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SALE: Banish the Winter Blues and Save up to 50% OFF on Pharmacy Essentials

Colds, flus, sniffles, congestion, cough, sore throat, fever – no thank you! If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that we need to be taking care of ourselves and our health. This means being prepared to battle against all germs with our best winter health defence mechanisms.

Now’s the time to stock up on all your pharmaceutical needs and arm your medicine cabinet with the best brands at bargain prices. The annual More Care 4 Less Cost  catalogue is out now with massive savings on products that’ll both boost your immunity and support your family throughout the winter.

Vitamins, medications, skin cream, baby care, all between 20 to 50% off.

Check out Mum Central’s top tips and product picks for boosting your immunity and keeping your entire family looking and feeling their best.

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The More Care 4 Less Cost sale is on now until 5th August 2020 at your local Pharmacy 4 Less. Shop online or head in-store to one of more than 60 stores around Australia! 

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Winter sniffles checklist

Not sure what you need? No worries – we’ve made a quick checklist to ensure your medicine cabinet is up to scratch this winter.

  • Fever and pain medication (for kids and adults)
  • Cough syrup, Lemsip and throat lozenges
  • Heat packs for those cold nights
  • Nasal spray, nasal drops or saline solution
  • Thermometer
  • Moisturiser for dry skin
  • Hydralyte
  • Vitamins and probiotics
  • And, of course, bandaids! So many bandaids, especially if you have kids who use them as stickers like mine do.

Top Tips (and Products) to Banish Winter Blues

[mc_block_title custom_title=”1. Stock up to avoid late-night trips to the chemist”]

We all know the first rule of colds and flu. They are bound to hit your family as soon as you run out of medication. I swear this happens to us Every. Single. Time.

Someone will spike a fever and, of course, the Panadol bottle will be empty and one of us will have to go on a wild goosechase around town finding a pharmacy that’s open. Because the second rule of colds and flu – symptoms tend to be 1000% worse at night!

The More Care 4 Less Cost sale means you can save on all the medicine cabinet staplesLemsip for sore throats, Nurofen for pain, Brauer Baby & Kids, plus heaps more.

Buy now and be ready for when you do feel a sore throat or cough coming on. Trust us, you will be so grateful you did when those snuffles start to hit!

mum central

mum central

[mc_block_title custom_title=”2. Support your immunity with vitamins”]

Vitamins are so important year-round and work to naturally support your immune system. This is extra important in winter when our bodies take a bit of a beating thanks to the extra germs floating around. Shop now and save 30% on Caruso’s vitamins plus discounts on other top brands including Swisse, Nature’s Way and Bioglan.

If you’ve been meaning to get the whole family on a vitamin regime, now’s definitely the time to do it!

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mum central

[mc_block_title custom_title=”3. Return to the realm of diet and exercise”]

Although we’re a bit late to the healthy lifestyle party this year (we blame COVID), it’s not too late to kickstart your diet and exercise program. And for 50% off too! You can pick up a wide selection of Atkins diet products for 50% off. 

If you’re into protein powder, the Mushasi range is 30% too! Score!!

Healthy foods plus daily exercise will keep your body feeling fit and ready to fight the winter blues!

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[mc_block_title custom_title=”4. Banish dry winter skin”]

Winter ailments aside, most of us also suffer from dry, itchy skin during the colder months. Save on a whole cupboard full of moisturisers, body lotions and creams to combat dry winter skin.

We’re talking some pretty decent savings like:

  • 20% OFF John Plunkett’s
  • 20% OFF Bio-Oil
  • 20% OFF Burt’s Bees
  • 20% OFF Du’IT
  • 20% OFF Cetaphil
  • 20% OFF Triology
  • 20% OFF Benzac
  • 30% OFF L’Oreal Age Perfect Intense Nutrition
  • 30% OFF Natio treatments
  • 40% OFF the Swisse skincare range

mum central

mum central

[mc_block_title custom_title=”6. Smile through winter”]

Complement your glowing skin with a beautiful, bright, healthy smile, with 30% OFF COLGATE! That’s definitely worth smiling about!

There are heaps of other discounts too on preventative health and daily essentials – Metamucil to keep you regular, Berocca to keep you energised and Kotex to keep you protected down there.

mum central

mum central

[mc_block_title custom_title=”7. Be ready for baby sicknesses”]

Baby colds are THE WORST and can leave your little one feeling miserable. The good news is there are plenty of safe and effective products to help.

You’ll find all these products heavily discounted during the More Care 4 Less Cost sale, plus save on all your everyday staples including 30% OFF the Pigeon range plus discounts on Curash baby, NAN.  Shop the baby range here.

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[mc_block_title custom_title=”8. And, finally don’t forget your flu jab!”]

This is our number one tip when it comes to preventative health and staying safe this winter – book your whole family in for the flu shot. Children under five and pregnant mums are free!

Don’t miss out on the More Care 4 Less Cost sale!

Now’s the perfect time to escape the kids for an hour and head to your local Pharmacy 4 Less. Child-free shopping. Woot Woot!

You’ll save a small fortune by planning ahead and getting your family’s winter health under control. The staff are awesome too and will go the extra mile to ensure their customers receive the best possible price, product, and pharmacy experience.

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This is a sponsored post for Pharmacy 4 Less
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