The Ultimate Backyard Party with Laser Tag in a Box

Are you wondering how to celebrate your child’s birthday party at home? Here’s a fun idea – backyard laser tag!

You don’t need to hire a venue (and pay the fees), transport a bunch of crazy kids to this venue or worry about keeping these crazy kids entertained for a two-hour stint. It’s one of the easiest ways to throw an epic birthday bash without the headaches or the hassle and we have something to make it even better – it’s backyard laser tag birthday for your kids!

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Great outdoor adventures for boys and girls of all ages. Source: Supplied


Thanks to Laser Tag in a Box, we’ve got your ticket to backyard laser tag, delivered to your door! Here’s how to get your kids (and your) heart racing with some adrenaline-filled fun.

Laser tag in a box - backyard laser tag
Make it a birthday party to remember. Source: Supplied
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Think high-tech hide and seek with obstacles, laser guns and awesome sound effects. Now you’re getting closer.

Then, combine these elements with a backyard favourite from our own childhoods … “capture the flag” and you’ve hit the birthday party target. Laser Tag in a Box’s latest game – Capture the Flag – comes with virtual flags and everything you need for eight players to get in on the action.

laser tag in a box - birthday parties
The perfect birthday party solution for kids at home, Laser Tag in a Box will be a winner! Source: Supplied
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  • Each team has an electronic “flag box” that marks out each team’s base.
  • Place the red team’s flag box down one end of the garden, and the blue team’s up the other end of the yard.
  • Players need to get to their opponent’s base, zap the other team’s flag box — the system will say “flag captured”. This means that player has collected a virtual “flag”. Multiple flags can be active at one time, but a player can only carry one electronic flag at a time.
  • The player then runs back to the home base and shoots their own flag box to deposit one virtual flag. You know when this has been done successfully because the tagger will say, “flag returned”. That player has then scored one point for their team.
  • Kids need to use their cunning and coordination to work as a team to collect and return as many virtual flags as they can before the game time is up.

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Okay so you know how to play, now time for the epic set up. Transform your backyard into a tactical maze with two camo nets (the size of a bedsheet) which can easily be draped over the washing line to create an authentic-looking emplacement.

You can easily add additional obstacles by painting up some cardboard boxes and strategically positioning them throughout the yard.

backyard laser tag birthday party
It’s the ultimate outdoor action-adventure challenge. Source: Supplied

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Add another level of excitement with cosplay and get party-goers to dress the part. Included in the Laser Tag in a Box prize pack is a set of eight “scrim nets”- a sort of camo scarf that can be tied around your neck and face (think: cool version of a face mask!). The party kit also includes face paint so you can paint the players’ faces before the battle begins. Full camo in action.

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If your child likes NERF guns then they’ll be delighted with the thrill of high-tech hide and seek. And it’s such an easy way for us mums to throw an epic birthday party and be crowned with ‘That was the best birthday party ever Mum!’ award. Which is a thing. Or at least it should be.

Trust us, the kids will have so much fun that you’ll have a hard time getting them to stop for cake and snacks. And, with a rental time of TWO DAYS  (limited time only), you can easily get a few games in with the family after the party too.


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To get in on the laser tag action, head over to Laser Tag in a Box, and check out their rental options. They offer both delivery (and pickup ) of the gaming set or, if you live in the Brisbane area, collection at their Shailer Park depot.

Take advantage of Laser Tag in a Box for an entire weekend with this special offer – hire for Saturday and get Sunday free! That’s 48 hours of backyard laser tag fun! 

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Please ensure you check the Laser Tag in a Box terms and conditions for hire.
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