How to Calm a Crying Baby in Less than 10 Seconds

Got a little fuss pot in your arms? We’ve uncovered an expert-level how to calm a crying baby with one super simple move. Best of all – it works instantly! 

Shared by The Booby Fairy on TikTok, the reel is making a world of difference to countless frustrated parents and upset infants out there.

Ready to see it in action?

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The calming button

As The Booby Fairy, whose real name is Danielle Gauss, a lactation consultant from California, explains, the secret of how to calm a crying baby is all about the third eye.

That’s the space just above the nose and, when gently stroked, seems to have an instant soothing impact. 

It certainly works for the baby in the video who goes from fussy to almost hypnotised after just a few strokes. 

This right here is one of the biggest calming buttons in the baby,” she says in the video. 

Danielle shows the expert move to help new mums who may have a baby who is too fussy to latch onto the breast. A few calming strokes of the third eye zone and bub may be more inclined to feed rather than scream. The cool thing about this trick is that bub almost immediately opens her mouth, ready to latch. 

This is definitely something to try if you have a newborn! We’d love to know if it works for your bub too! 

How to calm a crying baby – 6 more expert-level tricks

1. The Milkshake move

Dr Harvey Karp is a genius when it comes to self settling techniques. One of his most famous moves is The Milkshake which is a combination of a jiggle and a bounce. It’s supposed to help settle baby and get rid of any excess gas.

2. The Hold

Dr Robert Hamilton’s The Hold  is another must-try move for unsettled bubs. It’s all about getting the right position.

YouTube video

3. The 5 S’s

This is another Harvey Karp gem that suggests parents use the following 5 S’s to help bub settle:

  • Swaddle
  • Side or stomach (Back sleep is the only recommended way for baby to sleep, but you can help bub settle by putting her on her side or stomach while holding her or helping her drift off)
  • Shush
  • Swing
  • Suck

Watch this video to see all five techniques in action.

YouTube video

4. Running water 

Another trick that some mums swear by is running tap water. It is the only thing that would settle this little bubba. Simply bring bub into the bathroom with you, let the tap run and gently rock her to the sound of the dripping water.

5. The happy song

A team of psychologists and a Grammy-award winning musician Imogen Heap have put their heads together and come up with a song designed to calm crying babies.

It’s called “The Happy Song” for C&G Baby Club in the UK and parents everywhere swear it really works! The Happy Song was rigorously tested on real, live, adorable babies prior to its release. Try it out for yourself.

YouTube video

6. The sleep playlist recently shared their full list of most sleep-inducing songs to calm the nerves and help you fall asleep. These songs are not only great for our little ones but also are great for how to calm a crying baby.

The study includes songs from all genres – hip hop, rock, country, even classical and includes popular artists like Billie Eilish, Maroon 5, Olivia Rodrigo and XXXTentacion. John Legend and Harry Styles also made the list. See the full lists here. 

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