It’s a Lion of a Cake! A Woolworths Cake Hack Like No Other

You know, just when I think I’ve seen all the amazing cake hacks there is to see, one mum comes along and BLOWS IT OUT OF THE WATER JUNGLE. I present to you, the king of cake hacks – a lion birthday cake.

Now before you go running screaming into the distance bellowing “I can’t do it, it’s not for me…” just hang in there and hear me out.

The Woolworths cake hack to end all cake hacks

When mum and Woolworths cake hacker magnifico, Nellie McGann posted her epic lion birthday cake to Facebook Woolies/Coles Mudcake Hacks group, I for one was stunned silent. How can this be? How can round cakes become a BLEEPIN’ LION FOR CAKES SAKE?

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Because Nellie is a stellar human and sharing is caring, her post with a simple caption and a handful of photos were enough to give others an idea on how she created such cake wizardry. And dare I say it, it’s lick-your-fingers marvellous.

4 woollies mud cakes, Betty Crocker icing, Coles fondant and a little love for my 8 year olds birthday❤️

Woolworths cake hack
Photo: Nellie McGann‎

Shopping list: 4 Woolworths mud cakes, Betty crocker icing, fondant and a little love is all I need to create my very own Mufasa or Simba lion. GOT IT.

By crumbs, that’s a genius cake move

A brilliant, well-executed move by Nelle is to crumble the cakes. Remember cake pops? You do it just like that – a quick blitz in the food processor and mix it with just enough Betty Crocker icing to become a pliable consistency, holding shape when pressed together.

From there, shape it into a lion shape. (Obvs this is where some kind of magical, artistic talent needs to come into play. OR if you have a cake tin mould, without a doubt use that).

Woolworths cake hack
Photo: Nellie McGann‎

Nellie goes on to explain in the comments of her Woolworths cake hack post: I crumbled the 4 cakes and added a tub of Betty Crocker icing then moulded the shape, crumb coated and covered in fondant”.

Woolworths cake hack
Photo: Nellie McGann‎

You can have your cake and eat it too

Cake hack aside, a hefty dose of patience and practice should probably also be added to the shopping list. Remember practice makes perfect. And cake hack practice is the most delicious kind there is.

Even after countless comments on her lion cake hack post, when asked if she’s a professional or does it for the money, Nellie sweetly responds with a very humble “I’m not a professional just a mum that makes cakes for her kids..“. Nawww, THE BEST. Damn, those are some lucky kids you have Nellie!

I’m not a professional just a mum that makes cakes for her kids..

Thank you for sharing your amazing cake hacking prowess with us mama, please adopt us all Nellie!

Woolworths cake hack
Photo: Nellie McGann‎

More Woolworths cake hack #inspo awaits

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Princess cake hack
Photo: Instagram/HouseofWhite

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