THIS is the Most Stressful Time of Day For Mums

What were you doing at 8.25am this morning?

If all you can remember is a haze of school shoe induced stress mingled with the sweet scent of Nespresso, then chances are good that you’re a parent.

Chances are even better that the morning routine leaves you a broken woman. We see you. Clutching that empty Keep Cup. Gazing at a single grey sock inexplicably left in the back of the car. Wondering how it’s possible that the big hand has only just ticked past 9am.

You’re not alone. An actual STUDY of 2,000+ working mums in the UK tells us that mornings, specifically 8.25am, is the most stressful time of day for mothers. ‘They could have just visited my house to prove that,’ is the general sentiment shared by mums. Eff your studies! We’ve got enough anecdotal evidence to make even the randiest millenial reconsider ever having sex again for fear of pro-creation and experiencing 8.25am-itis first hand.

So why is it such a struggle?

The poll blames the morning rush, more specifically, the effort required to get out the door.  Such is the level of ‘leaving home’ stress that 40% of mums say they’re stressed to the max before they even reach their desks at work. How fun is parenthood? And let’s not even get started on the actual journey to daycare/preschool/school/work for a stressed mum. #sendprayers

Need more convincing? Here’s a few more reasons why 8.25am is stressful AF:

THIS is Why 8.25am is the Most Stressful Time of Day

1. It’s when children realise that they are missing their home reader/left shoe/teddy bear/Elsa drink bottle/Hatchimals keyring.

This happens precisely as you want to leave the house. Children will not realise this earlier, when there is still time to search. It’s a little known fact that they’re hard wired to only recognise the absence of something they deem essential the minute the clock ticks to 8.25am. This is why you are always late. This is also why your mind may wander to the bottle of Pinot Grigio in the fridge before you’ve finished your Nespresso.

2. Every stressed mum everywhere is trying to exit their homes and driveways for the school run.

At the same time. A stressed mum is cranky. They may have spent the previous five minutes scrambling under a car seat to try and locate the aforementioned keyring. They’ve probably kneeled in a three week old sultana or stepped on a mould encrusted yoghurt pouch. There’s a chance they’ve realised there is no Pinot in the fridge. All stations are set to RAGE.

I live in a idyllic, coastal town. I’ve witnessed standoffs at give way signs as each motorist tries to allow someone else to go first. Not so at 8.25am. People be cray. There’s that haunted glimmer in their eyes as they picture exactly how long it’s going to take to ferry three children to three separate places of care before even starting their actual day. You can almost SEE stress levels soaring.

3. There’s the drop off (or at least preparation for the drop off) 

Most parents drop kids off to daycare/preschool/school sometime between 8.30/9am. At 8.25am you’re likely trying to park a car and remove various offspring. Or you could be queuing up to ‘kiss and drop’. Or perhaps anticipating the fact that you have multiple drop offs to accomplish within a 30 minute window.

Drop off time is generally when at least one child will have a meltdown, need a poo or remember that they forgot their lunch. Despite the fact that you most likely woke up before the sun and feel like you’ve already worked a full day, it’s far, far too early for any of the above shit. Living our best lives people.

4. The post drop off commute commences.

Once you’ve unloaded your kids, chances are good you’re either heading to work, heading home or still saddled with an infant member of your tribe. Even if you’re kid free, the journey to work or home just ain’t what it used to be. Pre kids, you could use that time to listen to a podcast, scroll Facebook (public transport users only thanks), maybe text your partner a funny cat meme.

Post kids, a stressed mum is more likely to be listening to the recording from last night’s P&C meeting, scrolling through the various school and preschool newsletters and apps that claim to connect you with your community but end up causing you increased stress and texting your partner a shopping list to pick up on their lunch break.

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