Toddler Befriends Skeleton and Now They’re an Inseparable Pair


Some kids become attached to a comforting blanket, a teddy bear, maybe even a favourite toy car. But two-year-old Theo has become besotted with a 5′ tall Halloween skeleton decoration. Bless. And also, Boo!

Not at all awkward, I’m sure. As much of an odd ‘friendship’, this is, Theo’s mum Abigail has captured it beautifully on her Instagram. The images are pure delight, as is the ‘skeleton saga‘ highlight reel. I promise it’ll have you in stitches.

toddler befriends skeleton
Have kids they said. It’ll be fun they said. Source: Instagram

Theo meets Benny (formerly known as Albert)

In a recent interview, Abigail says she was getting ready to take Theo to a reservoir when she noticed the air felt humid (which is rare for a Utah home) and went to investigate. She says, “I went downstairs and noticed the water heater had flooded the basement.”

“The basement is unfinished, so it wasn’t that big of a deal. While I was cleaning up the mess, Theo found the skeleton among all of the decorations. Once I had everything cleaned up, it was time to head to the reservoir. However, he refused to get into the car without his skeleton. So, the skeleton came along on a fun adventure with us. Since then they have been inseparable.”

toddler befriends skeleton
Not since Woody and Buzz has there been a greater friendship. Source: Instagram

And right there, the seed of friendship was planted. The skeleton has since been named Benny and it appears he’s firmly entrenched in family life now. The memory of his past life living in a dark basement is well and truly behind him, much like skeletons in a closet. Only not.

toddler befriends skeleton
Just a couple of cool guys getting ready for Halloween! Benny REALLY looks the part! Source: Instagram

“People are really nice and sweet about the whole thing,” Abigail said. “It definitely makes a lot of people smile. A few also come up to us and say that it’s so cute.”

toddler befriends skeleton
“Tea for two and two for tea + a skeleton”. Source: Instagram

Friendship despite the (obvious) differences

Find the good in everything and anything. If Theo can find a new BFF in Benny, despite his 5′ tall size, lack of skin, and extremely quiet nature, then we can too.

Watch below this gorgeous (albeit one-sided) friendship in action below – and the rocking chair scene … HILARIOUS!! 


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What weird and wonderful things have your kids found themselves attached to? We’d love to hear!

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