Kazoops! Toys Are Here and You Can WIN the Entire Collection For Your Kids!

BIG NEWS, Kazoops! fans – the loveable characters are coming to a toy store near you! That’s right – Monty, his loyal pet pig Jimmy Jones and their imaginary companions are now available in plush, plastic and play set form.

Want the even better news? We have FIVE Ultimate Plush Toy prize packages to give away to five lucky little Kazoops-loving kiddies!

If you have little ones, then you are probably all too familiar with Kazoops!, one of the latest shows to grace our TV screens and entertain our kiddies every morning at 8.10am on ABC Kids.

It’s an animated adventure into the imagination like no other. Perfect for preschoolers, the show focuses on a six-year-old boy named Monty and his pet pig, Jimmy Jones (best pig name, ever, BTW).

It’s cute, creative and captivating the hearts of wee ones across Australia. And now your kiddo can bring these colourful characters to life with their brand new toy range.


Simply scroll down for your chance to win a Kazoops! Ultimate Plush Toy Set, including EVERY SINGLE PLUSH TOY in the range. The massive collection is valued at $100 (each) and we have FIVE sets to give away!

win kazoops-soft-toys

There’s Monty, Jimmy Jones, Lily the Alien, Otis the Warthog and Suzy the Dinosaur, perfect for snuggly, cuddly adventures. Jimmy is especially awesome – he’s bigger than the rest, standing at 30cm and also squeaks when you press him. Oh the fun!

You can pick up your own set, as well as the additional toys in the collection, at Toys R Us or Big W.

Whoop! Whoop! Kazoops!

Designed by TOMY, the Kazoops! range includes the five plush toys as well as several figurines and playsets. There are four figurines packs, each with two characters, including Monty, Jimmy Jones, Mega Monty and Dyno Pig (their superhero identities), Zappa the Robot, Otis the Warthog, Suzy the Dinosaur and Jarvis the Goldfish.


There is also a Kazoops! motorbike playset which includes Monty and his flash yellow trike, with plenty of room on the back for the other figurines in the series as well. Each set and figurine pack includes an imagination token that allows you to interact with the other toys in the range, transporting kids into Monty’s imaginary musical adventures.

Because, as Monty says, “things could always be different, if you just imagine”.

Can’t wait to win? Head over to Toys ‘R Us to pick up your plush pals TODAY and shop the other toys in the range.

mum central

mum central


Surprise your little sweetheart with these brand new friends to play with. Five little Kazoops! fans will receive all FIVE plush toys as part of this great giveaway.

Simply fill in the form below, and tell us, which is your child’s favourite Kazoops! character and why, to be in the running to win.

Win 1 of 5 Kazoops! Plush Toy Sets, valued at $100 each!

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  1. Avatar of Suzanne S

    jimmy Jones -cos the 2 n half year old says it soo cutely :* also loves to tell me that its finished now mum, mum, jim mee jonesth zoops fin fin mum

    • Avatar of Natasha Page
      Natasha PageReply

      Jimmy Jones because he is so much fun, always happy & very smart. Now we need a pet pig called JJ!

    • Avatar of Gerrie Hoeve
      Gerrie HoeveReply

      Jimmy Jones is the favourite in my home ,he is cute & funny so fun & joyfully to watch..

  2. Avatar of Nicola Voice
    Nicola VoiceReply

    Suzy the Dinosaur because she looks super snuggly! – Vinnie 3 years old

    • Avatar of Nicole

      My 4 year old loves Jimmy Jones, he loves all animals and is super excited to go to his grandparents farm for christmas (they have pigs so this would be perfect for my son to win)

  3. Avatar of Jocelyn

    Monty is my 4 yo’s favorite. He loves watching this show.

  4. Avatar of Bri MacLean
    Bri MacLeanReply

    My eldest big girl watches Kazoops each and every day before heading off to kindy. She loves Nanna the best. My little man loves Jimmy Jones because he oinks and is always happy

  5. Avatar of Kathleen Donnelly
    Kathleen DonnellyReply

    Jimmy Jones hes the smartest one in the show always has the answer

  6. Avatar of Deanna

    My kids love the Kazoops especially Jimmy Jones because he has such a distinctive oink and is full of energy

  7. Avatar of Maree Gray

    Jimmy Jones because he is always happy, his little tooth is cute and we love his oink

  8. Avatar of Ramona Francis
    Ramona FrancisReply

    Jimmy Jones cos he has the best name ever for a pig

  9. Avatar of Kristy ellery
    Kristy elleryReply

    Jimmy jones. My little fella refuses to speak but he can snort and he loves pigs. So when hes watching kazoops he just snorts.

  10. Avatar of Jenjen

    Jimmy jones; because he’s my son’s favourite; he likes to imitate his oink. The tongue and the little tooth sticking out are so cute too!

  11. Avatar of CLEO

    Suzy the dinosaur is Oscar’s favourite, just loves dinosaurs.

  12. Avatar of Louise Patterson
    Louise PattersonReply

    My daughter loves Jimmy Jones, he has an awesome oink and she thinks he’s cute 🙂

  13. Avatar of Kirk

    Definitely Jimmy Jones as my daughter is obsessed with pigs. Who doesn’t love a cheeky pig 🙂

  14. Avatar of Leanne Baker
    Leanne BakerReply

    Jimmy Jones is our favourite pal,
    In love with him my daughter fell.
    A great friend for Monty and the adventures they seek.
    We watch Kazoops! every day of the week.
    A great show enjoyed by everyone,
    You can’t help but join in on the fun.
    An awesome prize we’d love to win,
    To let our Kazoops! collection begin.

  15. Avatar of Renee Quilliam
    Renee QuilliamReply

    . Monty as he is always embarking on wild imaginary adventures with Jimmy

  16. Avatar of Kristi

    Jimmy Jones cause as my 2 yrd old daughter says “he’s so cute” its good to see that there are some tv programs that are enjoyable and imaginative for little ones

  17. Avatar of Maria

    Monty. He’s a delightful little boy with a great imagination.

  18. Avatar of Mary Irwin

    Jimmy Jones because he can understand and be understood by humans. My little thinks that is awesome.

  19. Avatar of NicoleF

    Jimmy Jones. He’s a cute pig and my daughter loves him!!

  20. Avatar of Jody Smith

    The grandma. She’s out there, inspirational and reminds me of my mum.

  21. Avatar of Jeanette

    Jimmy Jones because he reminds my son of our dog Barney. They get up to adventures together just like Jimmy and Monty

  22. Avatar of Kara A

    My 4.5year old loves jimmy jones i think because of his fun happy energy and great snort

  23. Avatar of Tess avgeris
    Tess avgerisReply

    Jimmy Jones because she pretends that she is Monty and our dog is Jimmy jones.

  24. Avatar of Kirsty Perkins
    Kirsty PerkinsReply

    “Zoops” is my daughter’s favourite show. But I love Monty. He sets a good example and has a great imagination! “

  25. Avatar of Amanda

    We love Monty! Many a time hes proven that daydreaming CAN solve problems

  26. Avatar of christie c

    My Kids adore Jimmy Jones as they are huge piggy lovers and he makes them giggle there little hearts delight away.

  27. Avatar of Andrea Dinan
    Andrea DinanReply

    Suzy the dinosaur!! Girl power to a female dinosaur, she looks cuddly and adorable

  28. Avatar of Jacoba Evans
    Jacoba EvansReply

    Suzy the dinosaur, RRRRRrrrrrrooooaaaaarrrrrrrr!!!

  29. Avatar of Erin Hoy

    Suzy the dinosaur is my sons favourite. He runs around roaring and stomping every morning when the show starts and of course Oinking at jimmy Jones.

  30. Avatar of Aimee McCloy
    Aimee McCloyReply

    My 3 year old son, Napier, loves Kazoops! His favourite character is Jimmy Jones as he loves pigs!

  31. Avatar of Kat Smitheram
    Kat SmitheramReply

    Jimmy Jo es, because what’s not to love about a pet pig whet a neckerchief?!

  32. Avatar of lucinda maloney
    lucinda maloneyReply

    my daughter loves the piggy – the music is great too

  33. Avatar of Natalie M

    Monty the best imagination and luckiest boy ever to have a pet pig.. I always wanted one but was told we didn’t have the room.

  34. Avatar of Susanna Martin
    Susanna MartinReply

    We are all about oinks, snorts and more snorts with Jimmy Jones’ influence hahahaha! My toddler now thinks this is normal language…

  35. Avatar of Judith Ann Bryant

    We love Monty and the way he challenges ALL with his vivid imagination. “Just imagine!”
    Such a great way to help the kids use their brain in a helpful way with some giggles along the way.

  36. Avatar of Kate Marconi
    Kate MarconiReply

    Jimmy Jones is my daughters favourite character as he has a great imagination and fun all the time!

  37. Avatar of Mel

    Jimmy Jones!! He’s so full of energy and always finds the answers! My two LOVE this show!!

  38. Avatar of Kristy

    Jimmy Jones would have to be my daughter’s favourite. She asked me to tell Santa to get her a pig.

  39. Avatar of Jayde Moore
    Jayde MooreReply

    My 2 year old adores Jimmy Jones! He calls every pig he sees ‘Jimmy!’

  40. Avatar of cheerie murnane
    cheerie murnaneReply

    Love the pig Jimmy Jones, he would be the best to tuck under the arm and take anywhere, a real best friend and so cuddly.

  41. Avatar of Kimberley

    My 5 year old loves Monty because he “wants to be just like him!”

  42. Avatar of Natasha

    My 3yr old grandson loves Jimmy Jones…..I also love Jimmy Jones too

  43. Avatar of Cherie

    Jimmy Jones because he’s the cutest and my son loves pigs

  44. Avatar of Jessica Ashbrooke
    Jessica AshbrookeReply

    My girl loves Monty and Jimmy Jones she just can’t pick one lol

  45. Avatar of Stef

    Suzy the Dinosaur because my daughter loves dinosaurs and she looks super cozy.

  46. Avatar of M Brown

    Jimmy Jones, how cute is he 🙂 Thank you for the chance & Merry Christmas

  47. Avatar of Tammy Campion
    Tammy CampionReply

    All 7 of my kids would love these, but 6 year old would adore them. Kazoops is one if his favourite shows

  48. Avatar of Tina Elvins
    Tina ElvinsReply

    Kazoops!! My daughter loves the cheeky Jimmy Jones he’s such a cute and quirky little pig! What a loyal little animal buddy.

  49. Avatar of Melanie McVey
    Melanie McVeyReply

    “Just imagine…” the whole show is inspiring little ones and my two toddlers love singing the opening song. It is tricky to pick a character as they are always repeating lines from the show but I would say Jimmy Jones.

  50. Avatar of Maria Gillies
    Maria GilliesReply

    Jarvis the Goldfish because he is bright and has a permanent smile on his dial!!!

  51. Avatar of Fionna

    Gran for sure – wouldn’t we all love a Gran just like her to brighten up our days

  52. Avatar of Lennice

    Jimmy Jones the cute the pig, because he is beautiful and loyal, him and Monty just like my daughter and her dog

  53. Avatar of Anna Amoroso
    Anna AmorosoReply

    Jimmy Jones. Little miss says he’s funny when he oinks.

  54. Avatar of Tammy patman
    Tammy patmanReply

    Suzy the Dinosaur because my Ella-rose is a fan of dinosaurs like her big brother.

  55. Avatar of Dani

    Our favourite character is Jimmy Jones because he’s a cute little pig we’d love to own.

  56. Avatar of Duane Van Schoonhoven
    Duane Van SchoonhovenReply

    ~ I like Suzy the Dinosaur because every kid loves dinosaurs! ~

  57. Avatar of Vicki S

    Zappa the Robot, would be my choice, considering I’m a Zappa fan, even named my dog Frank

  58. Avatar of Alice Dominikovich-Murray
    Alice Dominikovich-MurrayReply

    Otis is our favourite because he is just so cute!

  59. Avatar of Carlin

    Gran! An amazingly dynamic character, showing kids that older people can be pretty awesome!

  60. Avatar of Renee

    Winner of our favorite character is Lily the Alien! Beats all others hands down to her PURPLE hair!

  61. Avatar of julie morton
    julie mortonReply

    monty, a cute little personality that my son loves to copy and role play with his friends

  62. Avatar of Cassie

    Jimmy jones because his reminds me of my son, little piggy

  63. Avatar of Gray

    Suzy dinosaur. My kids love dinosaurs and roar all day long pretending to be one,.

  64. Avatar of Laura Power
    Laura PowerReply

    Suzy the dinosaur we love all things Dinosaur in this house!

  65. Avatar of Yvette Dunlop
    Yvette DunlopReply

    Jimmy Jones because my little boy loves his friendship with Monty.

  66. Avatar of sarah gibson
    sarah gibsonReply

    Jimmy Jones but I would say my 21 month long loves the theme song the best!!

  67. Avatar of Tania Smolski
    Tania SmolskiReply

    Jimmy Jones because .. who wouldn’t want a pig as a best friend ?!

  68. Avatar of Melanie Patterson
    Melanie PattersonReply

    jimmy jones for sure, he is a cute piggy like what my little one is! a Cute piggy, he loves his food and this is what he would look like if he was an animal. Love him!

  69. Avatar of aleisha Austbo
    aleisha AustboReply

    We have watched Kazoops since it began,
    Our fave character is gran!
    She is witty and fun,
    And has a super cool grandson!

  70. Avatar of Alli

    Jimmy Jones is my daughter’s favourite! She loves the noises he makes and his cute bandana <3

  71. Avatar of Astra Hyland
    Astra HylandReply

    Jimmy Jones. My 4 yr old says he is the smartest and funniest pig ever

  72. Avatar of Sally Walker
    Sally WalkerReply

    Otis the warthog because he is absolutely gorgeous!

  73. Avatar of Jenna Mills
    Jenna MillsReply

    Grandma – because she’s funky, fun and just a touch crazy !

  74. Avatar of Roz Groves

    We all love Jimmy Jones here, but my personal fave is Grandma for sure! She’s my kind of fun!

  75. Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
    Barbara FehmelReply

    Definitely “Jimmy Jones” because he is always happy and laughing. When my great Grandson sees him even if he is crying he stops and laughs along with Jimmy.

  76. Avatar of LorraineC

    Jimmy Jones… He manages to be so expressive, despite his wordlessness….

  77. Avatar of Jennalee Ratley
    Jennalee RatleyReply

    Monty, His big imagination takes him places and challenges the way society thinks! With a big heart and a head full of wonder he is a pretty incredible little person

  78. Avatar of Janine McNaughton
    Janine McNaughtonReply

    Step aside Peppa PIg…. Jimmy Jones is in the house and is a welcomed change!

  79. Avatar of JOHANNE STONE

    My little Miss just adores “SUZY THE DINOSAUR”. So squishy, cuddly and lovable that would most certainly send her into the land of “SWEET DREAMS”
    Thankyou Mum Central

  80. Avatar of Kathy Clark
    Kathy ClarkReply

    Gran as she is such a crack up and my daughter calls me now Gran after her

  81. Avatar of Georgia Thiesfield
    Georgia ThiesfieldReply

    O-oinking his way through the house
    T-there goes my 3 year old certainly not as quiet as a mouse
    I- into all the latest cartoons
    S- surely he’ll realize he’s not a warthog soon!

  82. Avatar of Patrick

    Lily is our favorite, because who couldn’t love a blue one eyed alien with 4 arms!

  83. Avatar of Dianne

    Jimmy Jones, he asks why! I love that and he reminds me of me when I was little. With Jimmy though it’s okay to ask why and explore your imagination and feel good!

  84. Avatar of Cassy26

    We love Monty and Jimmy Jones because they make a great team…

  85. Avatar of MelissaZ

    My fave is Jimmy Jones. I feel like he is the smartest and most curious.

  86. Avatar of Kori Kollmann
    Kori KollmannReply

    My little man loves Stan because he thinks his like himself.

  87. Avatar of Andreea Nicolescu
    Andreea NicolescuReply

    Jimmy jones, best pet and friend ever his always by Montys side

  88. Avatar of andie harrie
    andie harrieReply

    Dyno Pig
    jiggeredy jig
    So much fun
    Favourite of my little one

  89. Avatar of Liz

    Monty and his yellow trike reminds me of our youngest grandson and his bikes.

  90. Avatar of Kris

    Suzy the Dinosaur is my favourite, for two reasons: 1. Everybody loves a dinosaur! and 2. My boys are dino-mad! 🙂

  91. Avatar of Tracy

    I love montys sidekick jimmy jones,,hes a happy little chaps that loves to shake his bacon.

  92. Avatar of PaulaW

    My favourite is definitely Jimmy Jones. When we get our pet pig that’s what we’ll be calling him/her! – Zoe Aged 4

  93. Avatar of Dawn Taylor
    Dawn TaylorReply

    Otis the warthog is such a favourite. When I was a young girl I lived in East Africa, and warthogs were my favourite animal when Dad woulddrive us around the game park. No one could understand how with all the beautiful animals we saw, a warthog could be my favourite . My children have taken after me, and they love warthogs as well.

  94. Avatar of stephen elsworthy
    stephen elsworthyReply

    My youngest loves Lilly Plush with her one eye and 4 arms. My son laughs so much when he sees her and he immediately gets so involved and is quiet. So please let me win this.

  95. Avatar of Kim B

    When I asked the kids it was a resounding JIMMY JONESSSSSSSS

  96. Avatar of Paige Yang

    Jimmy Jones, a happy pig pet. My son wish he could have such a smart pig pet.

  97. Avatar of Brittany Read
    Brittany ReadReply

    My eldest daughter loves Monty- absolutely loves his imagination

  98. Avatar of jessica de Feudis
    jessica de FeudisReply

    Zappa The robot is my 4 year olds favourite, Robots are his passion. He loves having one on his favourite tv show

  99. Avatar of Rachel K

    I loveMonty because he somehow has the power to engage kids by presenting a compelling mission and involving his fellow travelers along the way in a positive and educational manner!

  100. Avatar of Christie Majorek
    Christie MajorekReply

    JIMMY JONES!!! He’s cute, porky, adorable- but most of all Quirky!!
    Perfect bff material 🙂

  101. Avatar of Ellie

    My little girl thinks Jimmy Jones is the greatest, he is always happy, he is smart and he is fun and makes the most beautiful sounding oink.

  102. Avatar of Marnie

    My 2 year old daughter loves Jimmy Jones. She is just fascinated in all animals and goes around the house making pig noises.

  103. Avatar of Allmlaree

    Why Jimmy Jones is popular at our home too. Such a rumbustious little pig the kids would love to have a pet pig now.

  104. Avatar of R Barber

    Jimmy Jones. Whats not to love about a pig called Jimmy Jones 🙂

  105. Avatar of Richard Harrison
    Richard HarrisonReply

    Suzy the Dinosaur because we’re all massive dinosaur fans in this house!

  106. Avatar of San w.

    Monty, leader of the pack, early leadersip skills will get you everywhere!

  107. Avatar of Doreen

    Favourite character has to be Jimmy Jones who is so imaginative, witty and full of surprises. Love this educational entertaining show to bits.

  108. Avatar of Ney

    Otis the warthog! Because he’s plump and cute and looks like a rascal ! 🙂 definitely most fitting Kazoop in our household :)))

  109. Avatar of Paula Stacey
    Paula StaceyReply

    Suzy the dinosaur is my daughters favourite because she loves dinosaurs and thinks she is super.

  110. Avatar of Juliska Duthie
    Juliska DuthieReply

    Jimmy Jones of course what 3 year old doesn’t love a pig with such funny character

  111. Avatar of Jess M

    Jimmy Jones because he is always happy, and what kid doesn’t want a pig for a pet!

  112. Avatar of rachelvk

    Suzy the dinosaur for sure! Because dinosaurs rule… ok!

  113. Avatar of Sheena Douthie
    Sheena DouthieReply

    My little boy just loves gran, he giggles when she talks I don’t know why but gran makes him happy everyday 🙂

  114. Avatar of Veronica Christensen
    Veronica ChristensenReply

    Gotta love Jimmy Jones the pig with his adorable face

  115. Avatar of Lauren Hunt
    Lauren HuntReply

    Jimmy Jones as my son is obsessed with him. He walks around snorting “oink oink” and calls Jimmy “Jim Jim”. I know how happy the show makes him, which makes me happy in return.

  116. Avatar of chers

    Suzy the Dinosaur is the famous faze at our place and its driving mummy and daddy up the walls

  117. Avatar of Emily Mclaughlan
    Emily MclaughlanReply

    I love jimmy jones the pig because pigs are my favourite animal and I love the adventures him and monty get up to

  118. Avatar of Tess Howard
    Tess HowardReply

    Jimmy Jones is obviously a big favourite, and I have to admit we’re a bit partial to him as well. Cuddly, cute and by the look of him, cheerful!

  119. Avatar of Angela

    Jimmy jones because who doesn’t love a pig in a story. My son is too little yet to let me know his favourite characters but loves kazoops on tv and Kinderling kids radio

  120. Avatar of Catherine Howard
    Catherine HowardReply

    My boy loves Monty and I love how he teaches kids to question things around them

  121. Avatar of Jennafa

    Jimmy Jones, he is so adventurous and teaches children to have fun and give everything a go!

  122. Avatar of Juanita Munro

    Monty! His imagination is really great. He asks good questions and his “Just Imagine” moments are filled with a song and adventure. I like that he is really involved with his family and they are big part of the show too!

  123. Avatar of Deb

    Suzy the Dinosaur is the favourite in our household. I think it’s because of her bright colours.

  124. Avatar of Ryan H

    Jimmy Jones as he’s the smart one like my son and always manages to come up with the answer. This is what my son is like at school.

  125. Avatar of AmberB

    Jimmy Jones because Little Miss LOVES Pigs and thinks he is smart and funny!

  126. Avatar of Sonja

    Otis – have always had a soft spot for warthogs since the lion king 🙂

  127. Avatar of Abigail B

    As my daughter is dinosaur obsessed I would have to say Suzy the dinosaur

  128. Avatar of Caroline

    Grandson master 4 is in love with Jimmy jones. He has the best imagination just like himself and also being a pig which he also loves.

  129. Avatar of Nicki Cambourn
    Nicki CambournReply

    All of the characters are cute & that theme song just gets stuck in my head!

  130. Avatar of Kayla Sibley
    Kayla SibleyReply

    Jimmy jones – he’s such a loyal little pig & so adorable. How could you not love him!

  131. Avatar of Andrea Blease

    I just know my kids would love Jimmy Jones because he has a big smile and looks like he would give the best cuddles.

  132. Avatar of Sheena

    Jimmy jones because no matter what he is always there for his best friend

  133. Avatar of Jessica Morris
    Jessica MorrisReply

    Jeanie because she has a wild imagination of her own and she isn’t afraid to be a little different.

  134. Avatar of Tracy A

    Jimmy Jones, because everyone should have a loyal best friend to go on adventures with.

  135. Avatar of Bee B

    Jimmy Jones, we have an Uncle Jimmy in our family, not that he’s a cuddly pig…however he does like visiting the family farm and feeding the pigs.

  136. Avatar of josephine m
    josephine mReply

    I love Otis ! he looks like he would be fun and his different from usual toys

  137. Avatar of Ruth T

    Jimmy Jones is a real cutie. I’m biased because I love pigs & I collect anything pig. LOL

  138. Avatar of Kim

    Hands down – without a doubt – Jimmy Jones. My kids love pigs and constantly ask if they can get one

  139. Avatar of Lauren P

    Nanna, she has to be the coolest Nan around. She inspires Jimmy and Monty to be creative and encourages them to use their imagination.

  140. Avatar of Karen Edwards
    Karen EdwardsReply

    All I hear about every time my little miss watches is Jimmy Jones lots of fun. We even have a pig on Santa’s list 😉

  141. Avatar of Michelle Budge
    Michelle BudgeReply

    Jimmy Jones. The grandchildren love him so much.

  142. Avatar of Amy C

    In our house we love Jimmy Jones. my girls think he’s super funny and they laugh because they’re pops name is Jimmy too.

  143. Avatar of Michelle Ward
    Michelle WardReply

    Lily – she embraces the different and that’s what I like my kids to do too.

  144. Avatar of Kim Campbell
    Kim CampbellReply

    Monty because he’s full of adventure and likes to have fun fun fun.

  145. Avatar of rachel sinclair
    rachel sinclairReply

    Jimmy jones looks full of fun, he would be perfect gift for my son!
    they could laugh and play the day away, kzoops are the toy that kids want to play!

  146. Avatar of Claire

    Jimmy Jones – both Mr 3 and Mr 6 have asked Santa for a pet pig because they love him so much not sure how Santa is going to swing this one……

  147. Avatar of Brooke

    Monty because he has a pig as a pet and has a big imagination.

  148. Avatar of ruth L

    Jimmy Jones!!! A loyal friend to Monty. The only Pig that makes me laugh 😀

  149. Avatar of Poopmuncher

    Stan because he looks and acts like our next door neighbour. HIlarious watching the kids trying not to giggle when we see him out there raking his yard or when he comes over to say hello.

  150. Avatar of D I A N A . . . . . . . . . .
    D I A N A . . . . . . . . . .Reply

    Jeanie she’s into music too, just like the kids, their Dad and Uncle too.

  151. Avatar of Vanessa Ahern
    Vanessa AhernReply

    My kids love Isabelle the Alien simply because she is an alien.

  152. Avatar of Sharon Markwell
    Sharon MarkwellReply

    Kazoops Jimmy Jones is the love of our lives and a bit like looking in the mirror!

  153. Avatar of Maree Wood

    Kazoops Jimmy Jones hes so cute & cuddly my daughter just LOVES him!

  154. Avatar of Kasey E

    Monty because of his vivid imagination, something most of us can relate to when we were young.

  155. Avatar of Juanita

    Suzy the Dinosaur……because she’s green (my nieces favourite colour)… she’s a girl and supposedly a very pretty Dinosaur.

  156. Avatar of Blossom

    Beautiful is in the eyes of the beholder. The children thinks Jimmy Jones the pig is beautiful.

  157. Avatar of Jean

    Suzy the Dinosaur, because my child is so into dinosaurs at the moment

  158. Avatar of Cindy Nickels
    Cindy NickelsReply

    My grandson loves Suzy the Dinosaur, well, all dinosaurs really….but Suzy is so cute!!

  159. Avatar of Kiki

    Definitely jimmy Jones in our house because hes so cute and loveable.

  160. Avatar of Sarah Craig
    Sarah CraigReply

    Jimmy Jones is the best, my Harry does exclaim!
    “He runs so fast, just like Byron!” (Our labrador pup), is his reason why.
    I have to add a shout out to Monty’s Gran, for always encouraging him to explore his imagination. Love it!

  161. Avatar of Ying Ying Tan
    Ying Ying TanReply

    Love Suzy the dinosaur, my son has a real attraction to female dinosaurs hehe!

  162. Avatar of tiera L

    Jimmy Jones, hes our little pig,
    When he comes on , we all do the jig!!
    My son is in love with Kazoops
    if we win
    he will be jumping through hoops 😀

  163. Avatar of Lauren

    Jimmy Jones… because everyone should have a pig for a friend.

  164. Avatar of Krystal-Murray

    Monty’s sweeter than chocolate and his ‘Bounty’ of imagination makes life a ‘Picnic’ for his friends.
    My family enjoy a few ‘Snickers’ at his antics !

  165. Avatar of Janelle

    My son 5 loves all the kazoops and said it’s too hard to pick a favourite he likes em all!

  166. Avatar of shrekluck

    Monty – I’m not really sure why, it is always the one that he goes nuts over

  167. Avatar of Sacha Pech

    Suzy the Dinosaur; we are huge dino lovers in our household. Would be a much loved toy addition.

  168. Avatar of Alan Parratt
    Alan ParrattReply

    Perfect for our growing family, We love the piggy, Merry Christmas to one and all, Hope you all have a ball, May peace be with you all, Big Hugs,

  169. Avatar of Roberto Colombi
    Roberto ColombiReply

    Jimmy Jones – So ‘Sty’lish and simply ‘Ham’azing!

  170. Avatar of Bella Ri

    Jimmy Jones, he’s definitely a character that supports friends, brings happiness and peace and would bring hours of endless fun for my little ones this holiday season!

  171. Avatar of Skye Danaher
    Skye DanaherReply

    Jimmy Jones is my favourite character because I also have a pet pig 🙂

  172. Avatar of Dee Susan

    My kids loves all of the Kazoops and it would be wonderful to win them just in time for Christmas. Thank you.

  173. Avatar of carly

    JIMMY JONES- the coolest dude of all! my kid’s favourite as well!

  174. Avatar of ashlee ford
    ashlee fordReply

    suzy the dinosaur. My son loves everything with teeth!!!

  175. Avatar of Lesley Olariu
    Lesley OlariuReply

    My granddaughter loves piggies
    But even more than that
    Warthogs are her favourite
    So Otis is my pick!

  176. Avatar of Lynette burrough
    Lynette burroughReply

    Month and his yellow,truck,inspires active play for the little ones

  177. Avatar of Titz

    Suzy the dinosaur – my twin grandies absolutely love the Ka zoobs – their favourite because the are fascinated by Suzy!

  178. Avatar of Rosemarie De Bari
    Rosemarie De BariReply

    Jimmy Jones, best dressed and most flamboyant piggie around!

  179. Avatar of Laura Scriven
    Laura ScrivenReply

    Jimmy Jones is a smart guy; He’s a Jones that I want my little one to keep up with!

  180. Avatar of David Massoud
    David MassoudReply

    My son loves Jimmy Jones because they share the same name “Jimmy”

  181. Avatar of jody buhagiar
    jody buhagiarReply

    Otis the Warthog, hes so much fun! Kazoops improves my childs confidence and his sense of self, which is great.

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