To the Mums with Wild, Bossy and Difficult Little Girls, This is for You

To the mums with ‘difficult little girls’

One day, she won’t argue about what colour Zooper Dooper she wants. She won’t insist on wearing gum boots and a bathing suit to daycare. She won’t question every little thing you tell her to do.

She won’t chuck a massive wobbly because “you beat her” in a race to the car that you didn’t even know you were participating in.

She won’t beg you to play school, but only if she gets to be the teacher. She won’t ask you to play soccer, but only if she gets to be the goal scorer. She won’t get cross with you because you sat in the wrong seat at her tea party and that was her imaginary friend’s seat.

to the mums of wild little girls
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One day, your difficult little girl, your bossy, challenging, fiery, spirited – whatever the world wants to call her – little girl will grow up to be a strong, tenacious woman. Someone with confidence, passion, persistence and the drive to do anything she sets her mind to.

Someone who never gives up on what she believes in and goes for what she wants. Someone with a strong fire in her belly and an even stronger opinion on her tongue.

Your difficult little girl will one day be the game changer, the pathfinder, the trailblazer. She could run a business, or a classroom, or a boardroom. She could run an organisation or a household. Whatever she decides to do, your once difficult little girl will make it look easy.

To the mums with ’emotional little girls’

One day she won’t take 45 minutes to walk 200 meters because she wants to touch every single bug she sees. She won’t get upset because a child looked at her ‘funny’. She won’t feel like her world is ending because you cut up the apple incorrectly.

She won’t struggle to decide which Teddy to sleep with because she doesn’t want any of them to be alone.

She won’t kick and scream and punch and bite because you’re not understanding what she’s asking for. She won’t beg you to cuddle her because she feels sad. She won’t ask you to lie with her at night because she feels nervous about big school.

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One day, your emotional little girl, your sensitive soul, your empathic daughter with a big heart and even bigger feelings will grow up to be a caring, accepting, kind, and beautiful woman.

Someone who will love without limits, whose compassion will reach countless people, who will make the world a better place. Someone who is intuitive, kind and fierce. Someone who not only sees the beauty in everything but appreciates it.

Your emotional little girl will go on to make a massive mark on the world, heal those that need healing and always stand up for what she believes in, even if she sheds a tear or two along the way.

To the mums with ‘wild little girls’

One day she won’t be hiding on top of the fridge, leaving you to wonder how in the hell she even managed to climb up there. She won’t come home with random rocks in her pant pockets. She won’t need you to stitch up her knee or tape up her ankle.

She won’t yell for you to watch her dive off the deep end. Or attempt a world record of back flips on the trampoline.

She won’t lay next to you at 10pm, kicking her feet restlessly, still wide awake and full of 1,000 questions about the world. One day you won’t be called into school because she was “naughty” or couldn’t sit still.

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One day, your crazy, energetic, curious, wild little girl will grow up to be a powerful woman, ready to change the world, to take risks and to find solutions to the questions many of us don’t dare to even wonder about.

She will become someone who fights for what she wants, who challenges the people who stand in her way, and who faces fear and failure head-on without even flinching.

One day, your sassy little wild child will inspire the world, all the while being authentic and true to herself. She will be bold, assertive, and passionate. She will defy the odds and, if she does have a setback, she won’t let it stop her.

Sure, she may take a fall along the way, but one thing about your wild little one – she has never been afraid of a little dirt. In fact, she’s always been great at dusting herself off.

To the mums with these special little girls

These difficult emotional, wild little girls. The ones that push your buttons, your patience, and society’s boundaries.

The ones that don’t always fit the mould.

The ones that talk too much. Or care too much. Or play too hard. The ones that are too loud. Or too emotional. Or too confrontational. Or too persistent.

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The ones that leave us exhausted, sometimes worried, but always bursting with so much pride. Let them be challenging. Fiery. Unruly. Loud. Cheeky. Passionate. Bold. Strong-willed. Let them voice their opinions, stand out from the crowd and turn heads, even if it’s sometimes for the wrong reasons.

Let their often exhausting characteristics shine through. It is these qualities that empower them to be their true selves and make them exactly who they were meant to be.

One day, these difficult little girls will be the incredible women who rule the world.

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  1. Avatar of Blossom,

    These “special” children are very often well advanced at school lessons, get bored easily and need to be given higher grade work to do. Even if it is 2 grades ahead. The tantrums sound familiar with such special well advanced children

    When I was “little” we were given our clothes to put on. We weren’t given choices so we didn’t argue about what we wanted to wear. We had school uniforms (optional) which was good because there was no nasty comments the kids criticising and possibly also teasing about the pretty (or ugly) or fashion of clothes.

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