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Illuminate Your Skin and Get Your Healthy Glow Back with Iluminos

Feeling a bit average? It happens. There’s plenty of reasons for it … not enough sleep, too much stress, not enough exercise, too many requests from children who believe you are only put on this planet to serve as their snack wench and tickle their feet.

Well, queens, we’ve discovered a new collagen drink and gut replenishment supplement that is going to make you glow. We’re talking healthy skin, strong nails, healthy hair – the whole works! It’s called Iluminos and it could be just the thing you’re looking for.

Push aside the stress, the sleep deprivation and the snack requests while you drink your way to a full-body refresh.

Best of all, this entire range of products is derived from the most reliable and ethical sources on the planet to ensure your inherent beauty shines through while the real power of nature remains intact.

Iluminos Collagen Drink
Iluminos marine collagen for the win! Source: Supplied

We’ve got the inside scoop on how Iluminos works plus an exclusive discount for Mum Central mums to try the Iluminos Foundation Trio, including their superior collagen and perfected gut boosters.

Iluminos Foundation Trio
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Sadly, when we reach our mid-20s, our body’s natural production of collagen begins to decline. As our collagen fibres become weaker and our skin’s elasticity deteriorates, fine lines and facial wrinkles begin to show. Not only does our skin become thinner, weaker and drier, but our nails and hair suffer too.

It happens to the best of us. One day we wake up and realise that it’s not 2001 anymore. No longer the “next-gen”, we’re the oldies that the next-gen make fun of.

We’re the people who get excited about air fryers, new linen and meal planning and also those who are perfectly content going to bed at 9pm. We’ve exchanged night clubs for night cream and, yep, it’s time to OWN it. Just because we’re officially “advanced” in life doesn’t mean we want to look advanced. No thanks. We all want to look and feel good in our skin.

There’s no magic potion to stop you from ageing. But there is the Iluminos Trio, which is the next best thing. Iluminos is a 100% Aussie-owned brand and is designed to balance your system as a whole.

Iluminos Nordic Marine Collagen drink
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How the Iluminos Trio works

The Iluminos Trio includes three supplements. Combined they provide a comprehensive way to reveal your glow. Not only designed to slow down the process of ageing and minimise fine lines but these super powders are also packed with premium ingredients that are fully traceable back to the source.

All ingredients are certified organic, ethically sourced & sustainably harvested, and are dairy, gluten and soy-free and non-GMO. No bad stuff, only the good stuff.

Gut Replenish

Iluminos Gut Replenish
Source: Supplied

Gut Replenish will first help bring the tremendously important microbiome back to balance. This lays the foundation for your glow, as gut health is vital for both well-being and beauty. Each scoop contains certified organic super ingredients such as green banana, Spirulina, spinach, apple cider vinegar, and Australian Kakadu Plum powder.

TO TAKE: mix 2 level teaspoons (6g) into water, juice or smoothie each day.

Rejuvenate Collagen

Iluminos Rejuvenate Collagan
Source: Supplied

Rejuvenate is your daily collagen booster. It is formulated to support your body against free radical damage from the stress of everyday life and contains ingredients such as Wild-Crafted Sea Buckthorn Juice powder, Organic Maqui Berry powder and Elderberry Juice powder.

TO TAKE: Mix 1 heaped teaspoon (4g) into water, juice or smoothie each day. Check out their Instagram for more recipe ideas.

Nordic Marine Collagen 

Iluminos Nordic Marine collagen
Source: Supplied

Nordic Marine Collagen works together with Rejuvenate to maximise both the absorption and the natural production of collagen to support beautiful hair, glowing skin and strong nails.

TO TAKE: Mix 6g serve 2 x per day for the first 2 months and 6g serve once a day after month three. The initial phase of higher doses is considered the loading phase and is followed by the maintenance phase.

Ideally, it takes a good 8 weeks to really start to see the benefits of marine collagen so be patient, It’s not an overnight fix but by consistently building back up the building blocks of health in our bodies the result will be more than worth the wait.

Each Illinois Foundation Trio includes:

  • 2 x Nordic Marine Collagen
  • 1 x Rejuvenate
  • 1 x Gut Replenish


Feel better in your skin

Many of us look in the mirror and may not love the person looking back anymore. The lines, the wrinkles, the sun-spots, the puffy eyes, the loss of that fresh-faced bounce, not to mention the bloating in all the wrong places.

I blame the kids. Plus stress, and good ol’ fashion ageing. Oh, and donuts. But mostly the kids.

Amazing!! Best marine collagen I have ever tasted! Mixes easily in water and yum in a smoothie, I look forward to taking it every day. My skin is already clearing up and I am on track to glowing skin!  Jasmin W.

There are plenty of products out there designed to help bring back that natural glow – creams, pills, cosmetic injectables, but what makes the Iluminos collagen drink and Foundation Trio different is that it’s a natural option that works from the inside out.

It works to replenish your gut and your skin and can eliminate that daily ‘rather average’ feeling we often have.

mum central

The Trio bundle will cost you $275.80 for a two-month supply, which is incredibly affordable when compared to some of the pricier (and sometimes drastic) options out there.

Give it a try and see how you feel after the two months. It may be just the thing your body needs to stop feeling average, reveal your inner glow and simply start feeling better about how you feel.

So thrilled with this product!! I have been using this product for a couple of months now – I mix it with mushrooms and cayenne pepper and put it in my morning coffee. Also, I sometimes put a teaspoon in a glass of coconut water and it’s absolutely delicious! Michelle H.

Try it for 20% off

We have an exclusive discount for all Mum Central readers. You can order any Iluminos product, including their Foundation Trio bundle, collagen drinks or Gut Replenish, and save 20% OFF with the code MUMCENTRAL20PLUS, same day dispatch for all orders placed by 11am!  Offer expires 31/5/21. Not to be used in conjunction with other offers/codes.


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