We Kid-Tested Tamar Valley’s Yoghurt Pouches with No Added Sugar. The Results Speak for Themselves.

The results of our Tamar Valley sampling campaign are in! The findings? Hands down our mums love Tamar Valley yoghurt for their kids!

We all know that kids love yoghurt, and we all as mums worry about the high amount of sugar they might be consuming in a yoghurt pouch.

Some of the leading yoghurt brands can contain as many as 2.5 teaspoons of sugar in a teeny tiny 90g pouch! OUCH! No wonder the kids love them!!

So Mum Central invited our mums to road test Tamar Valley Dairy Kids yoghurt pouches and put this brand to the test with the ultimate judges… the kids!


We were overwhelmed with the number of mums who volunteered to give Tamar Valley a trial, and we sent them a voucher to go and purchase Tamar Valley Dairy Kids yoghurt pouches for themselves. Here’s what our mums had to say!

tamar-valley-yoghurt-kids-taste-testing100%100% of mums said they were satisfied with the Tamar Valley Dairy Kids yoghurt products that they tried!

“My son absolutely loved them. The flavours were amazing and the sugar level was so much better than any yoghurt pouches you can get. They are most definitely great value for the price.” Catherine, SA

“OMG, these are a new product in my trolley every week. Thank you so much for introducing me to these products. The kids loved them and I like that they have no sugar.” Lara, QLD



100% of mums said that they would recommend Tamar Valley Dairy Kids to their friends.

And you know if mums are telling their friends about it… then it must be good!

“My kids couldn’t inhale this yoghurt quickly enough. They absolutely loved all the flavours and are already pointing it out in the shops. Using products that have minimal sugar is something that I highly regard and Tamar Valley excels in this area.” Annie, NSW

“It’s great value, it has no sugar and it tastes amazing. I’d definitely recommend it to other mums.” Lara, QLD




100% of mums would be happy to include Tamar Valley Dairy Kids in their kids lunch boxes.

“I’d like to try freezing it for lunch boxes. My little man loved it so much he didn’t come up for air until the strawberry ones were drained completely.” Paula, WA

“Yes, I prefer a product with less sugar considering quantity consumed daily. Good value for money, convenient squeezee packs.” Bronwyn, VIC




The flavours were a hit with the kids, especially the strawberry, which proved to be the favourite with 73% saying it was their pick of the flavours.

“My oldest boy is an extremely fussy eater and he ate the strawberry and vanilla without a problem which was great, because he usually refuses any new products I offer him.” Bronwyn, VIC

“Yes! Convenient, tasty, easy to open herself and can write her name on the pack” Renee, SA


tamar-valley-yoghurt-kid-trialSo the results are pretty conclusive.

The jury was out and verdict is in… Tamar Valley Dairy Kids yoghurt pouches are a hit with the kids! Mums love the low sugar and the health benefits of offering a Greek yoghurt to their kids, and the kids loved the taste and the variety of flavours on offer! But this just about sums it up…

“Great flavour, Aussie made and very convenient. The price isn’t bad either!” Paula, WA


Mum's Choice Thumbs Up AwardThere’s just no denying that EVERYONE loves Tamar Valley Yoghurt pouches!

The reports are undeniably positive and for the first time ever, 100% of our mums answered YES to 5/5 recommendations! BRAVO TAMAR VALLEY, you’ve certainly earned itself our Mum’s Choice Thumbs Up Award!

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