Hudson’s Terrific Toy Story Party – To Infinity and Beyond!

Just one look at these great pics of Hudson’s epic Toy Story party will have you saying all of those familiar character quotes and booking your spot on the couch for a Toy Story movie marathon. Come see how brilliant this birthday party is… reach for the stars! There’s a snake in my boot! To infinity and beyond!

We love a mum who is passionate about kids’ birthday parties, and it’s easy to see that Jessica is a seasoned party host. Posting to the Facebook group Party Mum’s Australia, Jessica showed off just how out of this world a Toy Story birthday party can be!

Toy Story party: two infinity and beyond!

Jessica’s son Hudson celebrated his birthday in cowhide style with his ‘two infinity and beyond’ birthday party (an excellent play on words too, Jessica!) and doesn’t it look like a party full of Woody, Buzz and Jessie fun? What a hoot!

Toy Story party
Happy second birthday Hudson! Source: Jessica Jane Riley

The stars of this Toy Story party, real-life Woody and Jessie dressed super cute and in theme, with the help of Natalie’s Creatures Couture.

The most fun Toy Story party food to share with friends

Jessica absolutely NAILED the Toy Story birthday party food, putting on an incredible spread. From alien cups to Woody’s hats to hiring a popcorn machine and a fairy floss machine, party guests were treated to an amazing feast.

Toy Story party
ALL the themed party food AND a popcorn machine. Let’s PARTY! Source: Jessica Jane Riley

Jessica shares with us that she made the alien cups using cups from Kmart, green Aeroplane jelly and candy eyes from Woolworths. She wants everyone to know though to only add the eyes when you’re ready to put them on the table and serve for the best results. SO CUTE!

Toy Story party
Alien cups and Buzz rocket ships – the perfect Toy Story party food. Source: Jessica Jane Riley

No party should be without fairy bread and I love this rocket ship-shaped fairy bread for a fun take on the original! Make it yourself using a cookie cutter and Buzz Lightyear-coloured sprinkles.

Toy Story party
Hamm’s chocolate coins, of course! Source: Jessica Jane Riley

Woody’s hat treats also look as adorable as they do delicious. Jessica made these using chocolate-covered Oreo biscuit, adding a Rolo chocolate to the top (use melted chocolate to glue on) and adding a gold Sherriff’s star (gold star sprinkle) to complete.

Toy Story party
One of Toy Story’s favourite couples! Source: Jessica Jane Riley

Mr and Mrs Potato Head guarded their signature dish on the table, potato chips, of course! Even Rex made an appearance with dinosaur-shaped puff pastry bites while Jessie’s jelly lassos sat among the savoury plates. So clever!

Toy Story party
Put some puff in those shapes, Rex! Source: Jessica Jane Riley

I take my cowboy hat off to Jessica for this spot of genius. Having a Pizza Planet station with pizzas and garlic bread delivered is a catering game-changer! JUST DON’T FORGET TO ORDER THE PIZZAS!

Toy Story party
Let your very own local Pizza Planet do some of the catering! Source: Jessica Jane Riley

Lasso those loot bags!

Party guests didn’t go home empty-handed, they were given some rather epic loot bags filled with goodies including super cool play dough sensory tubs from Confetti Sensory Co.

mum central
Lotso manning the loot bag station. Source: Jessica Jane Riley

If you’re looking for Toy Story party supplies, Jessica says she sourced the themed party bags, tags, personalised chocolates and lollipops through MMK Handcrafts. This same company also made gorgeous letters to spell Hudson’s name in the signature Toy Story style – a party keepsake for sure.

Toy Story party
A gorgeous party decorating keepsake for Hudson to keep. Source: Jessica Jane Riley

Let there be cake

Birthday boy Hudson looked mighty impressed by his gorgeous Toy Story birthday cake and we don’t blame him! Made by Lorraine Styled Cake Creations, this cake is a fusion of Woody’s iconic shirt and waistcoat, topped with Buzz’s famous spacesuit wings. Perfection!

Toy Story party
Woah, howdy partner! What a cake! Source: Jessica Jane Riley

And the delicious fun doesn’t stop there – Toy Story-themed cookies from Cake Mami also dotted the table for guests to munch on. YUM.

How to plan an epic birthday party

Wondering how you too can throw such a cool party? Jessica can’t stress enough the need to start planning EARLY and spread the financial cost out. Hitting up social media and the internet for ideas, she says:

“Research a theme and stick to it! For all the parties I have done so far, I start planning a minimum of six months out before the event… I like to pay things off and not have a huge bill just before the party.”

Jessica also says she will write a long list of her ideas for the party and what’s needed, then purchase online where she can.

“I purchase a lot of items off Discount Party Store, SHEIN when I can and other online stores. I also search Facebook Marketplace for certain items for this particular party – most of the toy story toys were second-hand off Facebook Marketplace!”

Mums will be nodding their heads in agreement I’m sure, that buying online takes a lot of the running around out of party planning. For items that can’t be found online, head to local discount stores and Spotlight stores for some great finds!

We hope you had an amazing birthday Hudson with your brilliant Toy Story party. We can’t wait to see what party Jessica throws next!

Toy Story party
Toy Story party table ready to be feasted upon! Source: Jessica Jane Riley

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