This Online Predator is About to Kidnap the Young Girl He Met on Facebook

In the US alone, there’s over 750,000 known child predators, and with Facebook and other social media platforms growing at an astronomical rate, it’s no surprise we use it to connect to those we know.  

Problem is, more and more young kids are using it to connect with people they don’t know, and that’s where the concern lies.

Cue Coby Persin. He decided to create a social experiment with the permission of these teenage girl’s parents, to prove just how trusting and unsuspecting these girls are when it comes to online security and fake Facebook profiles.

Persin firstly created a fake Facebook profile and starts chatting with these underage girls – 14, 13 and 12.  Every single one of them responds, and adds him as a friend. In most cases he’s claiming he’s a 15yo guy their own age who’s new to the area.  Quite surprisingly, they all agree to meet up with him, a complete stranger, and often when their parents are out or asleep.

Coby’s Fake Facebook Profile – A 15yo guy who’s new to the area

This had me with my heart in my mouth and needs to be shared.  It’s real, raw and most importantly, be sure to watch until the end.  It’ll frighten you.

Make sure you get your kids to watch it to and use this as a valuable tool to teach them about the dangers of online safety, and use it to educate your friends and family.

YouTube video

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