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REVIEW: Paw Patrol Powered Up Vehicles Certainly Save the Day

Super-lovable, super-heroic and super-charged for pawesome rescue missions, the Mighty Pups PAW Patrol Powered Up Vehicles have launched into stores across Australia.

We gave the brand new Powered Up Marshall and Powered Up Chase a test-drive – well, we didn’t, our toy tester four-year-old George did – to uncover the power of these Mighty Pups’ machines.

And boy, did they deliver a truckload of supercharged fun and entertainment for George!

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If your kids love PAW Patrol, you are probably all too familiar with Chase. And Marshall. And Skye, Rubble, Zuma, Rocky, and, of course, Ryder. You’re probably also more than familiar with the PAW Patrol toys and merchandise on the market.

But none of the toys out there are quite as super-charged as the new Powered Up Vehicles. They are the only toys on the market that let kids transform the pups’ vehicles to supercharged mighty vehicles for high-speed superhero rescues.

Which, let’s face it, are the best kind of rescues out there.

There are two Powered Up Vehicles in the range – Powered Up Marshall and Powered Up Chase. Both transform at the push of a spoiler – super easy for pre-schoolers to do themselves. They also come with a dual projectile which launches when the vehicle expands into Powered Up mode and includes a collectible Chase or Marshall figurine. 

Sound pretty epic, right? Especially for kids who love PAW Patrol and the plucky Mighty Pups.

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Paw Patrol’s Powered Up Vehicles are a fun and imaginative way to set their imaginations free. Source: supplied

mum centralIs your pre-schooler a massive SuperPups fan? Then keep reading as we’ve got five PAW Patrol Prize Packs up for grabs, featuring both Powered Up Marshall and Powered Up Chase!

But first, have a look at what George and his mum, Rebecca, had to say about the Mighty Pups and their super-powered up machines.

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Marshall’s truck transforms into a sleek superhero vehicle with the push of the spoiler. Source: supplied

Real mum’s review: PAW Patrol Powered Up Vehicles 

Like many of us, Rebecca is more than familiar with ALL things Paw Patrol. Her son lives and breathes it.

I really love Chase and Marshall the best and love to help them rescue their friends all the time.  Marshall and I are always putting out fires and I really love shooting the fire projectiles. Chase and I love catching the baddies and keeping the town safe.”

Instead of telling George ahead of time that he would be getting the Powered Up Chase and Powered Up Marshall, we decided to surprise him.

Take a look behind the scenes as we captured the action, the surprise, and the delight as George unwrapped these two sleek powered up machines and got VERY acquainted with them, very quickly.

Watch it all unfold below.

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What mum Rebecca loved

Of all the shows out there, PAW Patrol is definitely one of our faves. It’s got cute characters and plenty of great lessons on teamwork, friendship, and bravery (and without that annoying Norman, like in Fireman Sam...Ugh).

Mighty fun for pre-schoolers

Having toys that mimic our pre-schoolers’ favourite TV heroes is an easy way to keep them happily entertained and bring some of these lessons to life at home.

George has been obsessed with Paw Patrol since he was two, he plays with them every day. He can often be found narrating the rescue missions in his bedroom, the lounge, the kitchen … in fact anywhere around the house!

I love watching George when he doesn’t see me watching him. To see his imagination on fire, talking to them, playing with them and carrying out rescue missions of all types.”

Amazing quality for amazing adventures

Best of all, the quality of the toys was second to none.

I have to admit they have fallen off the kitchen table onto the slate floor several times … and they bounce! So quality wise, 10/10 for sturdiness!”

Supercharged rescue missions at home

George’s often found with his favourite character Marshall saving the other characters. Most of the time he’s saving the day or putting out fires and brings all his toys in for the adventure”.

Overall, a great toy for kids. Highly recommend! Here’s what George had to say…

I love the Paw Patrol Powered Up Vehicles because they transform when I push the spoiler, I can shoot out the fire missiles and together we get to save the day! So much fun, I give them 16/10!” – George, 4

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Best of all the Powered Up Vehicles can be integrated with the rest of your Paw Patrol playsets. Source: supplied

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Paw Patrol Powered Up Vehicles

9.4Paw Patrol Powered Up Vehicles
Play Value
Price Point

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Pick up your own Powered Up Vehicles

Powered Up Marshall and Powered Up Chase are $49.99 each and available at all major retailers including Big W, Target, Kmart, Myer, and specialty toy shops.

You can also see them in action and check out the range of Paw Patrol toys through the PAW Patrol website. 

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The vehicles transform to sleek powered up vehicles. Can I see an oh yeah?! Source: supplied

This is a sponsored review for Paw Patrol. All opinions are those of George our reviewer and Rebecca his mum.
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