Kmart Releases Handbag You Can Store and Pour Wine From


Hellooooo boozy handbag – Welcome to our lives! And might I say, it’s about freakin’ time!

Stop what you’re doing and get your arse over to Kmart ladies, cause Kmart has just released a new handbag that you can pour WINE from. Discreetly. Easily. Elegantly, even.

Because walking and wining is a thing, people. Or at least it should be.

The handbag, known as Wine Carrier with Drink Dispenser (don’t you just love Kmart’s upfront product naming?), costs just $25. Bargain!

The handbag is “ultra-safe, easy-clean and leak-proof” and designed for outings such as beach trips, picnics and outdoor gatherings. And ultra boring P&F meetings… obviously.

Kmart wine handbag
Summer just got a whole lot tipsier. Source: Supplied

The bag holds all your everyday items – sunnies, wallet, keys, crappy Kinder Surprise toys your children insisted you NEEDED last time you were at the shops… but it also holds a whole bottle of wine.

Big deal, right? You can put a bottle of wine in any oversized bag and call it a wine bag.

Oh, but Karen, this one is SOOO much better than your everyday boozy bag. It comes with an insulated ‘bladder bag’ with a spout so you can pour from it whenever it’s wine-o-clock.

It keeps your vino chilled without the need to carry around an esky, which, let’s admit, is a bit awkward, especially at the P&F meetings.

The best thing to happen to 2020

The Wine Carrier with Drink Dispenser is new to stores and already flying off the shelves. In fact, it’s being toted as THE gift for mums this Christmas. 

Kmart, you have seriously saved 2020 with your wine handbag – outings just got a whole lot better.

2021, watch out. We’ve got wine in our handbags and we’re not afraid to drink it.

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