Parents Choose the Perfect Name for Their Hurricane Rescue Baby

Hurricane Harvey’s smallest survivor is making waves for all the right reasons.

In the midst of Hurricane Harvey, this tiny newborn and her family became stranded in rising flood waters.

The family of five, including two older siblings, managed to flag down the Cajun Navy, volunteers who had braved the storm to search for people in peril. The family travelled for five nail-biting hours by lifeboat from their Orange, Texas home to a shelter in Louisiana.

Two weeks after the August 2017 storm, baby Hope returned to the rescue boat for an inspiring photo session. Dressed in a onesie marked “I survived Hurricane Harvey”, little Hope is the picture of strength, survival and support.

Hope Floats

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After Harvey passed, Noelle Guidry Mills of Noelle Mills Photography offered to take some photos for the family to remember their rescue.

“This little love, perfectly named Hope, was rescued from her home in Orange Texas in this very boat. We thought it would be fitting to do some of her newborn photos in that boat mum central❤️ It was my absolute honour to document these for her family,” Noelle writes on her Facebook page.

Hurricanes are strong but people are stronger

Hurricane Harvey rescue baby

As she sleeps blissfully on a life jacket, the newborn is clearly unaware of the impact her photos are making.

“I believe Hope’s story is a great reminder that it’s the people that matter in life, not the stuff,” Emily said.

We couldn’t agree more.

Hope isn’t the only bubba making waves in a hurricane. Check out these three newborns who all arrived in the most dramatic fashion during Hurricane Irma.

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