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iPhone Lovers: We reveal the Game-Changing Technology in the New iPhone 8

Is there anything more frustrating than the battery life of an iPhone? I can’t be the only person that is always desperately looking at their last 7% and wondering whether I still have enough juice to call my mum and let my small person watch a little bit more Peppa on ABC iview… Well stop whinging. Here’s the game changer! 

Well, the rumoured good news mums is that the soon to be released iPhone 8 will be self charging. Yes! The phone will charge itself! Amazing right? Here’s what Mac Rumours has revealed;

  • The phone will come in three different versions all which will be able to be wirelessly charged
  • The technology will incorporate a sheet of graphite to stop the device overheating while charging
  • The patents filed by Apple in the US shows images of a charger similar to that used by the Apple Watch which is a metal brushing technique but also refers to and “inductive charging station”.

Truth be told – who cares how they do it right? A phone that sees us not be panicked that our battery is dying quicker than a Nokia 8210 in 1999 is something to look forward to! The price for the phone is predicted to be from $1200 to $1500 depending on the model.

The Apple iPhone 8 is due for release in 2018. Reports show that Apple registers over 2000 patents per year so of course a lodged patent is no guarantee of the product being made but here’s hoping!

If you’re still stuck with an iPhone that won’t hold a charge all day until then, we’ve done some research and here’s 9 tips to extend your charge until the game changing self charging phone is available…

[mc_block_title custom_title=”How to improve your battery life on your current iphone!”]

  1. Dim the screen brightness or switch to auto brightness
  2. Keep the screen time out period short
  3. When you don’t need to use it turn off BlueTooth
  4. When you don’t need to use it turn of wifi – this allows the phone to stop permanently searching for networks to join
  5. Reduce you use of location services and apps that want GPS turned on. You can turn this off in settings
  6. Don’t leave apps running in the background that you aren’t using. Make sure you hard close them by in iOS, double-tap the Home button so the multitasking screen appears, then swipe upwards to close the app.
  7. Turn off the calling vibration function – this chews stacks of juice from your battery
  8. Turn off auto fetch for email – having your phone check if you’ve got email to download constantly sucks your battery, do it manually or extend the period between fetches
  9. Re-booting your phone is rumoured to assist with longer term battery life. Turn it off regularly rather than letting it run for days on end.

Image: Mac Rumours. 

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