Mum Throws Epic Kmart Treasure Hunt Birthday Party and We Love It!

Here’s one lady who is not just a cool mum, she’s a cool Kmart mum and she has the tween party evidence to prove it.

Emily Castles posted to Facebook over the weekend her successful birthday party for her daughter Mia’s 12th birthday – a Kmart treasure hunt party no less. LIVING THE KMART DREAM, GUYS.

Emily posted birthday pics to Facebook with the caption:

”Did this today for my girls 12th birthday! It was a massive hit and something you can do with as many friends, list of things and money amount as you like! A great alternative to having a birthday “party” and a house full of kids! They absolutely loved it! Who doesn’t love Kmart!”

This poses a very good question, Emily. Young or old, who DOESN’T love Kmart?!

Kmart treasure hunt birthday party
EVERYONE loves Kmart, especially birthday girl Mia and her BFF! Source: Emily Castles

“The Easiest Party I’ve Ever Done!”

Isn’t that just music to a mother’s ears when faced with birthday party pressure?

Inspired by similar party theme ideas she had seen on Pinterest, Emily set to task in planning the ultimate birthday party for her newly minted 12-year-old daughter, Mia.

“It was something I had seen on Pinterest and I just adapted it to my daughter’s likes and interests at a shop she loved and was within our budget.”

Emily created the snazzy invitations and treasure hunt list using the Pic Collage app, and all easily done from your smartphone too! #winning

Kmart treasure hunt birthday party
FOUR HOURS OF PARTY FUN! Source: Emily Castles

Follow both the clues AND the rules!

Being in a public space, rules and safety is a must – but make them fun! We love these treasure hunting clues – “something that smells great” – where would you head first … candles or body gels?

Kmart treasure hunt party
Kmart treasure hunt party clues and rules are SET. Source: Emily Castles

I also love the “you can’t buy the same thing as the other person” and “everything you buy you get to keep” rules – it’s a make your own party loot bag! CLEVER.

Set the Kmart spending budget

It’s important to set the budget nice and early for these cool shopping-style parties and thankfully at Kmart, you can get some really great value for money! 

Emily and Mia originally set the budget at $20 for the party participants but when a couple of invited friends couldn’t make it, it ended up being a super fun day for just the birthday girl Mia and her BFF (also named Mia).  With fewer party attendees, Emily upped the spending limit to $25 each. Score – and BEST MUM EVER!

Kmart treasure hunt party
Ready, set, SHOP! Source: Emily Castles

Money (and time) well spent in Kmart

Quite possibly the ultimate plan in masquerading a lengthy Kmart trip for yourself, a Kmart treasure hunt birthday party for the kids guarantees no product shelf is left unturned while you’re there. #addtocart

“They found it much harder than they first thought! We were in Kmart for nearly 2 hours, my daughter is very indecisive! Entertained kids and a shopping trip to Kmart for me!” Emily Castles

Party loot bag, guaranteed!

As mentioned earlier, the girls got to keep what they found and managed to squeeze into their Kmart treasure hunt budget. Check out these awesome birthday party hauls below! Socks, plants, Wizz Fizz, all the cool things!

Kmart treasure hunt birthday party
Customised loot bags – you shop, you score! Source: Emily Castles

But what about party food?

Shopping and scavenger and treasure hunting makes for a ravenous appetite, right? KFC and a stack of doughnuts were an absolute hit with 12-year-old Mia – and no doubt mum too, no endless food to prepare! YUM!

mum central
Lunch and showing off their purchases! Source: Emily Castles
mum central
Say happy birthday with a fun doughnut stack. Source: Emily Castles

What an absolute blast of a party idea for older kids – and one I’m sure these girls will talk about and remember for quite a while to come. Well done Emily, such a #coolmum move!

Want even more Kmart party inspiration? Check out this Kmart party from a few years ago, it too was an absolute blast!

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