20 Terrific Toy Story Theme Birthday Cakes

Slinky Dog, Mr Potato Head, Jessie, Woody, Buzz Lightyear – even Forky – guys, it’s YOUR TIME TO SHINE! Come check out these to the moon and back amazing Toy Story themed birthday cakes!

We asked our Mum Central readers to show us their Toy Story themed birthday cakes and you all certainly delivered! Promise you’ll want to watch the Toy Story movies again this week after seeing these terrific cakes!

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I know I just finished saying you can’t pick favourites, but when it’s your birthday and you want a specific Toy Story theme birthday cake, well, BIRTHDAY WISHES ARE GRANTED!

1. Bursting with birthday excitement!

Toy Story theme birthday cake
I see you Slinky Dog! Source: Crissy Carbone

2. It’s the cowhide waistcoat for me

Toy Story theme birthday cake
We know it’s Woody right away!! Source: Anamarie Oxford

3. Get ready to yodel!

Toy STory theme borthday cake
Jessie, the best yodelling cowgirl in all the land. Source: Krystal Hoeler

4. That rope fondant detail!

mum central
Happy birthday Robert! Source: Keely Lei Miree Mcculloch

5. Our favourite Toy Story cowgirl and cowboy

mum central
Crack that whip, Woody! Source: Jackie Hazzard

6. Toy Story cakes aplenty!

mum central
Stunning cakes, that quilt! Source: Josie Lacapino

7. I see you Bullseye!

mum central
We love you Bullseye! Source: Julie Andrews

8. Featuring a Sherrif’s badge and all!

mum central
And even a belt buckle to boot! Source: Shae Johnston

9. Rex and the birthday crew!

mum central
So much delicious birthday cake! Source: Sarah Williams

10. The stars, the rope, the cowhide – love it all

mum central
It’s the stars for me! Source: Sarah Webb

11. Alien cupcakes, brilliant!

mum central
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Source: Tamsin Alford

12. It’s a whole cast cake!

mum central
Everyone gets the spotlight with this glorious cake! Source: Michelle Newton

13. Forky rules this cake!

Toy Story theme birthday cake
LOVE the cowhide print, so clever! Source: Claire Brown

14. A Jessie birthday cake for Charlie

mum central
Crissy is a master of Toy Story themed birthday cakes! Source: Crissy Carbone

15. Not a cake, but cookies!

mum central
Oh my word, FABULOUS! Source: Crissy Carbone

16. That woodgrain had me at hello!

mum central
Happy birthday Amelia! Source: Amy Wade

17. Toy Story always brings smiles!

Toy Story theme birthday
What a fabulous cake Archer! Source: Dana Cole

18. There’s a snake in my boot!

Toy Story theme birthday cake
Gorgeous, Woody is the star of this cake! Source: Louise French

19. To infinity and beyond!

Toy Story theme birthday cake
Buzz Lightyear in all his glory. Source: Elizabeth Olrich

20. Celebrate with Forky

Toy Story theme birthday cake
Who would’ve thought a plastic fork would be a movie star? Source: Jade Tia Louth

It’s hard to believe Disney’s Pixar animation movie Toy Story, has remained a hit with kids since way back in 1995! Have you seen all four of the Toy Story movies? Which one is your favourite?

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