Aussie Research Reveals Toddlers Lap the MCG SEVEN Times a Day!

Ever wondered just how far your tot actually walks and moves during the day? Huggies have crunched the numbers and the results are in! Prepare for your mind to be … BLOWN! 😱

Feel like you’re running a marathon every day trying to keep up with your toddler?  Those pint-sized warriors are walking at last four times that of us adults. No wonder they need so many naps!

Huggies new research reveals staggering numbers!

The folks who know toddlers best – Huggies – have just released new research that reveals loads of amazing new figures about our Aussie toddlers’ movements. Spoiler alert: they move a LOT.

Toddlerhood is not all chowing down on carefully cut crustless sandwich quarters while watching Bluey, guys. Nope, toddlers keep you literally on your toes. In fact, so surprisingly active are our toddlers you might catch yourself asking why they don’t nap more? HUH.

SO many steps. So why you not more tired? via GIPHY

Curious to know what was found out? Try this Huggies research on for size:

  • Our toddlers are walking over four times more than adults, taking up to 17,448 steps a day and covering up to 3.4 kilometres! WHAT?
  • This massive step count paced by our tots means they’re pretty much circling the circumference of the MCG stadium, SEVEN times. The numbers also equate to the equivalent of climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge six times in the average day. Tired yet?
  • Not only are the steps high, but Huggies also report that bubs are also getting plenty of moves in every single day. The daily average for movement is  5280 crawl steps, 2640 clever commando crawls, 2400 leg kicks, 1440 bum shuffles and 720 climbs. That’s a whopping 1750 different moves made per hour! Plus, these babes are doing more reps than an average 45-minute circuit gym class without breaking out in a sweat!

Huggies create epic NEW Nappy Pant for active tots

With all this research to hand, Huggies have created a brilliant all-new Nappy Pant featuring a revolutionary SlimFLEX absorbent core – and it’s a GAMECHANGER for active little people!

The SlimFlex absorbent core reduces bulk (which can limit movement), while still providing superior dryness and Huggies’ trusted absorbancy. It’s Huggies MOST advanced moisture lock technology – all in a Nappy Pant that’s 25% thinner and 70% more flexible. We’ll leg kick to that!

Celebrity ambassadors for Huggies and parents of two young children, The Bachelor’s Matty ‘J’ Johnson and his partner Laura Byrne.  They know first-hand just how busy a toddler can be (especially while juggling a new baby as well!).

Huggies toddlers
Matty J and Laura KNOW the busy toddler life with daughters Marlie-Mae and Lola. Source: Instagram

Matty and Laura said of their active daughter:

“We knew Marlie-Mae was always running around, but we didn’t realise how many steps toddlers clock up. It’s more than both of us most days!

From experience, we know a wet saggy nappy never makes for a happy baby, so we’re excited to see her explore her world in a Nappy Pant that keeps up with her.”

Is your tot as busy as Marlie-Mae? Watch her in action below. Fair warning though – this will make YOU want to take a nap!

YouTube video

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