15 Crazy Items I Discovered in My Kids’ Playroom

Perfecting a playroom is serious #mumgoals. And something that I gave up on many moons ago.

This, mums and dads, is what awaits me in my kids’ messy playroom. Stale food, school letters and strange beady eyed toys.

Be afraid. And read on if you dare.

Enter with caution. 

While my kids’ playroom has all the go-to items – you know, the canvas boxes for card games and robot figurines, a dress-up area to store every princess outfit under the sun, the teepee tent and designated reading nook, the colourful rug to complement the bean bags – I can’t guarantee it looks anything like it’s supposed to look by the end of the day. Or by 10am on weekends.

messy playroom

And, truth be told, I’m a little over keeping it Insta-perfect all the freakin’ time.

But what I can guarantee you is this: I can promise you, without fail, that when I do clean up the playroom, I am sure to find at least 10 of these items. Every. Single. Time.

The top 10 items in my messy playroom

1. A leftover sandwich

With two bites taken out of it. Possibly with a bit of mould growing on it. I really need to accept the fact my kids don’t like sandwiches.

2. 99 pieces of a 100 piece puzzle

I’ll find the missing piece exactly three days after I throw the other 99 pieces out.

3. A bey blade (sharp side up)

Just when you think it’s not possible to find a toy more painful to step on than LEGO. Enter.. Bey blades. Thanks a lot, toy manufacturing jerks.

bey blades
Image via YouTube

4. The insert to a canvas storage box

Meaning one of the 18 canvas boxes that currently live in my kids’ playroom is missing its insert. And so the game of Russian Roulette begins… and probably ends at number 18 after I’ve dumped every single box out searching for the right one.

5. A muesli bar wrapper

Most likely hidden underneath the rug. Seriously children, is it THAT hard to walk ten steps to the bin?

6. A note from the school

Probably informing me that tomorrow is some sort of bake sale, or Book Week parade or funny hat contest which my kids failed to mention. And which leaves me downing coffee at midnight attempting to either bake, sew or glue fake flowers to an ugly hat.

7. A hair elastic

Which I will then put somewhere safe and forget about in the morning when I am in the middle of doing my daughter’s hair.

hair tie on floor
Image source: Twitter

8. A Sharpie pen

No lid. But probably a black stain nearby.

9. An overdue library book

Turns out, the librarian WAS right when she informed me I didn’t return that book. Shit.

10.  A dirty sock

No sign of his dirty friend.

11. A beady-eyed toy

In the form of a Hatchimal. Or a Beanie Boo. Or a LOL doll. Different toy. Same creepy beady eyes.

Kids playroom
Image via Pinterest

12. A piece of paper with a bunch of dried pasta, coins and beads glued to it

Another masterpiece to add to the collection… or the bin. Okay, probably the bin.

13. 43 Barbie doll shoes

Yes. 43. Not 42. Not 44. 43.

Oh, and probably a pair of my rarely worn heels too.

14. A toy that needs new batteries

I swear my kids’ playroom is where all battery-operated toys go to die.

15. And, finally, a super important item from my dresser drawer

Which my daughter has taken and claimed as her own. You know, like my passport. Or her birth certificate which now has butterfly stickers all over it.

So, there you go. My kids’ playroom. Minus the Facebook filter.

How many of these items have you uncovered in your children’s play area?

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