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Kindergo – the Fun New Way to Read with Kids

Got a tech-head who’s a reluctant reader? Or struggling to engage your iPad fan in stories? Kindergo is your secret weapon for turning screen junkies into book addicts. 

We all know the many benefits of reading to our children. But sometimes it’s more task than joy. With many kids now more tech-savvy than their parents, a little help is called for! Kindergo is a super-clever app that makes reading fun with a tech-twist on the traditional book.

The Mum Central team reviewed Kindergo and we loved it! So much so we’ve arranged for everyone to have a free 30 day trial so you can try it too. Woohoo! Here’s everything you need to know about this modern take on reading!

Kindergo book app

What is Kindergo? 

Kindergo is an app that acts as a highly interactive story library. No ordinary online bookshelf, it’s beautifully animated, practically designed and highly educational. New books are added every month so it’s an endless literary adventure for your little people.

With Kindergo a child (helped by a parent as required) creates a unique profile under which they can then journey around themed literary islands. Each island is a topic area that groups like-topic books. Each completed title is recognised with a virtual sticker reward, encouraging kids to click repeatedly to read another book.

Perfect for children aged two to seven, there’s so many reasons to love this contemporary approach to early literacy. 

Three super-clever reading modes to choose from 

Adjusting for all skill levels, Kindergo offers three different reading modes that are matched to the child using the program. Little ones will love ‘Read to Me’ where the entire story is read by the app. ‘Read Together’ allows parents to read the story out loud using the app as an online book. And ‘Tap and Hear’ is the perfect choice that allows new-readers to read independently with the assistance of the app for tricky words or phrases.

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The choice of three modes lets mums use Kindergo differently for each child, scaling its application across each child’s differing literacy needs. Best of all, Kindergo grows with a child as their reading skills improve.

Of course, smart design means you only need one subscription for the whole family. You can add up to seven children per login so there’s room for the whole book-loving crew.

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Helping tech lovers, love books 

Digital media is modern life for today’s children. Unfortunately, tech-savvy kids sometimes shun books due to their lack of interactivity. Kindergo is Mum’s answer to getting digital addicts enjoying stories. It’s also a great ‘healthy’ online choice for those who reluctantly let their little ones have technology. Using the iPad just became a whole lot more educational!

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More books than ever at your fingertips 

If you’re the parent of an avid reader keeping up to their new book demands can be expensive and overwhelming. If you don’t have a bedroom to dedicate as the new family library, storing infinite books on your phone or tablet is a much simpler and clutter-less solution!

With constantly updated titles even the most enthusiastic reader will never be without a new book. And of course, with so many stories to choose from, you may even avoid the ‘read that 57 times this month’ favourite scenario. Yippee!

Kindergo reading app

Increase vocabulary, develop reading skills

It’s proven science that reading is an important part of a child’s speech development.  Encouraging children to choose Kindergo when online is an opportunity to foster a love of books and see them reap the many rewards of reading.

For reluctant readers and homework haters, Kindergo is also the ideal way to get the job done in a more fun and engaging way. Whatever it takes – they’re reading!

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An extra set of hands for mums and dads

If you’re juggling more than one little person you’ll know just how torn you can be with everybody’s demands. The three reading modes on Kindergo mean when you’re really needing an extra set of hands you can ‘set and go’ as required. Sure it’s best to read with your little ones – but it’s also awesome to know that when you can’t, Kindergo will step in and save the day! Genius.

Kindergo app

Want it? Of course you do! Kingergo is available from the Google Play store NOW, with an Apple update coming soon!

Kindergo reading app


9.5 Kindergo


  • Encourages a love of reading
  • Promotes literacy & reading
  • Super easy to install & use
  • Multiple reading modes for the whole family
  • Seasonal content to keep it fresh & fun
Ease of Use
Value for Money
Fresh & changing content

Try Kindergo FREE for 30 days!

We love Kindergo and you will too! That’s why we want you to try it absolutely free for a whole month. It’s perfect timing as school holidays are coming and the kids will have plenty of reading time on their hands. Simply download the app and begin your free trial. If you love it like we do keep on reading – here’s how it could be yours forever…

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    Maureen Owers Reply

    I think this is an amazing tool for the young. I’ve seen it in my own family where a child doesn’t like reading but due to her interest in technology, is an avid reader online now.

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    MaryAnn McMahon Reply

    I wish to unsubscribe from Kindergo and do not want to pay anymore. How do I unsubscribe

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