This is the Mobile Phone Contract Every Parent Needs to Make their Kid Sign

Goodbye, standard telco contract that will most likely put to you sleep; hello, cheeky agreement that kids and parents will actually WANT to read and sign. 

That’s right ladies and gents. Telstra has stepped outside the boring box and created a mobile phone agreement for that moment when you give your kid their first mobile. And it speaks to all generations.

If you’ve bought your kids a mobile phone this Christmas, then you may have come across this little gem of an agreement. It hits that perfect parenting sweet spot between serious and fun. If your kid is starting secondary school next year and a phone of their own is on the agenda, then you need to see this. And if they already have a phone, it’s not too late!

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At first glance the contract looks like your standard boring-as-bat-shit agreement where you must adhere to certain rules, blah, blah, blah. But it’s actually not. It’s actually refreshingly funny.

You may even find yourself, and your kids, smiling as you read it over. You may even share a laugh over it. Bonding over a contract. Unheard of! Or so we thought…

Be cool, but not too cool

So, what are  some of the things that mums and dads must adhere to? You know, normal things like, pretending to care about those stupid cat memes kids want to show you, avoiding the urge to post embarrassing photos on Facebook and restraining from photo bombing your child when she is trying to take a selfie. And don’t even think about joining in with your best #duckface.

Plus – and this is where it gets really good – parents most promise to set a good example and not use their phones in the car or at the dinner table or when the kids are trying to tell you something important. We’re down with that.

And the kids? In addition to being safe, respecting privacy guidelines and remembering that browsing video of cats on YouTube costs money, the biggest one is they must promise to continue to socialise with real human beings. Oh, and do their homework. No turning into phone zombies allowed.

Well done Telstra, on kicking some serious contract goals. Pop over to Telstra to print a copy for your mobile-phone loving kiddo.

This isn’t the first time Telstra have upped their game. Earlier this month they agreed to refund unhappy customers after their slow-AF NBN failed to deliver. For parents with mobile-phone active kids, you might also be interested in this app which stops kids from ignoring your texts. 

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  1. Avatar of tony

    That contract is cute, good for a laugh, but won’t be taken serious.

    Take a look at 12yr olds addicted to porn and then rethink what a contract should really have.
    Telstra give the impression they care about kids and phones, but all they really want is more of their phones and services in you and your family’s hands.

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