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Laser Tag Hire from Laser Tag in a Box – the Ultimate Activity for Your Next Party or Event


Minimal mess, zero stress, ultimate screen-free fun – this is exactly what laser tag hire company,  Laser Tag in a Box delivers to families, vacation care centres and schools across Australia.

Bring the excitement of laser tag to your backyard, school or nearby park – no need to organise transportation, or pay a venue hire fee. Simply hire, have it delivered to your door, and enjoy hours and hours of active play.

This is one of the most stress-free party activities out there but also one that kids absolutely love. Best of all, it gets them off their screens and outside! Woot woot!

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The most epic Laser Tag in a Box Awesome Taggers Party Pack is valued at $569 and includes all the equipment for 12 people (or more if you play in a round-robin).

Play all day or weekend (it’s up to you) and discover why so many kids are hooked on laser tag.

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First things first, what is Laser Tag in a Box?

Laser Tag delivers an adrenaline rush as you hide, seek, chase, shoot, and work either as a team or on your own to take down your opponents. There are tons of laser tag venues out there that offer laser tag hire and games, but they tend to cost a fair bit. The last one we went to cost us $12 per 10-minute game.

The beauty of Laser Tag in a Box is that all the equipment is delivered to you, Australia-wide, ready for your party or activity. Kids can experience the thrill of the chase but without the time limit or costs.

It’s a great way to get them outside and enjoy good ol’ fashion outdoor play. Away from phones, iPads, X-Boxes, computers, and screens in general.

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Perfect for birthday parties 

It’s also an ideal way to entertain a group of rowdy kids who are hyped up on sugar – hence why parents LOVE this for birthday parties. You can play it in the backyard or head to a park.

What’s great about big spaces is that you can also set up various obstacles (old tyres, bean bags, air mattresses as covered areas, etc). Playgrounds work well too because there are obstacles already built-in or any park that has lots of trees, bushes and hiding spots.

Laser tag in a box - backyard laser tag

Kids can play indoors, outdoors, day or night, rain or shine and the batteries will last as long as they do.

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You really don’t have to worry about anything but setting the scene for laser tag fun and throwing some party pies and fairy bread at the kids at some stage. Then sit back, pour a drink, snap some photos and watch the fun unfold.

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The ultimate birthday party experience. Source: Supplied

Ideal for school events and vacation care too 

However, it’s not just for birthday parties. Laser Tag in a Box works well in any setting where you need to keep a group of people occupied. Vacation care programs, school camps, school events, open days, end-of-the-year sporting parties, even family BBQs or Christmas lunch gatherings.

Recently we went to our daughter’s school fete and they had Laser Tag in a Box set up as one of the activities there – it was such a hit with the kids and something a bit different than the standard face paint and fairy floss.

I’ve heard it’s also a huge hit for kids at vacation care – a fun little event that doesn’t involve having to organise permission forms, or hire a bus or organise a venue.

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If you happen to be on your kids’ school P&F committee or are in charge of any school events, rewards programs or vacation care activities, then this is definitely something to consider for your next event.

Even if you’re not on the school or sports committee, share this competition with those who you know are or share it in your school’s Facebook group. It’s such a fun event for the kids and one that added a lot of value for everyone there.

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A great winner at Vacation Care too! Source: Supplied

What’s included? 

There are several different laser tag hire packages through Laser Tag in a Box. All of them come with everything you need for a great day or weekend of laser tag.

The Awesome Taggers is ideal for birthday parties and includes:

  • 12 people play at once (6 on the red team & 6 on the blue)
  • Play Team Elimination, Capture the Flag, & Free for All
  • PLUS Play an extra game with this bundle “Capture & Hold”
  • Taggers Made in Australia
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However, you can get laser tag hire packages for 4 – 20 players, with prices starting at just $160. If you are entertaining a large crowd, such as through vacation care, you can also play a round-robin so the kids take turns and everyone gets a go. It’s ideal for kids 5+ years, moody teens included.

Quick, easy laser tag hire

Set-up is insanely easy and the Laser Tag in a Box team delivers everything straight to you. They can help you with set-up too – it’s run by an Aussie family who are passionate about bringing outdoor play back into our world and more than happy to help.

Then, once the hire time is up, they will come back and collect. Easy peasy!

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Book now, get more 

Laser Tag in a Box has been a family favourite for several years now – we’d love for you to discover it yourself, for your next event or party,

The company also has a great special offer for a limited time (you can book it now for later in the year). Simply mention the code “Level Up” and they will include 2 RENTAL camo bunting sets & a Camo net Rental FREE to help set the stage for laser tag fun.

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They will also throw in an extra day if you book for a Saturday. Book Saturday, get Sunday free. Enjoy Laser Tag with the birthday tribe on Saturday, then have a family-friendly game on Sunday too. Score!

Book your party or event by calling 1800 266 587, on their Facebook page or check out their website for more details and deals. 

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  1. Avatar of Stacey

    Last year I won a LaserTag in a box experience from Mums Central.
    I claimed my prize for 40th Birthday and New Yeats Eve Celebrations, to have something fun for the kids to do.
    I didn’t realize it would be the big kids that would have the most fun.
    The boxes come fantastically packed with everything you need to get started.
    The how to use videos on their website a great edition also.
    I’d definitely consider hiring these again myself for our next party.

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