There Really is a Doll Like Each of Us with These Inclusive Dolls!

Kids want dolls that they can relate to, right? Of course, they do! In a world in which we’re all individuals, slowly but surely, we’re all being represented in the toy aisle!

An all-inclusive toy box, where kids can be kids and toys can be toys is no longer a pipe dream, IT’S HERE. Smashing all the stereotypes of what we’ve come to expect to see down the toy aisle, we’re LOVING the diversity and inclusivity of these dolls below.

From genderfluidity to same-sex parents, here are our top picks of the most amazing, all-inclusive dolls available right now!

Baby with Down Syndrome Doll

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The Baby Charlie doll is SO SWEET. Source: Kmart

Know someone special with an extra chromosome? Head to Kmart for the Baby Charlie with Down Syndrome doll, it’s just $15! So sweet, these beautiful baby dolls are made super soft, perfect for both playing and snuggling. Each doll comes with a hair comb and a ridiculously cute outfit. Naww!

Dolls in wheelchairs!

inclusive dolls
Wheelchair and cool check pants? Check. Source: Kmart

Got a cool set of wheels to get around in? Find this Doll with Wheelchair $12, at Kmart. I love that the wheelchair looks like a REAL wheelchair. Great work on the detail Kmart!

Fashion dolls with disabilities or impairments

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Crutches and canes for these cool dolls at Kmart. Source: Kmart

How great are these gorgeous fashion dolls from Kmart? Released last year, there’s a girl with a bionic leg, a girl with a leg in a cast and on crutches, a blind girl with a cane and glasses and a dapper dude with a hearing impairment aid. All available from Kmart priced $6 each.

Genderfluid dolls

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One doll, 100 looks – it’s that simple. Source: Target

We love that these dolls fly the flag for transgender and genderfluid, nonbinary folks. No doll gender is pushed, as each character doll comes with a plethora of clothing from dresses to shorts and can switch between a cool short ‘do to wearing a wig of long locks. The Creatable World Deluxe Character Kit can be found at Target, $44.

Families represent!

inclusive toys
Two mums, two dads, a mum and a dad – every family represented! Source: Kmart

Finally, families with same-sex parents are in doll-form also! The Kmart Family Pack Playset, $15 represents families with two mums, two dads or a mum and a dad. Brilliant – kudos to you Kmart!

Diversity in the toy section DOES make a difference

And just in case you think there’s no need for these dolls, take note – they can make a WORLD of difference to children, letting them know they belong.

Popular UK YouTube star, Anna Saccone of The Saccony-Jolys channel had this to say in her Instagram story of her son Eduardo receiving the Creatable World Doll Kit:

“When he saw this doll his face lit up like nothing I’ve ever seen before… he loves it!”

Please, take a minute to look at how thrilled six-year-old Eduardo Saccone-Joly is to receive the doll below!

@jonathanjolyI love this level of inclusion ❤️ ##sacconejolys ##bekindonline♬ drivers license – Olivia Rodrigo

I’ve said it before, but heck, I’ll say it again, kudos to the toy retailers who are creating these gorgeous toys which celebrate ALL of us, not just the perceived ideal!

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