Mum Throws Teen Daughter a Kmart Birthday Party and It’s the Best Thing We’ve Seen All Day

If you’re stumped for what to do for your tween or teen’s next party, then we highly recommend making a bee line to the nearest Kmart.

That’s what this clever mum from Victoria just did. And she’s officially won the internet after hosting a Kmart birthday party for her daughter’s 13th birthday.

Best. Idea. Ever. 

What do most 13-year-old girls love? Sleeping in? Yes. Rolling their eyes at their parents? Of course.

And… shopping! So what better way to celebrate your daughter than by taking her and five of her friends on a shopping frenzy/bargain challenge?

And where would one go for such a challenge? Kmart, of course!

kmart birthday party challenge

Serious mum goals 

This is exactly what mum-of-two Shannon Cassidy did for her daughter Charli’s birthday last week.

“My daughter just turned 13 and at loss of what to do for a party, we came up with the Kmart Challenge,” Shannon writes on Kmart Mums Australia where she shared her idea.

kmart birthday party challenge

“Each guest was given a specially made envelope with cash in it to burn in Kmart. Then lunch at the food court. Easiest party I’ve ever done.”


Shannon gave the gals $30 to spend at Kmart which they used to buy heaps of different items, including picture frames, earrings, stationary, drink bottles, lollies and light boxes.

mum central

Some of the party guests even used their Kmart cash to splash out and treat their pets instead of themselves – naw, what thoughtful teenagers!

mum centralThe girls loved the birthday and, in between the giggles, actually learned a few valuable lessons in math, budgeting and decision-making. And no eye rolling, either! Well done, Mum!

mum throws Kmart birthday party for teenage daughter

Clever Shannon even gave out mini trophies (from Kmart, obv) to the girls in categories such as “largest purchase” and “savviest shopper”. Then it was off to lunch at the food court followed by a pretty sweet cinnamon doughnut “cake” at Donut King.

Donut King birthday cake


Shannon’s Kmart birthday party idea has hit the social media grounds running with thousands of mums commenting, liking and sharing the idea. And rightfully so – it’s an awesome one! In fact, my birthday is next month and I’m thinking about throwing myself one. But with a $200 budget. And no guests but myself. I’ll still hit up Donut King after though…

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