Terrifying Video Shows Toddler Escaping Highrise Apartment

If you have a climber of a toddler, this video will make you lock every window. A tourist has captured the moment a toddler escaped from a highrise holiday apartment to run dangerously along the outside ledge of a high-rise building.

The small girl climbs out of the highrise holiday apartment window in Playa Paraíso, in Adeje, in Tenerife. Once outside she runs along a thin ledge towards a balcony. After a failed attempt to climb the balcony railing, the little girl runs back towards the window. At one point, she loses their footing, but manages to regain her balance.

Jer Dixon shared the video on Twitter this week. It currently has 1.2 million views.

The video of the toddler escaping has hundreds of comments, many angry at the parents and the building management.

One person commented: “Sweet Jesus that is horrific, I feel sick….”Another wrote: “My stomach just dropped”.

According to Spanish TV Channel La Sexta, Canary Islands police only found out about the incident on Monday. The family are believed to have been on holiday from Finland.

Spanish news channel Antena3 reported the mother was apparently having a shower at the time the toddler was escaping the building. Neighbours were shocked that “something worse has not happened.”

“Luckily no wind was blowing” one told Antena3.

The building managers have since sent a safety report to the Town Hall.

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