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Get Your Bathrooms Sparkling with This Clever Cleaning Product and it’s Not What You’d Expect!

It’s possibly the best-kept secret, but TRUST us, if mastering the art of how to clean your shower glass is the bane of your existence … THEN LISTEN UP!

This cleaning product is by far a mighty powerhouse and the ultimate game-changer for cleaning shower glass. It’s ONE product, requires very little muscle power and contains no nasty fumes.

Once you try it, you won’t go back. We promise.

So what’s the secret to a crystal clear and clean shower you ask?

It’s Bar Keepers Friend. Most likely sitting unsuspectingly on the shelf in the cleaning aisle, but honestly, this baby is a dead set legend bathroom.

How to clean your shower glass LIKE A DREAM

GAME CHANGER PRODUCT: Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser and Polish powder.
WHERE TO BUY IT: Available at most supermarkets, including Woolworths for $8.

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The gear. It’s THAT simple. Source: Supplied

This golden cylinder of magic is your one-stop shop for the entire bathroom. It can cut through soap scum on glass shower screens, polish tap fittings to a beautiful shine and (as tempting as it is to leave those white tiles as they are on the shower wall…) it’ll blast the soap scum off of the tiles with ease.

All you need is Bar Keepers Friend, a clean cloth or two and clean water to rinse.

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From this to this: MAGIC

mum centralTOP TIP: Might sound obvious, by clean your shower screen LAST. And for no other reason than you’ll flick water all over them while you’re cleaning the rest of the shower. Super annoying, I know!

how to clean hower glass
You can have a sparkly clean shower with one product and little effort. YESSSS MATE! Source: Supplied

How to use Bar Keeper’s Friend:

Simply sprinkle the powder onto a wet surface. Rub gently with a wet cloth or sponge and rinse within 1 minute of applying. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

To clean your shower, it’s easier to sprinkle a damp cloth and then apply it to the wet surface.

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Add BKF powder to a clean, damp cloth and work in circular motions.

How to clean your tiles:

Don’t be fooled into thinking just because they don’t LOOK ‘not clean’ (ie. growing mould), that they’re clean. Going over them with Bar Keepers Friend means the water will bead off after the rinse.

how to clean shower glass
BEFORE & AFTER: Shine those tiles up!

How to clean your taps:

If you have particularly grotty areas around your taps, use an old toothbrush to clear out the lime build-up. Rinse the polish off and give a quick buff with a microfibre cloth or clean tea towel.

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BEFORE & AFTER: BKR brings chrome fittings to life.

How to clean your shower floor:

Footprints from soap and hard water? Weird right? Never fear, you can bet Bar Keepers Friend will make light work of cleaning those right up. Sprinkle the powder straight on to the floor, scrub and rinse clear.

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BEFORE & AFTER: BKR makes light work of the shower floor.  Source: Supplied

How to clean your shower doors:

The glass on your shower doors are the pièce de résistance folks. The trick is to do small sections at a time.  Just wet the glass, do small circular motions with Bar Keeper’s Friend on a wet cloth, rinse clean and watch the scum DISAPPEAR. #magic

how to clean shower glass
BEFORE & AFTER: Crystal clear shower glass! Source: Supplied

You’ll find closer to the bottom of the screens you might have to go over the area twice because the soap scum is ALWAYS stubborn there given it drips down and builds up low, but really, it’s not that hard. Rinse clean and buff dry.

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Bar Keepers Friend will become your BFF. If you look REAL hard, you can even see my reflection in the shower glass!

Not only is Bar Keepers Friend a gem in the bathroom you can also clear up those pesky scratch marks on stoneware plates and bowls. Get your Bar Keepers Friend TODAY. You really couldn’t ask for a better cleaning buddy!

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