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WIN: The Kenwood kCook Multi Smart Review That Gave My Thermomix a Run for its Money

If you’re a lover of Thermomix, then listen up! Kenwood’s all new revolutionary kCook Multi Smart thermocooker is finally here, and it’s a “shut up and take my money” kinda feeling! 

Meet the all new Kenwood kCook Multi Smart.  This all-in-one cooker does all the kitchen cooking duties for you (apart from clearing the table) AND costs much less than the leading brand.

Designed by the kitchen appliance leaders, the Kenwood kCook Multi Smart Thermocooker (KMS) is the next best thing to having a live-in chef.


It’s a thermal cooker and food processor all in one!

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Kenwood kCook Multi Smart at their recent media launch in Sydney and all I can say is WOW! This machine is amazing, especially for someone like me who doesn’t have a lot of spare time to whip up world-class dishes every night.

I’ve owned a Thermomix for many years now and love the convenience and time saved by using a thermal cooker. Less time, less fuss and a bigger repertoire of dishes than my family would otherwise normally eat.

kenwood kcook multi smart recipe app
The Kenwood World app delivers recipes directly to your smartphone or tablet, synced via wifi to your kCook machine. So very clever, so intuitive – so me!

However, there’s something extra about this new kid on the block. The KMS does everything you’d expect from a thermocooker … it whips, slow cooks, steams, bakes, heats and sautés. Nothing unusual, I hear you say?

Then there’s this …

The KMS is equipped with a Direct Prep attachment that brings all the benefits of a food processor into your thermal cooker. So not only does it do everything just like my Thermomix, it also slices, grates and prepares ingredients directly into the kCook Multi Smart bowl.

Plus, it heats up to 180 degrees so you can also fry food (and I’m a huge fan of stir fries) so this feature is VERY welcome!

kenwood kcook multi smart-stir-fry
The Kenwood kCook heats up to 180 degrees making it perfect for making delicious stir fries

Plus, the KMS comes with a generous 4.5 litre bowl (double my Thermomix’s size) to tackle tasty recipes (and hungry bellies) with ease. The temperature range stretches from 30°C to 180°C so you can use it for slow cooking, frying and even browning within the bowl.  

kenwood kcook multi smart dashboardHere’s a few more features my family especially loved about the Kenwood kCook:

It cooks everything for you!

This nifty machine can do it all, from brekkie to dessert, from sauces to side dishes. It comes with a steamer attachment so you can steam while you’re cooking at the SAME TIME! And, there’s a warming function so you can keep finished dishes warm while the other stuff is still cooking.

It comes with a massive 4.5 Litre bowl plus HEAPS of extra tools

The 4.5 litre bowl is big enough to serve eight very hungry guests. I can’t help but instantly think about how much time this is going to save on cooking extra servings of lunches and dinners in advance.

Before I’d have to run through twice if I wanted to make double the dish, not anymore!

But that’s not all.  Other things I love include:

  • A powerful 1500W heating, 550W motor
  • Temperature settings from 30°C – 180°C meaning I can warm, fry, stir fry and slow cook.
  • Handy tools including a knife blade, stir tool and whisk tool
  • The steaming tray that lets you can steam buns, dumplings and more
  • The direct prep attachment with five slicing and grating discs to save you loads of time with meal prep
  • Slow cook adaptor
  • Bluetooth connected scale that syncs with your machine to weigh ingredients as you go and progress straight to the next step once the target is reached

kenwood kcook multi smart attachments

You get access to recipes galore

Connect the KMS via wifi to the Kenwood World App for instant recipe inspiration and information. You can even control the machine through your smartphone or tablet so if you’re away from the kitchen, you can still keep an eye on dinner.  It pings you notifications when it’s finished cooking and you can even manage the whole process form your smart device.  Now, that’s smart!  😉

kenwood kcook multi smart recipe app

It provides guided cooking lessons

This was by far my favourite thing about the kCook, especially as I’m always wanting to try new recipes and improve my culinary skills. The app takes you step by step through each meal and even alerts you when it’s time to move on to the next step.

Best of all, you drive it from your phone (or tablet). Simply tick the box as you add the ingredients or complete the step and the app will automatically take you to the next step.

Plus, don’t bother with setting speeds, cooking durations or directions, the machine knows it all .. just press play and it will take care of the rest! The only way you can stuff up dinner is switching sugar for salt or something tragic like that – the KMS has you covered for everything else!

Don’t have cornflour or some other ingredient in your pantry? Not a problem! The app can tell you what to use instead. You can swap ingredients, scale the recipe to suit the number of servings you need and feel confident that the meal will come out perfectly!

kenwood kcook multi smart steamer
The Kenwood kCook comes with a convenient steamer box for steaming veggies, dumplings and more!

All in all I loved the machine! Some of my fave dishes were a delicious Chicken and Penne pasta bake that the kids gobbled in no time (I had to fight them for it!), a Quick Sweet Potato Curry in under 25 mins, a delicious apple cake that made my mouth water (and I’m no baker!) and a chicken and veggie stir fry.

Next on my list to try are burger buns, satay sauce, quick cauliflower soup, quick Bolognaise sauce (because i love anything that starts with quick!), butter chicken, mango sorbet (YUM!), macarons (wish me luck!) tiramisu and strawberry mousse!

mum central

Kenwood kCook Multi Smart Thermal Cooker

8.9 Kenwood kCook Multi Smart Thermal Cooker


  • Heats up to 180 degrees
  • Direct Prep Food Processor
  • Bluetooth Scale
  • Huge 4.5L Bowl
  • Loads of accessories
Time Saving
Easy to Setup & Use
Value for Money

mum central

Kenwood and Marley Spoon Unite for the Ultimate Cook at Home Delivery Service

Plus, the folk at Kenwood have teamed up with the folk at Marley Spoon to deliver twice the value! Now their home delivery meal kits come with kCook instructions so you can cook them.

kenwood kcook multi smart marley spoon

Thermal Cooker Comparison Chart

For those of you looking to compare thermal cookers, we’ve pulled together a summary of how each of the leading machines on the market compare.

mum centralKenwood
mum centralThermomix
mum centralMagimix
Cook Expert
mum centralTefal
mum centralKitchenAid
RRP $1,699 $2,089 $2,099 $1,699 $1,999
Temperature 30 – 180°C 30 – 130°C 30 – 140°C 30 – 130°C Up to 140°C
10° increments 1° increments 1° increments No info
Power Heat: 1500W
Motor: 550W
Heat: 1000W
Motor: 500W
1700W Heat: 1000W
Motor: 550W
Air Capacity Air: 4.5L Air:  No info Metal 3.5L
Plastic 2.6, 2.5, 1.2L
Air: 4.5L Air: 4.5L
Working: 2.6L Working: 2.2L Working 2.5L
Steamer Yes. 7.2L Yes Yes Yes Yes (in bowl & above)
Food Processor 5 Blades –
No 4 Blades – S/Steel Optional Extra No
Direct Prep Yes No No No No
Timer 8 Hours 90 mins No info 2 hours No info
Weighing  Separate smart scale via bluetooth Integrated weighing Basic scale in pack No No
Connectivity Wi-Fi No No Bluetooth No
App Control Yes No No No No
Speeds 12 No info 1 13 Variable – no clarity
Display LCD Digital LCD Digital LCD
Tools Knife blade
Max blade
Stir tool
Whisk tool
Knife blade
Metal bowl
3 processor bowls
Knife blade
Universal blade
Knife blade
Stir tool
Ice crush blade
Stir tool
Knife blade
Dough tool
In-Pack Accessories 2 tier steam tray
Slice/grate disc
Whisk tool
Steaming Tray Steam basket
4 slice/grate discs
Steam basket Measuring Cup
Storage Box
Recipes App Recipe Chip
Book & App App App
Programs Soup, Sauce, Steam, Main Meal, Stir Fry, Dessert Dough, Reverse Soup, Slow Cook, Steam, Pastry Boil, Fry, Stew, Steam, Puree, Dough


Save time with the kCook Multi Smart Thermocooker 

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens. In fact, I did the maths and the average Aussie mum cooks close to 20,000 meals for her family over the course of 18 years. And that’s not including the 150,000 snacks that come in between. Or the time spent shopping, prepping and cleaning up from each meal.

While feeding our kids, ourselves, our mates, our kids’ mates, our extended family and anyone else who arrives for dinner and is a part of life, the Kenwood kCook Multi Smart makes the process a lot easier, less time consuming and more enjoyable. 

For busy families, the Kenwood kCook Multi Smart is brilliant. It rivals the Thermomix, but for much less, retailing at $1,699.  Find it at selected major retailers from 1 August 2018. For more information, click on the button below. 

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Keen to try the new kCook Multi Smart Thermocooker for yourself?  Well here’s your chance to have one delivered to your door (for keeps!)kenwood kcook multi smart competition

One lucky reader will get their hands on the brand new kCook Multi Smart Thermocooker valued at $1,699! To be in the running, simply complete the entry form in full below and you’re in with a chance!


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    Kenwood kCook Multi smart Can do it all and It’s my dream appliance! Well done again Kambrook I love this amazing innovative appliance.

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    Kenwood kCook Multi smart would make cooking healthy family meals so much easier. Have wanted one for a long time.

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    As a Senior Couple planning to move to an Over 55’s village – the Kenwood kCook Multi Smart would be a blessing for easy preparation of meals for two “oldies”.

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    Never haved owned a thermocooker or a food processor this would be life changing and even change my relationship with healthy food for the better.

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