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The Block’s Kyal and Kara Built This AMAZING Cubby For Their Kids


Get ready to swoon over this super cute cubby house!

What do you give a little boy to keep him busy outside? The Block’s Kyal and Kara had just the thing for their son Ziya – a custom built cubby house of course!

Let’s face it, kid’s cubbies are super fun but can be a bit of a backyard eyesore. But not this amazing cubby that both kids – and parents – will love! 

Kyal and Kara cubby

Better than a cardboard box!

Most kids make a cubby out of a cardboard box, but with both carpenter dad Kyal and Kara being experienced renovators who run their own design and construction business, you’d expect something amazing. And did they deliver! Check out this double-storey deluxe cubby – call the removalists, we’re moving in!

“This kid loves being outside, and I’m not going to lie – we’ve been excited to build a cubby since the moment we found out we were having a baby,” Kara says.

Kyal and Kara build amazing backyard cubbyKyal and Kara built this cubby for son Ziya

Marine theme with custom slide

Kyal and Kara reveal that little Ziya is marine life obsessed, so they went with a nautical-inspired theme to match their coastal home. The second story is designed to look like the bow of a ship. The cubby includes a porthole, flag pole and wooden ship wheel, with a sandpit underneath. There’s even a real life ring found in a second hand shop!

And what do you do when you can’t find a decent looking slide and don’t want plastic? Well you make your own of course!

“It was actually pretty easy, and it meant we were able to paint the sides the same colour as the house.  I didn’t want the ride to be lame and slow, so I guess you’d say it’s more on the steep side… judging by the way the kids seem to crash into the ground at the bottom,” Kara shares on her blog.

Kyle and Kara cubby with giant slide

Kitchen envy

And underneath the nautical upper level is a cute little cafe-slash-kitchen any kid would love to play chef in! Filled with pots and pans found in second hand shops and with the custom made sandpit right outside, there is sure to be plenty of mud pies! And we bet baby sister Vada will can’t wait to join the fun.

mum central

A happy house

Kyal and Kara say they had a lot of fun making the cubby – and with Ziya and his friends calling it ‘the happy house’, it looks like the fun is only just beginning!

Kyal and Kara build amazing DIY cubby

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