Lego, DC Comics and Warner Bros. Animation team up for another legendary animated adventure as the superheroes of the Justice League face off against their greatest foes, the Legion of Doom.

Crime is on the run as the newly formed Justice League keeps Metropolis safe and this makes evil genius Lex Luthor very unhappy. Together with Black Manta, Sinestro and a gang of ruthless recruits, Lex builds his own league and declares them the Legion of Doom. With this super powered team of terror and a plan to attack the top-secret government site, Area 52, can Lex finally be on the verge of victory? Sound the “Trouble Alert” and get ready for the bricks to fly when Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League face off against the world’s greatest Super- Villains! It’s the next all-new original movie from LEGO and DC Comics.

Here’s your chance to win 1 of 6 DVD prize packs, featuring:

  • LEGO: Justice League Attack of the Legion of Doom RRP$29.95
  • LEGO: DC Justice League Vs Bizarro RRP$29.95

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Win 1 of 6 LEGO Justice League DVD Prizepacks valued at $59.90 each


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  1. My nephew, he is obsessed with Lego! He is only 5 but he follows the instructions so well and can build masterpieces all on his own, very impressive!

  2. My son would go wild over this – all he talks about it Lego this,. Lego that, etc

  3. Alanna Jane Reply

    my son but the biggest non fan is hubby when he steps on it in the middle of the

  4. Michelle Green Reply

    My 2 step sons are both the biggest Lego fans. They are so easy to buy for because they always want Lego. Keeps them entertained for hours on end.

  5. My younger nephew who loves to build with his imagination , creating his own unique masterpieces and allowing him to develop skills and have fun at the same time.

  6. Believe it or not…my husband! I think he likes them more than the kids

  7. Kylie Embury Reply

    Both my sons! Patrick (15) has got back into LEGO since Carter (4) has been asking him every day after school to “Pleeeeeease make Lego with me” 🙂

  8. Declan is the biggest Lego fan, closely followed by his Dad who loves any gadget he can get his hands on.

  9. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    My daughter is a big lego friends fan, however her daddy is a HUGE lego fan and would love this prize pack for fathers day!

  10. Tamara Lamb Reply

    My son Zachariah has enough Lego to sink a battle ship and loves creating new things only to pull them apart and come up with some new!

  11. Tracey Ibbott Reply

    Master4 is the huge lego & super hero fan. Can’t get enough.

  12. It’s my partner for sure! He has crates full of lego from when he was a kid and to this day continues to collect Lego cities and sets of cars, cranes, boats etc.

  13. Fiona Loadsman Reply

    My husband is the big Lego fan , he became an Engineer so Lego helped him!

  14. Maree Gray Reply

    I’m the lego fan in our family – have loved it since I was a kid 🙂

  15. My husband as he is still a big kid at heart and loves building anything with Lego

  16. Amanda N Craig Kelly Reply

    My little man is a Huge Lego fan in our household. He has most of the Lego games.

  17. Lego is very popular in my house by all the family. My son, daughter, hubby and I all love it. Lego is always on our birthday and Christmas lists.

  18. Julie-anne Dunn Reply

    would have to be my boarder Brent as he is a big kid at heart

  19. Alicia Cathrene Kimberley Reply

    My husband and my daughter they fight over who gets to finish it and what part goes where so I take great pride in taking it off them and finishing it myself! (Secretly it’s me!)

  20. Adele Smith Reply

    My daughter constantly drags out the Lego when friends come over, they make buildings for their Lego figures and have so much fun.

  21. Emily Zilm Reply

    My son loves Lego, it is a retreat for him when he is upset. I love it too as it means I have a happier child.

  22. We just love Superheros and Lego Justice League is awesome. A really cool DVD prize pack!

  23. Bec Cronin Reply

    My son Jett, he even designed a Lego cake for me to make for his birthday!

  24. jeaniousau Reply

    My grand son loves his Lego and this would be the ultimate pack.

  25. Sarahmary92 Reply

    Im the fan of Lego in our house. I love how many different ways you can create and often find myself having spent hours making something

  26. rachel sinclair Reply

    both my boys ages 5 and 9 are huge fans! birthday wish list is lego lego lego!!!

  27. Master almost 4 loves all things super hero & building lego’s

  28. Linda Luczak Reply

    8 year old Cody and 6 year old Chloe followed by their Dad.

  29. antoniaodwyer Reply

    4 year old grandson Willem, absolutely obsessed closely followed by his dad.

  30. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    That would be my son Jordan, who is 4, his recently discovered lego and loves loves loves playing

  31. Shannon Lucas Reply

    my little girl is the batman fan – she is convinced she is batman lol

  32. Dawn Taylor Reply

    As a day care Mum, LEGO was either my best friend, as it kept all the children busy and happy for up to 40 minutes, or my worst enemy at pick up time, and those stray blocks that were always found by my feet. My Timothy just loved it, and made some really splendid race tracks, train stations with it.

  33. Nicole Williams Reply

    My son loves lego at his age. He is 7 and superhero lego is even more exciting for him. I am a bit of a lego fan also – who doesn’t love lego 🙂

  34. My little boy LOVES Lego, especially the sets in the junior range (targeted at ages 4-7yrs). What makes it even more attractive to him is the superheroes in this range.

  35. Rebecca Foster Reply

    My grandson Robert is the biggest lego fan in our house. He has ADHD but give him a box of lego and he can concentrate for hours and build lots of different things.

  36. My son Kieren is the biggest and best Lego builder that I know and he is only 6 years of age. We can’t walk into Target or Kmart without leaving with some Lego and he builds it all by himself!

  37. Trish Leonard Reply

    We all love Lego, but I think Dad loves it the most, lol. Lego is awesome!!!

  38. Lauren Ciantar Reply

    My 5 year old son loves Lego and it’s a time we share together, sitting and building his favourite pieces.

  39. Heather Hopley Reply

    My young nephew is an autistic child who has an obsession, and great talent with their construction, with Lego. He will construct and deconstruct the most complicated Lego sets in hours, without instructions.

  40. Kristy Winters Reply

    Loki my 6 year old loves building his own creations and watching The Lego ninjas

  41. Robert SHeridan Reply

    I am the biggest LEGO fan, my boys are following behind closely.

  42. Crystal Adams Reply

    my son is mad about lego – it covers most of the floor in his room!!!

  43. My 12 year old son, he still loves to collect the new sets when they come out, his bedroom is like a Lego store.

  44. Emma Fitzgerald Reply

    My oldest son definitely is the biggest fan in our house. Nearly 11 and still loves building and creating as well as making his own Lego movies.

  45. Kate Slack Reply

    My son, but I must admit I love building the Lego probably more than he does!

  46. Robyn Smithwick Reply

    All my young grandsons love Lego. I think it is wonderful too the way it all comes together!

  47. I Wish I Was a Minifig Reply

    It was always me, until son number two discovered the magical plastic blocks not long ago. He’s coming up to his fifth birthday, and I’m planning a Lego party. I’m pretty excited, but he will be ecstatic.

  48. Jodi Coyle Reply

    My almost 4 year old son; loves playing a Lego game on the tablet.

  49. Deanne Prus Reply

    Ahhh Lego… I had a nice collection as a kid now we are building with our own kids.

  50. well even though my kids LOVE lego, hubby is actually the biggest lego fan in the house, when he starts playing lego with the kids, they walk away after a while and he is left playing lego by himself until i tell him to pack it away lol.

  51. Carol Mason Reply

    My Grandson makes amazing things with the Lego that was once my 37yr old son’s!

  52. Narelle Rock Reply

    my nearly 17yr old son, he will spend hours looking up designs on youtube and then creating them, from rubber band guns to lolly dispensers, incredible!

  53. Kylie Clayton Reply

    Our whole family loves Lego but Master seven is the ‘Jedi Master’ of Lego in our house!

  54. My younger brother has two bins full of the stuff, partly inherited by me and my other brother – he absolutely loves the stuff!

  55. Lara Hainsworth Reply

    I’d like to lie but actually I’m the biggest Lego fan!

  56. Christopher King Reply

    There’s a big kid in the house. Marcus Dally-Law – LEGO freakazoid – in the nicest possible way.

  57. Maria Braund Reply

    My son Sebastian. He has a Lego table and two lego heads. Everytime he goes to my parents house, he has to bring both lego heads full of lego.

  58. Steph Jane Bubner Reply

    My son, I’m constantly tripping over Lego, including in the shower!

  59. Cooper. He just GOT it. The make your dreams bit. Starts as slight adjustments and turns into full road trains made from planes and boat bottoms. Love watching their imagination.

  60. Bec Taylor Reply

    I think I’m the biggest Lego fan, loved building and creating when I was a kid, now I have to patiently help my son build, when secretly I just want to take over and go crazy!

  61. My son is a huge lego fan, he is really loving building helicopters at the moment.

  62. My toddler daughter. She chucks a massive tantrum when I tell her she is too little for her brother’s toys.

  63. Definitely, decidedly the GRANDPARENTS… and a great Grand-ma.. catching up on LEGO they missed out on as kids.

  64. Alison Briggs Reply

    With 4 boys and a man child it’s a tough choice but I would have to say ME 😀

  65. I have three LEGO mad kids (and a LEGO mad hubby) but my youngest is definitely the biggest fan. He always requests LEGO sets or LEGO DVDs (Chima etc.) for birthdays, Christmas, rewards, pocket money spends etc.

  66. Laura Offerman Reply

    Me, except when I stand on the pieces or have to hunt for a missing piece!

  67. Sharon Markwell Reply

    My husband gets as much of a thrill out of Lego including the DVDs as the kids. He is just an older version of them.

  68. Heidi Parlett Reply

    Me. ME! ME! ME! Ive trained both my daughter and son to be Lego fanatics so I can continue to BUILD MY EMPIRE!

  69. Kristine Reyes Reply

    Definitely my 9year old son. He can sit for hours building and following instructions to make the lego model and then get other lego pieces he has around the house, to make his little city

  70. Lara Haynes Stewart Reply

    my son just turned 2 always into my daughter 4 1/2 lego loves trying to build

  71. Our whole household LOVES Lego, including my husband, my boys 7,4 and myself. We have changed our toy room into the Lego room, it’s awesome!

  72. stressless Reply

    now on our fourth generation of lego fans, difficult to say who has the most fun with it

  73. Eight year old William is our biggest lego fan followed by 6yo Matilda and almost 3yo Harry just loves destroying all their brilliant creations!

  74. Jessica Maloney Reply

    My twin sister who runs a Lego club at the library she works at!

  75. Cathie Bailey Reply

    My Son. Although I don’t mind playing with it myself 😉

  76. Rebecca Tompsett Reply

    Definitely my eldest daughter (7) – she is forever building and rebuilding creations of her own design – such a good, imaginative toy.

  77. All my kids are big lego fans but my smallest child- my son- is the BIGGEST fan in this household!

  78. Felicity Turner Reply

    Im 46 and still love sitting down and playing with Lego.

  79. Our little bloke. He’s got so much Lego I reckon he could build us a life size lego house to live in.

  80. It’s a toss up between hubby and the kids. When he gets home from work, he’s the one asking them to come play Lego with him!

  81. Ingrid Hirvonen-Burgess Reply

    Both my daughter’s love lego, spilling it all over the floor and building cities, which remain in the loungeroom for at least a week

  82. Melissa walters Reply

    Definitely my son he loves building with it and watching the Lego movie

  83. Sandra Hall Reply

    My daughter – she had a LEGO day in the holidays – making Friends Lego, watching Lego movie, playing Wii Lego rock band!

  84. Brooke Parker Reply

    Me lol. I love Lego. I have quite a few Lego sets and have just about got every Lego game on the Wii U. Would love to own some Dvd’s to the collection.

  85. I would say combined we create the biggest LEGO fan family; a welcome embracement of traditional animation fascination, bringing hours of imaginatively intriguing inspiration!.

  86. Susan Banyard Reply

    Both my sons 9 & 7 absolutely love lego, their constantly building their super hero range

  87. Lauren Barnes Reply

    My two son’s dad, I brought “call of duty” lego for his 35th birthday, and he was like a little boy, sneaking out in middle of night to play with it.

  88. My 8 year old is a fanatic, loves his Lego.. Hos even starting to pass his love on to the other 5 kids. Entertains them for hours!!

  89. christine morris Reply

    My Grandson , he loves to create and use his imagination, he loves playing with his Leggo, best toy ever, thanks for the chance 🙂

  90. Margaret Mary Reply

    My 4yo son is Lego obsessed. It in all honesty his dad and I aren’t far behind!

  91. Sarah Rewita Reply

    My 6 year old! Personally, these DVD’s are the only form of ‘Lego item’ I would like him to have! So sick of standing on it, ouch!!!!

  92. Leanne Pickles Reply

    My soon to be 14 year old Daughter, she can’t get enough.

  93. Our 4 year old is our biggest Lego fan in our household. His friends often come over and build, and then visit our neighbour who has his garage set up with all of his Lego models. Perfect play date!

  94. Aimee Tatham Reply

    I’m a kid at heart, so the love for lego and me never apart. I am the number one fan of lego but my son is know as BATMAN, taking trouble down the zero 🙂

  95. Sam Alexander Sargent Reply

    My little nephew is the Lego fan of our house. 🙂

  96. Full on six way tie!!! I love the original Lego with the little windows and doors, have had a box for thirty years, hubby into the Architecture, all boys have Indiana Jones, Spiderman, Harry Potter, Batman, Ninjago and Lego City, some I had to get delivered from overseas!!! Lego lovers 🙂

  97. Farrah Wigg Reply

    My 4 and 8 year old boys are obsessed, all they ask for their birthday and Christmas is Lego. And my 9 year daughter loves Lego friends.

  98. Tess Howard Reply

    My Mr8 is a huge Lego fan. And I had to recently admit that I’m closer to Lord Business than I’d like to admit. Had to step back and let Mr8 take apart the Lego sets and recreate as he saw fit. (big breathe) I’m getting much better though..


    by disabled son loves lego, he loves building characters from the movies with his lego set he will spend hours just building and rebuilding till he gets it the way he thinks it should be

  100. Vanessa Ahern Reply

    My husband and I are the current Lego fans but my 5 year old son is finally catching up and soon the whole family will be Lego fans.

  101. Me! I love my Harry Potter and Star Wars sets, and as the kids get older its been so much fun sharing them with them.

  102. Caroline Nicholls Reply

    My little grandson – who thinks its awesome for me sprawl out all over the floor with him as we build his favourite sets together.

  103. My daughter a master builder she may not be, what she lacks in skill she makes up for in imagination

  104. dosent matter who is coming and going were all fans of lego now or have been, even still are

  105. I’m a teacher and the biggest fans are my students! I adore Lego for its mathematical concepts (spatial awareness, pattern building, counting), and writing awesome sentences in English describing their fantastic creations!

  106. Claire H Simmons Reply

    my husband as he buys the lego he loves and insists they are for our son 🙂

  107. I’m the biggest fan, though secretly of course. Encouraging kids to play with Leggo is actually a ploy so that I can do it myself!

  108. Nicole Holaj-Vos Reply

    Emma, my gorgeous 4 year old loves figuring things out and exploring what else she can make

  109. Laura Scriven Reply

    Both my little girl and boy,
    It’s their favourite toy!
    Always spread on the floor,
    It keeps them entertained galore.

  110. kathy clark Reply

    my daughter she loves to build mansions of how her home will look when she is older

  111. My son is now 24 and I have saved all his lego for his is still by far the best toy you can buy for kids as it helps them be creative and patient..

  112. It’s me! My answer to “I’m bored” is always “Lego!”

  113. Robyn Du-Shane Reply

    Our nephew has inherited a lot our sons lego. He just loves it.

  114. It’s normally me unless I’ve just accidentally stepped on one of those “land mines”!

  115. Hayley Parker Reply

    I have instructed y 4 year old to ban me mummy from the lego as far less house work gets done…..

  116. My son is only 4 but thinks everyone in Lego is “Awesome!!”

  117. OtterNonsense Reply

    My 5 y.o. nephew is the biggest Lego fan in our family, and maybe ever!

  118. Jodie Louw Reply

    It would be a close toss up between my daughter and son, they both love lego and we spend most nights after dinner building something together. And they are both huge super hero fans also!

  119. Kelly Sherwood Brown Reply

    I’m the biggest Lego fan in my house. I’ve loved playing with it since I was 3 🙂

  120. Melanie Melaniedarrin Farrugia Reply

    My 2 sons one is 7 and the other is 18 they never grow out of LEGO

  121. Natalie Stoute Reply

    My son Deakin. He’s not really into following instructions, but he’s very creative and makes his own lego masterpieces!

  122. We are all lego nuts in my house! both the kids love it but its the super big kid AKA dad that loves it the most!

  123. My boyfriend and I. He got me into it, but now it is a great love of ours.

  124. Ken Turner Reply

    My son Alec – he eats, sleeps, breathes, dreams, plays, LEGO. Ok, well, he doesn’t eat it but he would if it tasted alright!

  125. My 7 year old Max is a major Lego addict! He got 2 new sets for his birthday just today actually, we were building Lego at 6am, that’s a new record, even for us!

  126. Edward Dekkers Reply

    My daughter. She has a very creative mind and is extremely persistent, so loves building LEGO as per the plan or free building. She also adores the Lego movie.

  127. Luke Harridge Reply

    Hnds down it has to be me. I love my Lego and always will. Its a family tradition.

  128. Louise Patterson Reply

    I’d like to say it’s the kids, but it’s me. I Love Lego. 🙂

  129. Helen Hamilton Reply

    My daughter is a crazy Lego lover and thanks to Dad is rather crazy about the Justice League also.

  130. Sacha Pech Reply

    Mr 6 is lego crazy; and actually it’s a fabulous way to spend a rainy day together! something creative, fun and the whole family loves it.

  131. Brooke Steinfort Reply

    Me! I’m the original biggest fan and have passed down that (and all my original Lego) to my 9 & 4 year old boys! We look at the Lego catalogues together and I’m not sure who gets more excited lol

  132. I am definitely the biggest Lego fan in our house but I’m passing on the passion for it – my two kids are 6 and 3 and are already obsessed too!

  133. Jane Owens Reply

    My son is the biggest Lego fan, the types of things that he comes up with with the limited amount of Lego’s that he has are amazing..

  134. My son Ethan spends hours creating with his Lego and hours playing Lego computer games as well. All due to having parents who are a bit Lego mad as well.

  135. Leonnie Foley Reply

    My son would love this prize pack! He is obsessed with Lego 🙂

  136. Andieharrie Reply

    Dylan has a lisp and his funniest line is I wove wego, will you play wego wif me, it’s so cute he plays wif wego for hours effryday

  137. Miss Bianca my daughter. She loved the lego heroes movie and would really like this because she’s already obsessed with lego

  138. Ashleigh Murphy Reply

    My son has always loved lego. He is also a huge fan of the movies, He would love this prize.

  139. Every room in our house has something built out of Lego on show, but the biggest fan would by Master 9, nicknamed ‘Lego’ by his friends because that is all he ever talks about and loves!!!!

  140. Dianne Childs Reply

    That’s a toss-up between my 7 year old and my husband! OK, it’s probably my son, but only just!

  141. Elizabeth Jackson Reply

    My Grandson Jack & my Nephew Jamie are both Lego holics

  142. Jodie Richardson Reply

    My husband is the big Lego fan and now that we have a daughter he wants to share the enjoyment

  143. Renee Powell Reply

    My daughter, Morgan – she loves anything Lego (she was just given a Lego Barbie Dreamhouse for her birthday) and she loves her Lego Movie cups 🙂

  144. Sarah Sabatino Reply

    Without a doubt Dad is!! But if it’s even suggested he is the biggest fan, he will over deny it and say it’s all put on for the kids!! He douth protest too much… 😉

  145. Stuart Richardson Reply

    I’m the biggest Lego fan but would love to share with my daughter

  146. Debbie Jane Reply

    My 5 yr old son jasper fox! 🙂 lego land mines everywhere! Lol

  147. Lisa Frankel Reply

    My son and husband tie for biggest lego fans. Theyboth love it.

  148. Joni Langos Reply

    My daughter and husband, it gives them something to watch together.

  149. Xzavia Green Reply

    My eldest daughter is the BIGGEST fan and spends hours creating with Lego But all 3 of them love it.

  150. Aaron Richard Kaczmarczyk Reply

    We are all huge Lego fans in this household (but I may be the one who started the trend)!

  151. Lara Morello Reply

    I think my husband, he’s still building once the kids have lost interest.

  152. Sara Johnston Reply

    My 1 & 3 year old sons…and myself & my husband all love Lego!! The littlies are still doing Duplo but hubby & I can’t wait to share our childhood Lego as they grow old enough 😀

  153. Melody Oke Reply

    My 5 year old Will Is Lego Crazy and Lego drives me Crazy. Love hate Relationship 🙂 Lol

  154. Kellie Grungo Reply

    Both my sons (6 and 4) love Lego! It’s my husbands influence. He still has (and plays with) the Lego he had as a child. ☺️

  155. Hannah Gleeson Reply

    I’ve three mad lego lovers in our house which makes everything awesome!!!!!

  156. Jemma Hansen Reply

    My 2 boys aged 5 and 3 and Lego with super heros is even better

  157. Nicole Weedon Reply

    My partner is the big lego fan in our house. I think that he can’t wait for us to have kids so he can bring out his inner child all the time.

  158. Fiona Stephenson Reply

    My three grandsons love their Lego and are so creative with it. Tristie actually built me his version of Angkor Wat today

  159. jody buhagiar Reply

    My nephew is lego mad!! Building everything, its great for his imagination!

  160. Karla Oleinikoff Reply

    Me! I love playing Lego with my kids, helping them to build whatever their imagination comes up with.

  161. Lizzy Archer Reply

    Definitely my 6 year old son. He’s the coolest kid on the block! #seeWhatIDidThere

  162. Dorothy Kezich Reply

    My two little ones who are kept amused with the old legos their mothers used to play with. Keeps them occupied for quite a while.

  163. Belinda Bee Reply

    My daughter loves LEGO more than anything, I’m pretty convinced that she will work in construction one day! 🙂

  164. Jess Hodder Reply

    My 4yr old son is lego crazy & just broke his arm which required surgery for rods to be put in so a Lego dvd pack would be very very handy!!

  165. staceypevitt Reply

    Me, my husband thinks it’s him but I’m like a lego ninja and come in and correct mistakes on his lego builds.

  166. Sharon Gock Reply

    Me, I never become bored as it’s always fun and imaginative to play with!

  167. Faye Hannam Reply

    Master 6 is the great LEGO fan in our home… I love picking it up if that counts… lol

  168. My 10 yr old daughter just loves her Lego … can play with it hours at a time.

  169. Tania Foster Reply

    My Harry – he’s apparently is going to be a Lego designer when he grows up.

  170. Jessica Charles Reply

    My 6 year old son Zeke is our biggest fan. He saves his pocket money to buy Lego and would be thrilled to win a Lego DVD prize!

  171. Kirsten983 Reply

    My son Ryley is 6.5 and is obsessed with Lego! So much I keep standing on it!

  172. Judith Senese Reply

    My eldest son, who will be 10 next month. Everything is about Lego, including his birthday party.

  173. Rosalie Bernacki Reply

    My hubby Randall is 36 and still has his wooden box full of Lego. He became a first time dad four weeks ago and can’t wait to spend hours of lego building time with our lady Anna

  174. Catherine McAllister Reply

    My husband has all his lego from when he was a kid, now our son uses it all, they are both Lego mad!!

  175. Julie Ford Reply

    i have two daughters 12 and 11 and they love their lego but my hubby loves to get in on the action too

  176. Rosemarie De Bari Reply

    My husband – we have a wall dedicated to his lego sets. There is a small city block set up on a shelf that everyone comments on when they see it.

  177. Sarah Mahmoud Reply

    All 3 of my younger kids aged 8 (daughter), 6(son) & 5(daughter ) love all the Lego games that come out for XBOX & my husband gets so involved that they arn’t allowed to play with out him…the latest being Jurassic World, my son (6 years old) loves everything Lego…

  178. It’s LEGO CENTRAL at our house! Building together is so much and fun and learning what fabulous idea LEGO lets Rejoice!

  179. My four kids – two girls 12 and 11, and son 2( including my husband) are all Lego fans – I am constantly finding Lego everywhere.

  180. Kylie Edwards Reply

    Lego City all the way! My son (7) loves to build them, may play with them, but they sit there on display. He is very protective of his Lego and gets quite upset if they get broken. Lego city is always on his birthday list and Santa list and any money he saves goes towards Lego City.
    He has lots of fun building them!

  181. Kyla Booth Reply

    My daughters are both huge Lego fans. My 2.5 year old loves to build castles and towers and my 10 month old loves to eat it. xx

  182. Lauren Geier Reply

    My son (almost 6) and daughter (2.5) are both NUTS about Lego. And they actually play together nicely while they’re playing with Lego, which is a feat in itself!!

  183. serena slater Reply

    My son absolutely LOVES the Lego movies – he builds with LEGO almost everyday – his favourites are building the cars

  184. Jess Williams Reply

    My 6 year old, Brodie, adores Lego – especially the Justice League!

  185. Samuel Chan Reply

    3 year old Sasha. Loves making buildings and spaceships and anything he can think of. Only wanted Batman Lego for Christmas last year.

  186. Anne Costello Reply

    My 6 year old grandson loves his Lego! (although his dad probably still has as much fun with it as he did when he was his age!)

  187. Amanda Gann Reply

    My 11 yr old aspergers boy is a lego fanatic. He wont even hand on the duplo lego to the 4 yr old who is also a lego freak. Anything and everything lego wins in this household

  188. Colleen Dancer Reply

    My 10 year old is a lego tragic (fanatic does not do it justice). We have more lego than Myer and DJ city stores combined!

  189. Me! My sons are a little young for Lego at the moment, but they’ll grow into it! 😉

  190. Mandy Seeger Reply

    Master 5 is my Lego fan but Miss 9 will also play occasionally and even Dad sometimes!

  191. Robyn coultis Reply

    My 4 year old, can’t wait for the new lego batman movie too

  192. My 7 yr old boy twin. He is the only boy with 4girls…. i.e You cannot walk into his room without stepping on lego…im pretty sure he does it on purpose so the girls wont go in haha

  193. Ann-Maree Flossy Bostick Reply

    Our nephew would appreciate this so much. He is a big fan of lego.

  194. Adele Whiting Reply

    my 4 year old son LOVE Lego, sometimes he is reluctant to leave Kindy if they have just pulled out the Lego box to pay with

  195. Melinda Graham Reply

    Both of my boys love their Lego and their superheroes, so this is perfect for them.

  196. Elizabeth Ellery Reply

    we all are. Mum, Dad and my daughter – it is a great way for the whole family to get together and have lots and lots of fun and laughs.

  197. Hels Leahy Reply

    My 3 yr old, obsessed with Lego Batman and the Joker at the moment, and Superman, and Captain America. Lol. Runs around the house with his Lego friends playing!

  198. Angela Hogan Reply

    My nephew jack – he cant go past anything lego without wanting to build

  199. Lego Lego Lego or Super Heros or both lol but both keep my little #Aspiesuperhero happy 🙂

  200. Rebecca Baker Reply

    Both my sons are the BIGGEST lego obsessed fans in my house anything Lego they want to have – forever building and creating they would love to have these DVDs to watch

  201. My nephews are all (3) crazy about it. I have had to buy hundreds of dollars worth to keep at my house

  202. as it was my son was singing that everything was awesome this morning. 🙂

  203. My 24 year old son is the BIG Lego fan in our household, Lego has been his savior since he was little. Being diagnosed with Aspergers when he was quite young, Lego gave him endless hours of fun and productivity and that hasn’t changed to this day

  204. David Ross Reply

    hmmm ok i am though 13 year old ollie is not far behind lol i did just buy the big batman lego tumbler may take us a little while lol

  205. Without a doubt me – the kids keep playing with it and I keep stepping on it so it must be love

  206. Jacoba Evans Reply

    My sons are the biggest Lego fans. We have a huge table covered in Lego all the time.

  207. Claire Mounsey Reply

    I am constantly screaming in the night from stepping on the Lego all over my house!!

  208. Samantha Wright Reply

    We are moving from Duplo Lego to the real deal.. very exciting!!

  209. Jane Somerville Reply

    Certainly not me…. I am always stepping on Lego-fanboy-son’s Lego pieces and boy to they hurt!!!!

  210. Jacqui Roodenburg Reply

    My 5 yr old son Harry is a lego nut! He requested a superhero lego party this year and even made the bowls for serving chips out of lego!

  211. My 12 year old son he has a lot of Star Wars but my daughter who turns 10 tomorrow is slowly building her own collection as well.

  212. Jodie Johnston Reply

    My son Jack loves the lego movies after playing the lego xbox games

  213. MY KIDS LOVE LEGO! my son is probably the biggest despite being the youngest in the house!

  214. Chichi N William Reply

    My mr5 loves his Lego and always have2 take a piece at least with him anywhere he goes.

  215. Bec Statton Reply

    It’s hard to work out who the biggest fan is between, Miss 5, Miss 3 or myself. We love doing Lego together.

  216. Master 6 loves creating things and then showing his 2 younger brothers how they can make the same things he is the ‘Master Builder’ and they are his workers.

  217. My master Vin loves his lego and will build anything he lay his hands on.

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