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Showered in Love, it’s Raindrops Galore for Laura’s Baby Shower!

When this mum hosted her daughter’s baby shower, there was no holding back. Raindrops and Angel wingtips as far as the eye could see … it sure is a sight to behold, so we couldn’t resist sharing it with you!

A first-time grandma, Stella threw an absolute dream of a baby shower to celebrate the imminent arrival of her grandson, together with her daughter, Laura and son-in-law Andrew.

And what a special day it was.

raindrop baby shower
Let the shower begin! Source: Stella de Rozario

Raindrops and angels merge for a pretty perfect shower

Stella says “my daughter Laura discussed with me the idea of combining both a raindrop and angel theme for her baby shower with a colour palette of blue, gold and white.”

There were sweets galore – all of them adorable – including this epic cake by The Cake Nook. The design is stunningly decorated with gold painted angel wings, blue fondant raindrops, smiling sleepy clouds and a gorgeous rainbow. Beautiful!

raindrop baby shower
Adorable AND delicious! Source: Stella de Rozario

The Cake Nook was also responsible for the divine cookies. Sleepy raindrops, angel-winged hearts and sleepy cloud shapes were all on offer and individually wrapped for guests to eat now or later. These kinds of details really are the icing on the cake cookie.

mum central
Glorious cupcakes – and sugar-free! Source: Stella de Rozario

For those watching their waistline and for mum-to-be, Laura who has gestational diabetes, these cute sugar-free cupcakes were created by Sweet Pea Cakes.

Balloon clusters created clouds with trails of raindrops blowing in the breeze underneath. Amazing and SO CLEVER!

mum central
Ballon cloud clusters… Source: Stella de Rozario

A drinks trolley from Kmart was adorned with a blue beach umbrella and raindrops cut from card were hung using fishing line. Clear umbrellas were also hung from the ceiling. SO CUTE!

mum central
Paired with umbrellas and raindrops! Source: Stella de Rozario

Every detail complemented the stunning balloon garland and giant cloud over the food table with a floaty backdrop and table skirt which was created from op shop fabric and sewn together. Is this not the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen?

mum central
Let them eat (utterly adorable) cake! Source: Stella de Rozario
raindrop baby shower
Details, SO MANY beautiful details. Source: Stella de Rozario

This creative duo set the scene

For guests who sought a comfy spot to rest and chat, even the lounge area was dotted with stunning paper flowers and themed decorations – even cloud cushions! The paper flowers Stella and her daughter made themselves. Using a pre-cut pack from Kmart, they were able to create a stencil to make more. We LOVE a mum and nanna who are handy with a pretty card, glitter and a hot glue gun!

mum central
Take a seat among the clouds! Source: Stella de Rozario

We hope you all had a wonderful raindrop theme baby shower, how lucky is this little boy going to be!

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Stella’s party planning tips and tricks:”]

  • Op shops are a fabulous source to upcycle at the fraction of the cost.
  • Planning several months in advance allows time to source things in advance.
  • Laura watched a YouTube video on constructing the balloon garland and balloon clouds which she and her fiancé Andrew put together.  They found it best to use a thick fishing line to avoid popping the balloons and agreed in hindsight that they should have made some of the balloons smaller to create a better balance.
  • Putting the effort into the smaller details of a party really sets the scene which determines the mood of an event.
  • Use what you have at home! We first looked around the house for materials to make some of the decorations. We found some cloud and angel wing templates online and cut the bases from discarded boxes then topped with white A4 paper and craft stuffing for clouds and a feather boa for the wings.  If you don’t have craft stuffing handy, use the stuffing from old (washed) cushions to make clouds.
  • Stella knows her stuff because she’s in the party biz! The rose trees, buffet, backdrop stand and cakestands are from her children’s party business Wish Upon a Party!
mum central
The proud parents-to-be. Congratulations Laura and Andrew! Source: Stella de Rozario

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