubby a super soft and snuggly bear, but he’s also a bedtime soothing aid that plays music to help your little one fall asleep. We guarantee a happy Christmas morning with this little fella hiding under the tree.

WHERE TO GET IT:  Find Cubby first at Big W and check the Fur Real website for more details about this Furry Friend. mum central

5. Surprise slime: Treasure X Aliens

BEST FOR: School-age kids, 5+
PRICE: $25
WHAT MAKES IT HOT: Winner Action Toy of the Year 2019

It’s slime, but with the added element of a big surprise – 12 surprises to be exact! It’s like the game Operation but way more fun because it’s slimy AND there are heaps of surprises to find. Kids will LOVE IT!

Cut open the aliens, sift through the gooey slime, find the Hunter and discover the amazing treasures from around the galaxy! With a collectible Treasure Hunter figure in every pack AND the chance to find real gems, it’s an oozy alien experience that is not to be missed!

WHERE TO GET IT: Get your Treasure X Aliens at Big Wmum central

6. Roll on role play: Le Toy Van Honeybake Ice Cream and Treats Trolley

BEST FOR: Preschoolers, kindy kids
PRICE: $299
WHAT MAKES IT HOT:  Charming, cute and cool treats to boot!

Isn’t this the cutest thing you have ever seen?! Step back in time with this gorgeous little treat trolley, a delightful addition to your daughter or son’s playroom. Perfect for role play, your little preschooler can serve up snacks in their very own portable cafe. It can also be used to serve up real yummy treats at your next kid’s birthday party! How cute!

The trolley features a fabric canopy, barrow style design with wheels, a sliding door compartment and 2 magnetic ice creams. You can pick up even more tasty treats to add to the trolley too.

WHERE TO GET IT: Check out the Kaleidoscope website to see where to buy and browse through the other awesome Le Toy Van products in the range. They’ve got an adorable Groceries and Scanner toy too that we are giving away (scroll down to enter). mum central

ice cream trolley hot toys 2019

7. Foam fun: ALL NEW Foam Alive

BEST FOR: School-age kids, 5+, stocking stuffers
PRICE: $8 for a single pack, $15 for the Duo Pack, $29 for Ice Cream Kit

There’s a new name in sensory play and it’s ALIVE with fun! Introducing Foam Alive. Brand new to the toy market, Foam Alive is soft, squishy, fluffy foam that mysteriously moves in “Flow Motion”. It’s great to play with, easy to clean up and never dries out. There are three bright colours to choose from too – Purple Pulse, Ruby Rush and Blue Blitz.

Add to the fun of foam with the Foam Alive Make and Melt Ice Cream Kit. Also brand spankin’ new to the market, it allows kids to create foam-tastic treats. Great for sensory and pretend play, if your kids love Play-Doh and Kinetic Sand, then Foam Alive Make and Melt Ice Cream Kit is one to add to the list!

WHERE TO GET IT: Available from Big W.

Foam AliveFoam Alive Hot Toys 2019

8. Laser fun action: Laser X Fusion Blaster Pack

BEST FOR: School-age kids, 6+
PRICE: $89
WHAT MAKES IT HOT: Extra blast power for even better gaming

Laser X is already the World’s #1 real-life laser game experience and their brand new edition is sure to blow your laser-loving kids away!

Laser X Fusion features a modular system of blasters, receivers and accessories that lets players customise their gear to fit their game. The blasters shoot further than ever before (up to 150 metres) and with light-up sound effects and two modes of play (team or individual), you can bring laser tag to your backyard every day of the week. It works in both indoor and outdoor environments and the Fusion set includes everything they need.

WHERE TO GET IT: You can pick up the all-new Laser X Fusion at Big W.

mum central

9. Magic discovery: Orbeez Magical Pet Wowzer and Hand Spa

BEST FOR: School-age kids, tweens
PRICE: $12.99 for Magical Pet Wowzer, $44.99 for Hand Spa
WHAT MAKES IT HOT: Pretty and practical!

If your little gal (or guy) hasn’t discovered Orbeez yet, then now’s the time to get in on the action! Orbeez magically change into squishy balls when placed in water. They are great for sensory play on their own, but they also have kits and additional toys to add to the fun.

Our top kit picks? The Orbeez Magical Pet Wowzer, a cute Orbeez-filled globe in a magical pet theme. Just add water to reveal the pet. There are 20 different styles to collect, including rare and super rare figures.

We also love the Orbeez Hand Spa, which uses Orbeez instead of regular water. It comes with everything you need to enjoy a colourful, relaxing hand treatment. The spa even swirls the Orbeez around while water cascades down the waterfall. Mesmerising and relaxing – perfect after all that Christmas stress.

WHERE TO GET IT: Head to the Funtastic website to get your Orbeez. mum centralOrbeez wowzer surprise and Hand spa | hot Toys for christmas 2019

10. Baby’s best friend: Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Puppy Walker

BEST FOR: Babies
PRICE: $39
WHAT MAKES IT HOT: A FUN and INTERACTIVE way to help your little one learn to walk.

This is sure to be your baby’s new BFF. Available in two varieties, Puppy and Sis, this walker is perfect for growing babies, offering exciting hands-on activities, plus lots of encouraging phrases and support for those first little steps.

With its easy-grasp handle, the Puppy Walker helps steady bub while they’re learning to take those first all-important strides. It’s jam-packed with loads of features to assist with baby’s development – all in a totally fun way. There are playful songs and phrases to introduce baby to the alphabet, colors, numbers, Spanish words, and more!

Little muscles will get a big workout as they reach for and interact with the Puppy Walker’s play panel. There are 7 hands-on activities! Light-up piano keys & nose, roller, spinner, flip page & more! Plus, thanks to its Smart Stages™ technology, the learning content changes with your baby’s age and stage. Pretty clever!

WHERE TO GET IT: Available at Target, Big W and all good independent retailers. 

mum central

fisher price puppy walker | hot Toys 2019

11. The toys are back! Toy Story 4 RC 

BEST FOR: Preschoolers, kindy kids
PRICE: $49
WHAT MAKES IT HOT: Straight out of the film!

It’s already the must-see movie for all families so it’s no wonder Toy Story 4 toys will fly off the shelves.

Bring the big screen to your backyard with RC Buggy, or RC, the cutest little remote control buggy. He’s a perfect little remote control for first-timers, suitable for 4+. Pair RC with a Toy Story 4 key chain surprise toy – there’s the entire Toy Story 4 gang to collect ($12.99 each).

WHERE TO GET IT: You can buy the all-new Thinkway Toy Story 4 range release, including RC Buggy, at Big W. mum central

Toy Story RC buggy and key chain Hot Toys

12. So MAGIC!: DIY Magic Glitterarium Packs 

BEST FOR: School-age kids, tweens, 8+
PRICE: $8 for small, $19 for large
WHAT MAKES IT HOT: Crafty, creative and on trend for tweens

DIY kits are all the rage and these ones are perfect for those hard-to-buy-for tweens in your life. Not only are they fun to put together but they are also great to display in their room.

These DIY Magic Glitterariums come with everything you need – sand, stones, and decorations. All you need to do is mix, add and decorate and watch the mini terrarium come to life. Trust us, your tween will love these!

WHERE TO GET IT: Get your DIY Glitterariums in small, medium or large at Big W or Kmartmum central

13. Dig, grow, erupt and blast off: Smithsonian STEM Kits

BEST FOR: School-age kids, tweens and teens
PRICE: $8 for mini kits, $15 for large kits
WHAT MAKES IT HOT: Multi-award-winning STEM toys

Discover a world of adventure and wonder with the Smithsonian Science Kits.  Designed by scientists with the aim of encouraging enquiring minds of the future today, there’s several different kits available. Some of our faves include Diggin’ Up Dinosaurs Kit where kids can dig up a plastic skeleton and assemble the bones to make a T-Rex and a Giant Volcano that actually erupts!

The Magic Rocks Crystal Growing Kit and the Rock & Gem Dig Kit are both great for future-geologists or gem enthusiasts while the Rocket Science Kit lets them blast off with nothing but baking soda and vinegar required.

These kits are great for older, hard-to-shop-for kids but they are also fun to do together as a family, especially if you have a budding scientist in your household. Or you just really like watching things blast and erupt!

WHERE TO GET IT:  The Smithsonian range come in various sizes including a cute travel size. You can get yours at Big W or Kmart.mum central

Hot Toys | best christmas gifts for kids = science kits

14. Collectible cars: Teamsterz Micro Motorz Collectibles

BEST FOR: Preschoolers, stocking stuffers
PRICE: $10
WHAT MAKES IT HOT: Two words – blind bags

We predict big things for blind bags this year and we’re loving the look of these brand new ones from Teamsterz. There are over 20 cars to collect in Series 1 across four different teams; Speed Demonz, Nitro Chargerz, Hot Rodz and Monster Treadz!

It’s the gift that will get their engines revving and ready for play! Each blind bag comes with six surprises to discover – a Sticker, Tool, Collectable Leaflet, Launch Pad, Interchangeable Car Part, Display Capsule and Vehicle.

Once they’ve uncovered their new car, they can customise it, tune it, launch it, spin it, crash it and race it around and around the house.

WHERE TO GET IT: You can get your Teamsterz Micro Motorz at Big W, Mr Toys, Toy World, Kidstuff and other leading toy retailers. mum central

teamster toy collectibles hot toys 2019

15. Puppy pal: Hey Duggee – Move & Musical Duggee

BEST FOR: Preschoolers
PRICE: $49
WHAT MAKES IT HOT: It’s sure to bring out plenty of giggles  

Get ready for some giggles with Move & Musical Duggee, the all-new pal from preschooler TV series, Hey Duggee. Move & Musical Duggee promotes fun, exercise and learning with his big floppy ears and goofy smile!

He plays a number of songs from the hit TV show, dances to the music and is sure to keep your little one entertained for hours!

WHERE TO GET IT: In Store Soon! Look out for Move & Musical Duggie at Big W, Mr Toys, Toymate, Toyworld or any other leading toy retailer.

mum central

16. Keep on bouncing: Tiny Pong

BEST FOR: School-age kids, tweens and teens
PRICE: $25
WHAT MAKES IT HOT: Super exciting and they can play by themselves!

How’s this for an awesome toy? Tiny Pong is a new exciting bouncing action game that brings table tennis to the palm of your hand so your kids can play with a friend or by themselves. The Tiny Pong set counts the score for you and includes lights and sounds for extra excitement.

Even more exciting is the fact Tiny Pong won Game of the Year at 2019 Toy Fair! This is why it’s one of our hot toys for Christmas 2019.

There is a beginner and expert mode and the game is great for solo fun or competitive round robin play. Yet another awesome screen-free gift for tweens.

WHERE TO GET IT: Tiny Pong is available at Big W & Target and specialist toy stores. Get more info through the Hasbro website. mum central


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