Mum Creates Stunning Indoor Play Space Using Kmart Cubby House + IKEA Kitchen


Cubby houses are great fun. But what if you live in a complex, have a small backyard, or live in an area that’s sweltering hot most of the year? Do what this clever Western Australian mum did and bring the cubby house inside.

Skye Hearnshaw created a stunning little play area for her daughter, Darcie, complete with a Kmart cubby house, IKEA kitchen and beautiful picnic table. And she did it all for under $400 too!

How amazing does it look?

Cubby house and Ikea kitchen hack
Source: Instagram

Epic play space for under $400!

After Darcie was gifted the popular $199 Kmart cubby house for her first birthday in March, Skye decided that it would probably get more use if they set it up inside. See, she lives in Pilbura, WA with her husband, Nick, and daughter, where it’s almost too hot to be outside for a long period of time.

skye hernshaw cubby house dream
Skye, Nick and daughter, Darcie. Source: Instagram

Skye picked up a play kitchen at IKEA for $129 and got to work. She managed to transform these two items,

From this:

mum central
Source: Kmart and Ikea

To this: 

mum central
Source: Instagram

We. Are. Impressed.

How she did it

Skye used:

  • Pastel paint and metallic spray paint bought from Bunnings to do the cubby, the cubby door, the cubby flower holders, the kitchen doors, the handles and the sink.
  • Fake flowers from Kmarts (leftover from Darcie’s birthday) to brighten up the flower boxes.
  • Minnie and Me Interiors wallpaper for the kitchen splashback.
  • Wooden kitchen toys from Kmart.
  • Rattan inserts from eBay for the microwave and the oven.
  • $59 IKEA kids’ picnic table to complete the look.
mum central
Source: Instagram

Skye estimates she only spent $400 on the project (not including the gifted Kmart cubby), with it taking her one day to complete the kitchen and two weeks to paint the cubby – working around her toddler’s naptimes we’re sure.

Matchy-matchy boho play space

What we especially love about the space is how it complements the other areas in Skye’s house so beautifully. Check out Darcie’s nursery below – isn’t it a whimsical dream!

Little Darcie's boho inspired room is just as pretty, even if she doesn't sleep in it. Source: Instagram
What a lucky little girl! Source: Instagram

More Kmart cubby house inspiration

Skye isn’t the first mum to impress us with her cubby house hack. Check out some of our other favourite Kmart cubby house makeovers including the stunning one below.

Kmart cubby house hack Hudson and Harlow
Source: Instagram

Some mums are even putting two together to transform the Kmart cubby house into a massive castle fit for a prince or princess.

kmart cubby house double hack
Photo: Facebook

But before you head off to Kmart to pick up your own $199 cubby house, check the stock online. It would appear this item is incredibly popular and hard to find. BigW has a similar one, also for $199 through their annual toy sale.

But, if you do happen to stumble upon the Kmart cubby, send it my way! I’m looking for two to pull off the hack above for my 18-month-old. Or for me to hide in and drink wine when my 18-month-old is annoying me.

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