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Lego Gives Young Boy the Perfect Response About His Lost Ninjago Jay Minifigure


When one little boy lost his beloved Lego Ninjago Jay minifigure, the company had a surprisingly sweet response.

We’ve all been there. Your child absolutely, positively refuses to leave his favourite toy at home. You tell him not to take it out with you, but he does. Sometimes he’s lucky and the toy makes it home okay. But, then there are the other times. And, that’s exactly what happened to a 7-year-old boy named Luka.

The boy’s dad warned him against taking his Lego Jay ZX Ninjago figure out with them when they went shopping. As kids do, the boy stashed the toy away in his pocket anyway. What happened? Of course, he lost it.

But, it’s what happened next that has caught the attention of the world. Instead of buying him a replacement, Luka’s dad told the boy to email Lego about the problem. Rather grown up, right? Well, that’s exactly what the boy did. Take a look at the email, and Lego’s amazingly awesome response!

That’s right, the Lego customer service rep actually took the time to write a creatively imaginative email back to the 7-year-old. Not only did the rep send Luka a new figure, but he upgraded the lost one to a one-of-a-kind version and added in a “bad guy” to fight.

That’s not even the best part. Instead of just saying, “Hey, we’ll send you a replacement,” the rep used the email as an opportunity to teach the boy a lesson. Using the Lego character Sensei Wu to send a very important message, the rep explained why Luka must always protect his toys – hopefully he’s got a lego table for storing Ninjago Jay and all his other lego in the future. If not, we have some ideas here.

When dad, photographer Simon Apps, posted a copy of the email exchange on Twitter he didn’t expect that it would be shared thousands of times around the globe. Not only did mums, dads and Lego-lovers share the post, but some even wrote to the little boy, noting that they were giving Sensei Wu’s advice to their own children!

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