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This Magic Naughty or Nice Bauble is About to Save Your Christmas

You’d better watch out, you’d better not cry, you’d better not pout, and you definitely better not fight… Why? Because we’ve just found the mother of all Christmas decorations; the Naughty or Nice Bauble. 

This bluetooth operated Christmas tree ornament is your new parenting checkmate. It is designed to ‘encourage’ your kids to keep sweet and stay on Santa’s Nice list.

Easily managed via your phone app, you simply (and secretly) tap to set or change the colour. Green for good behaviour and red for when the kids really need to start being a little bit nicer. To you or to each other. How much fun is it … for us parents!
Myer naughty or nice bauble

Red bauble for the parenting win!

Need to juggle some jingle back in to your Christmas preparations? Are the kids starting to drain the Christmas Spirit from you before it’s even really begun? Ditch ‘time out’ and have Santa weave some Myer Magic for you.

You’ve tried the Elf on the Shelf, you’ve installed the North Pole Spy Camera, but pull out this Bauble and you’ll have the the kids merrily singing carols and tossing the tinsel to each other (but super gently) in no time. And if you really play your bauble light right, they’ll be making their beds and taking out the bins too. See for yourself!

Naughty or nice?

Just pop in some batteries, download the app, connect to bluetooth and you, my friend, are in the Santa seat.

Dog fed? Readers ticked off for the evening? Towels off the bathroom floor? Sit back with the family under the twinkle of the Christmas tree lights and watch your child’s Bauble glow green. But throw in a tantrum or two, bitter sibling wars and toys lining the hallway? Watch as ‘Santa’ makes an adjustment to his list and the bauble changes to red for naughty.

More than one child? No problem. You can connect up to five baubles to the Myer Baubles App. Not only is this a ‘sure thing’ game changer in the lead up to the big day, but it is also quite a classy looking tree trinket.

naughty or nice bauble app

Remember kids, he is always watching. And so is Mum!

HO, HO, HO…(or perhaps it should be HE, HE, HE)! You can find the Naughty or Nice Bauble exclusively at Myer for $19.95.

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