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Look! It’s Shaun the Sheep on The Big Screen! Enter to Win!

Following the remarkable success of the Shaun the Sheep TV series, the creators of Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run have made the first full-length feature film starring Shaun, the mischievous sheep and his friends from Mossy Bottom Farm.  Here’s your chance to WIN 1 of 5 Shaun the Sheep Prize Packs!

When Shaun decides to take the day off and have some fun, he gets a little more action than he bargained for. A mix up with the Farmer, a caravan and a very steep hill lead them all to the Big City and it’s up to Shaun and the flock to return everyone safely to the green grass of home.


Shaun The Sheep The Movie follows firmly in the tradition of Aardman’s films – providing fast-paced fun, madcap adventures, inventive plot twists and hilarious comedy as Shaun and The Flock head to the Big City to rescue The Farmer.

In cinemas March 26, it’s sure to be a family favourite these Easter holidays!

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Here’s your chance to win 1 of 5 Shaun the Sheep Movie Prize Pack.


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Win 1 of 5 SHAUN THE SHEEP THE MOVIE Prize Packs

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  1. Avatar of Akka08

    Grand Dad.. he believed Shaun was only for adults till his great guffaws joined the “littlies” with their loud laughs and gorgeous giggles.

  2. Avatar of Debra Black
    Debra Black Reply

    My daughter loves Shaun and all the movies , we have been watching them since my son was little ! Love love love

  3. Avatar of John Halls
    John Halls Reply

    When my kids were growing up, programs like this didn’t exist. Now I have a 16 month old granddaughter, I have the opportunity to sit and watch her positive reactions.

  4. Avatar of Kez McKenzie
    Kez McKenzie Reply

    Me!!!! My kids showed it to me and now I’m hooked. Kids love it too so it’s something we all sit and watch together 🙂

  5. Avatar of Tony Avery
    Tony Avery Reply

    My son loves Shaun The Sheep – and I quite like it myself too!

  6. Avatar of Lisa Jene

    OK, I shall wear the paper bag of shame, but I just love Shaun the Sheep. It’s cute, funny and clever.

  7. Avatar of Michelle Green
    Michelle Green Reply

    My 70yo father in law is the biggest Shaun the Sheep fan that I know. He collects everything to do with it. He has also passed his love of Shaun the Sheep onto my 2 step sons (14 & 11). They all love sitting around watching Shaun the Sheep DVD’s.

  8. Avatar of Ann-Maree Flossy Bostick
    Ann-Maree Flossy Bostick Reply

    Would love to take our nieces and nephews to this great movie.

  9. Avatar of Danielle Tassan
    Danielle Tassan Reply

    Both my boys Alex (7) & Ruben (3) are huge Shaun the Sheep fans!

  10. Avatar of Sarah Phillips
    Sarah Phillips Reply

    My kids just love Shaun the Sheep, but I think the biggest fan in our house is me!

  11. Avatar of Belinda

    I have adored animation since childhood, watching this reminds me of growing up watching wallace and gromit! It looks like it’ll be hilarious!!

  12. Avatar of James Sharpe
    James Sharpe Reply

    Either one of my four kids. .. They all including myself love Shaun the sheep

  13. Avatar of Tania Hardman
    Tania Hardman Reply

    As much as he likes to think it’s all for the kids, we alllll know Dad is a HUGE Sean fan – even if the kids are in bed or busy, you’ll find dad in the lounge as soon as he hears the theme music, lol. Our whole family can’t wait to see the movie 🙂

  14. Avatar of Jodie H

    My Son and his 78 year old Great Grandpa sit and chuckle like crazy!

  15. Avatar of Dianne Childs
    Dianne Childs Reply

    My seven year old son LOVES Shaun The Sheep so much! He’s been excited about seeing this movie ever since he saw the trailer!

  16. Avatar of Ruth Rowe

    We love Shaun the Sheep in our house and while the children are big fans I think that my husband is the biggest fan in our house!!

  17. Avatar of Andieharrie
    Andieharrie Reply

    Shaun the sheep,
    My Emilia loves his bleat
    She sings and claps along
    Shaun the sheep can’t be wrong

  18. Avatar of Sandi Tuck
    Sandi Tuck Reply

    Hubby has always loved Shaun the Sheep and has indoctrinated our daughter who has become the biggest fan in our house.

  19. Avatar of Steph Christie
    Steph Christie Reply

    I don’t know who takes the title of Biggest Fan. We’d have to battle it out and see who came out victorious… probably the 2 year old.

  20. Avatar of staceyshailer
    staceyshailer Reply

    It’s a tie between my 3 year old son and my husband for The Biggest Fan!

  21. Avatar of Charl Lowther
    Charl Lowther Reply

    My daughter adores Shaun the sheep and so does her Grandad 🙂

  22. Avatar of Amanda

    My husband first and son second. In fact they are both glued to Wallace and Gromit right now after exhausting a Shaun the Sheep DVD.

  23. Avatar of Judith Maunders
    Judith Maunders Reply

    My eight year old daughter loves Shaun and his wooly pals!

  24. Avatar of Catherine Cannon
    Catherine Cannon Reply

    Its a close call between my dad and my daughter they love watching it together and.

  25. Avatar of Narelle Rock
    Narelle Rock Reply

    my hubby is actually the big fan in this house, he giggles like a little kid when he’s watching this show!

  26. Avatar of Debbie Moody
    Debbie Moody Reply

    My Grandson is such a big fan if we miss it on TV he gets quite sad.

  27. Avatar of Joella Bryant
    Joella Bryant Reply

    Definatley my son, as soon as the song comes on you can hear him screaming the words from down the street!

  28. Avatar of Amanda Tudosa
    Amanda Tudosa Reply

    Cassidy loves Shaun the Sheep and would be ecstatic to see him as her first movie in a cinema!

  29. Avatar of Sharon Gleeson
    Sharon Gleeson Reply

    Me! I love him! Soo funny! (Oh & so does my son & hubby..)

  30. Avatar of Julia Mason
    Julia Mason Reply

    My Daughter Sky totally flies to the Moon

    when we hear that catchy tune,

    cause it’s Shaun the Sheep, and we love to bleep!

  31. Avatar of disqus_pQ2tRSP62g
    disqus_pQ2tRSP62g Reply

    My son Josh 🙂 He will head bop with the best of them during the catchy tune

  32. Avatar of Kristy winters
    Kristy winters Reply

    My threenager it’s one of the only shows he is actually quiet during and it gives us all a break, his two brothers, sister,
    dad and I love it as well

  33. Avatar of purplesp8y
    purplesp8y Reply

    My 45 year old boyfriend absolutely adores him and watches Shaun on ABC all the time. When he saw the movie trailer he nearly wet himself with excitement pleading with me to go see it and he NEVER goes to the movies

  34. Avatar of riam issa

    my son just adores Shaun, he is so much fun and so cool our number 1 !

  35. Avatar of Ying Ying TAN
    Ying Ying TAN Reply

    My daughter Charity loves Shaun the sheep, its just hilarious watching her giggle everytime the show goes on air.

  36. Avatar of Rachel Kriss-Newell
    Rachel Kriss-Newell Reply

    My 3 children fight over the lounge to get the most comfy spot to watch Shaun the Sheep. Squabbling ceases whilst the show airs and then calamity reigns once it’s finished. I need Shaun the Sheep playing 24/7.

  37. Avatar of Kim Nys

    while both my sons love shaun the sheep, undoubtedly i am the biggest fan.. its hilarious!

  38. Avatar of Amanda Casalanguida
    Amanda Casalanguida Reply

    8yr old son… although… Bitzer gets a bigger rating than Shaun. How does he fit all that gear in his kennel? My answer… it’s like the Tardis.

  39. Avatar of Andy

    my boy always watches out for the time of the show on TV every day. He cannot miss the show 🙂

  40. Avatar of Tania Hardman
    Tania Hardman Reply

    As much as he likes to think it’s all for the kids, we alllll know Dad is a HUGE Shaun fan – even if the kids are in bed or busy, you’ll find dad in the lounge as soon as he hears the theme music, lol. Our whole family can’t wait to see the movie 🙂

  41. Avatar of Louise T

    I am the biggest fan. It is the one show I keep watching, even after the kids have left the room!

  42. Avatar of Terri Todd
    Terri Todd Reply

    It’s a toss up between my husband and my daughter, they love to watch it together

  43. Avatar of Angela Aschberger
    Angela Aschberger Reply

    Hard to say just one family member as we all enjoy it, but I think my 2 year old son is the biggest fan. It always makes him laugh!

  44. Avatar of Paul Stockle
    Paul Stockle Reply

    both our kids love the show one loves bitza and the other the pigs

  45. Avatar of Ana Dela Cruz
    Ana Dela Cruz Reply

    I’m definitely the biggest fan. Though our whole family relates well to Shaun the Sheep. Shaun’s a little bit cheeky like my youngest. Always thinking up schemes like my eldest. Forever trying to get everyone to join in like Dad. Whilst I’m a bit more like Bitzer the Sheepdog, always wondering “what’ll they think up next?!”.

  46. Avatar of Scott Crumlin
    Scott Crumlin Reply

    I AM the biggest fan because; I can’t sleep UNLESS I’m dreaming of Shaun the Sheep! I worship him! YES I DO!!!

  47. Avatar of Gillian H

    My son. He laughs a lot every time he watches an episode of Shaun the Sheep.

  48. Avatar of Nerys Lewis
    Nerys Lewis Reply

    My Son, I always hear him quietly chuckling to himself but don’t usually hear the tv, then I come to see what he’s doing and sure enough there’s Shaun the sheep keeping him amused 🙂

  49. Avatar of Deanne Lindsay

    I am the biggest Shaun the Sheep fan. I started watching it with my granddaughters when they had sleepover at nanny and grumps’ farm. I could watch the cartoon every night if my hubby let me. xxx

  50. Avatar of Amy O'Mahoney
    Amy O'Mahoney Reply

    Isaiah is our biggest fan , but all three of my boys love watching Shaun the sheep

  51. Avatar of carolineavard
    carolineavard Reply

    Grandson master 3 charles is the biggest fan I know of he adores shaun….

  52. Avatar of Michelle Halusko Tsimouris
    Michelle Halusko Tsimouris Reply

    My son PJ who just cracks up laughing at all Shaun’s cooky antics

  53. Avatar of Aly Bear

    My daughter Georgia LOVES Shaun the Sheep – and the movie comes out just in time for her 2nd birthday!

  54. Avatar of Racheal M

    I love Shaun the Sheep and I don’t even use the kids as an excuse anymore!

  55. Avatar of Jessica

    My lovely daughter Claire, she thinks Shaun the Sheep is hilarious!

  56. Avatar of Andreea Nicolescu
    Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    My 3.5year old son, his loved Shaun since he was about 1

  57. Avatar of Kathryn Horne
    Kathryn Horne Reply

    My little girl loves and hubby finds it quite amusing too!

  58. Avatar of Mooperz

    My 3 year old son. He knows the song off by heart and is always in hysterics while watching Shaun.

  59. Avatar of Penny

    Secretly, Me! i love it when the kids (2 and 5) ask for ‘Shaun the
    Sheep’ to be put on so i can sit and watch it with them, often wonder
    why it is dinner time then realise we have just watch 6 of them instead of 1.

  60. Avatar of Zoe Harris
    Zoe Harris Reply

    Both my 10 month and 3 year old love watching shaun the sheep before bed. They would watch all day if they could

  61. Avatar of Hannah

    It always makes daddy giggle the most! He secretly loves Shaun the Sheep.

  62. Avatar of Aimee McCloy
    Aimee McCloy Reply

    My husband Derek is the biggest Shaun the Sheep fan in our house! He’s now happy that he can use our son Napier (6 months) as his excuse to watch it! Hahaha

  63. Avatar of mary_j_j

    Genevieve is our biggest Shaun the Sheep fan – she was hooked at an early age, and I have to say Shaun saved me from the torture that is many children’s shows! Our dvds have been on high rotation for a few years now!

  64. Avatar of Ruth

    My Mum, she has all the DVDs, the grandkids love watching them too 🙂

  65. Avatar of Jackie

    As big a fan as my husband is, my daughter Brianna is bigger. This is there time together and they sit on the couch every night to watching and I can hear them laughing from the kitchen.

  66. Avatar of Kyla Booth
    Kyla Booth Reply

    My daughter, Sabai, is our biggest “Shaun The Sheep” fan. She hears the music and runs to watch it. xx

  67. Avatar of Cate

    My son is a huge fan but I think I’m an even greater fan. Shaun is so powerful-he creates peace in our usual mad house! 🙂

  68. Avatar of Janelle

    My 4 yr old son Jayce. Always tells us to run and come watch it (mummy, daddy and 2yr old brother joel) lol!

  69. Avatar of Guest

    My 5 year old son Sean, has all the dvd’s.. A Huge fan (I can’t wait either)

  70. Avatar of Kylie Denney
    Kylie Denney Reply

    My 5y.o son Sean, has all the dvd’s.. Is a huge fan! (15 days to go, we all can’t wait)

  71. Avatar of Deb Lee

    My son loves Shaun!! As soon as the music starts up “it’s Shaun the Sheep”, he’s there!!!

  72. Avatar of Janet Martin
    Janet Martin Reply

    My husband I can hear him laughing from the other side of the house

  73. Avatar of Yandinna Skvaridlo
    Yandinna Skvaridlo Reply

    My 4yr old Twin girls Emison and Samantha, LOVEEEE Shaun the sheep, it would really brightened their day. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  74. Avatar of Cherie

    all 3 of my kiddies love Shaun, but think the biggest fan in our household is my hubby … 🙂

  75. Avatar of Kelly Gamble
    Kelly Gamble Reply

    my 5 year son loves him most ,but saying that when i hear his music it’s a race to get in lounge room first

  76. Avatar of Lou

    My daughter Billie Jaye has been a mad keen Shaun fan for years! She’s be the biggest, just behind me of course

  77. Avatar of Gaibrielle Affleck
    Gaibrielle Affleck Reply

    We all are, my 2 year old, my husband and I. We will sit and watch shaun the sheep for hours!!!

  78. Avatar of Farrah Wigg
    Farrah Wigg Reply

    My whole family, 3 kids and even grandpa is a massive Shaun the sheep fan!

  79. Avatar of Carol Castelyn
    Carol Castelyn Reply

    All three of my grandbabies – aged 2, 4 and 5!!! they sit glued to the television with Shaun the Sheep in on!!

  80. Avatar of Emily

    My Son and I LOOOOOOVE Shaun The Sheep so funny and just so well made 🙂

  81. Avatar of Effie Diacos
    Effie Diacos Reply

    My 5yr old has been watching Shaun the Sheep for the last couple of years along side my 3 yr old who watches the shows everyday. I can hear them giggling and singing along all the time, so of course I then walk around singing “Shuan the Sheeeeeeep”!!!…..and then there is Timmy!!!

  82. Avatar of sarah kretchmer
    sarah kretchmer Reply

    My 5 year old son Isaac – he sits there laughing his head off every episode!

  83. Avatar of Melissa Grenci
    Melissa Grenci Reply

    My nephew loves Shaun the Sheep!! It cracks him up every time!

  84. Avatar of blackwidow63
    blackwidow63 Reply

    My Neighbours kids , as half the time i think im in the Country as all i can her is them calling for their mum

  85. Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
    Barbara Fehmel Reply

    My twin Great Granddaughters they are 3 and a half and go around going BAA,BAA,BAA they drive everyone crazy.

  86. Avatar of Robyn

    My gorgeous son that has a disability loves Shaun & has already said he wants to get the DVD. But he’ll have to wait as going to the movies is too loud for him.

  87. Avatar of MP

    To be honest, it’s me who loves Shaun the Sheep the most! Never fails to make me laugh!

  88. Avatar of Katherine Bamford
    Katherine Bamford Reply

    Hehe My mum would have to be Shaun the Sheep’s biggest fan! She buys the dvd’s, books and colouring in for my kids (who adore Shaun too), but I swear she really gets them all for her 😉

  89. Avatar of Amanda

    Sadly me, lol. He’s so cute and funny – I love seeing his misadventures even when the kids arent home.

  90. Avatar of Natalie Skinner
    Natalie Skinner Reply

    My youngest son loves Shaun the Sheep. I think it’s the colour and humour that keeps him entertained

  91. Avatar of Kate

    I bought my son in law the series of Shaun the Seep as a Xmas joke. The joke’s on me as he simply adores the show.

  92. Avatar of cat

    My 4 year old son – but my 8 year old was very excited to meet Shaun at Marion!!!

  93. Avatar of Wendy Traill
    Wendy Traill Reply

    My 3.5 yo daughter kills herself laughing at this show – this might just be her first movie experience

  94. Avatar of Sabrina

    My Husband loves Shaun, when it comes on the kids yell “DAD ITS SHAUN”.

  95. Avatar of Vanessa Moussa
    Vanessa Moussa Reply

    my youngest daughter is a big Timmy fan while the bigger one loves Shaun while mum loves the dog!

  96. Avatar of Hannah

    Our whole family is but especially my 7 year old son he thinks he is hilarious 🙂

  97. Avatar of abi

    my youngest loves Shaun the Sheep, even more then his older brothers

  98. Avatar of Lauren MB

    That would have to be our dog – Charlie – an excitable Staffy cross Blue Heeler who tries to herd poor Shaun and his sheep buddies in our living room! My toddler just has to keep out of the way when Shaun the Sheep is on the telly or she knows she’ll get bowled over in Charlie’s excitement 🙂

  99. Avatar of Sharync

    both of my sons love this show, so many adventures on a farm, nothing like the farms we live around lol

  100. Avatar of Sue

    It’s a close call with my 3 yr old granddaughter Bella and my 18mth old grandson Korbyn. They both love Shaun the sheep.

  101. Avatar of Alexis Gorbould
    Alexis Gorbould Reply

    Zachary Gorbould has loved Shaun the sheep for about seven years!

  102. Avatar of Jodie Louw
    Jodie Louw Reply

    My husband for sure! We recently took the kids to the movies and the preview for this came up and he was super excited lol 🙂 Will have to take him and the kids along for sure.

  103. Avatar of Michelle Lalezari
    Michelle Lalezari Reply

    Our 3 year old loves Shaun the Sheep. Mummy loves the song

  104. Avatar of jeaniebeanie
    jeaniebeanie Reply

    My almost 3 yr old loves Shaun, he has it on his iPad and gets so excited at 6:45 when it comes on ABC 2

  105. Avatar of Tracey Ibbott
    Tracey Ibbott Reply

    My daughter. She’s watched since she was really little.

  106. Avatar of Charlotte Marie Knudsen
    Charlotte Marie Knudsen Reply

    My almost 4 year old son, Elias, loves Shaun The Sheep.

  107. Avatar of Pauline

    I think my kids would love to see this movie, but the biggest Shaun the Sheep fan in my family is my 60 year old mother – she laughs, and laughs and laughs – I would love to take her to the movies!

  108. Avatar of Kelly

    My 4 year old son LOVES Shaun! And I am forever getting the theme song stuck in my head!! 🙂

  109. Avatar of Justine Hordyk
    Justine Hordyk Reply

    My twins renesmee and dathaniel love watching it so do i

  110. Avatar of Tanya

    Both my 5 year old and (still) my 9 year old watch Shaun the Sheep…..even though the 9 year old would not admit it, lol.
    They have been watching it for years and have a couple of DVDs.
    I’m sure the movie will be a blast.

  111. Avatar of ElkeH

    My 5-year old son absolutely LOVES Shaun the Sheep! It’s a daily ritual in our house to all gather around and 5.50pm and collectively watch and laugh along 🙂 Can’t wait for the movie!

  112. Avatar of Cain

    Both my boys 8 & 11 still love Shaun the Sheep. The music comes on the TV and still both boys will sit down and be glued for the entire episode!! (Trust me…this doesn’t happen very often!)

  113. Avatar of Zaara

    My daughter is the biggest shaun the sheep fan, and her favourite character is the baby Timmy!

  114. Avatar of Karen Laidlaw
    Karen Laidlaw Reply

    My 5 year old son is the BIGGEST shaun the sheep fan ever, when he knows it is on he drops whatever he is doing to watch it, he has every movie and honestly he can’t get enough of the show, he would love this amazing prize and it would make he’s day…….

  115. Avatar of Karen Van der Heijde
    Karen Van der Heijde Reply

    My favourite character is Shaun, because he is always getting into trouble 🙂

  116. Avatar of Karen Van der Heijde
    Karen Van der Heijde Reply

    My grandson Tama loves Shaun the Sheep, I have some seasons downloaded on my IPad and everytime I am with Tama he says “Ipad, sheep” lol, gotta love him xx

  117. Avatar of Therese

    I think I am the biggest fan in the family! My 2 children do love it as well but it’s my secret indulgence. I get to pretend I am doing something nice for them and I thoroughly enjoy it too

  118. Avatar of Kristy

    My 2 and a half year old loves him, plus quietly myself and his dad like the show as well and will watch it when the kids are not around. Also he loves timmy the little sheep. Shaun and timmy remind me of my son as they get upto mischief.

  119. Avatar of Nicola James
    Nicola James Reply

    I am 62 and I have to admit that I am hooked on Shaun The Sheep!

  120. Avatar of rose cloherty
    rose cloherty Reply

    I have always loved the sheep characters after travelling the uk there everywhere

  121. Avatar of Dale Pearce
    Dale Pearce Reply

    My eldest son LOVES all the Shaun the sheep series and has them all on DVD. They are great family entertainment.

  122. Avatar of Cheynon Gemmell
    Cheynon Gemmell Reply

    My Son Alec is the biggest fan, he love the cute little bundle of fluffy fun!!

  123. Avatar of Robyn Csorba
    Robyn Csorba Reply

    My 3yr old son and 7yr old daughter love Shaun the Sheep. Everything has to stop when it is on tv!

  124. Avatar of Nancy

    Shaun the sheep is the best, my 10 year old and 8 year old absolutely love it. I watched the very first episode of when Shaun the sheep was introduced in Wallace and Gromit, way before my daughters were born!

  125. Avatar of Lauren Barnes
    Lauren Barnes Reply

    The farmer, who’s only dialogue are grunts and moans. This is me in the morning as my heard of kids spill breakfast everywhere.

  126. Avatar of Christial Shea
    Christial Shea Reply

    I’d love to say my son loves it most.. But I think my husband actually loves it more!

  127. Avatar of Jamyle

    I’m not sure who the biggest Shaun the sheep fan is in this house. No, I do know who it is, my husband!

  128. Avatar of Aly

    Almost embarressed to say but I (Mum) think I’m the biggest fan of Shaun the sheep – over & above my 2 & 5 year old!!

  129. Avatar of Kathryn Coleman
    Kathryn Coleman Reply

    My son Ryan says the farmer looks like my father in law. Cracks me up

  130. Avatar of Tana M Hewett
    Tana M Hewett Reply

    Miss 5 is the biggest Shaun the Sheep fan ever! She has been in love with him since she was around 9months old. She has a Mr Sheepy plush that she’s had since then & he goes absolutely everywhere with her & it shows too lol, he’s no longer white, very grey haha

  131. Avatar of Rachel K

    Hubby – he just laughs his head off, it’s hilarious to watch!

  132. Avatar of Johanne Stone
    Johanne Stone Reply

    Miss 4 is insane for Shaun the Sheep – Watches in the morning then at night. Not to mention more re-runs on the PC. But i have to admit i think he is pretty cute and like watching too. Is that a bad thing. LOL

  133. Avatar of Joanna H

    My husband loves this, I think we would willingly take the girls to the movies by himself if it involved Shaun the Sheep!

  134. Avatar of Ann-Marie Day
    Ann-Marie Day Reply

    Okay I will admit it, I’m the biggest Shaun the Sheep fan in our family. I even have my own little Shaun toy. hehe

  135. Avatar of Christy Parker
    Christy Parker Reply

    My partner is. Even though the kids love it too he’s the one that squeals when he hears about the movie and has a shaun the sheep toy…..”but its for the kids”…

  136. Avatar of Chrissy07

    I love Shaun the Sheep. I have all his videos and have so many people following his adventures now. Adults really love his antics after someone makes them watch one video. I’m sure I like him more than the kids.

  137. Avatar of Lisa Perriam
    Lisa Perriam Reply

    Unsure whether it’s me or my daughter who is the biggest fan of Shaun!

  138. Avatar of Jules 2015
    Jules 2015 Reply

    Have 2 1/2y/o twin boys and one hubby thats Mad on Shaun, so would be their quality time out together. LOL

  139. Avatar of Bec D'owney
    Bec D'owney Reply

    BAA none he’s the funniest thing around. We love Shaun, he’s EWEnique and gives us many SHEEP thrills!

  140. Avatar of Libby Egan
    Libby Egan Reply

    The children have grown up with Shaun and he has provided us with heaps of laughs!

  141. Avatar of Laura Offerman
    Laura Offerman Reply

    My hubby and son love their time together watching Shaun the sheep

  142. Avatar of Bianca Rock
    Bianca Rock Reply

    My kids are here glued to the computer screen so excited they love shaun the sheep they would be exstatic to win a ticket 🙂

  143. Avatar of Beth

    My daughter loves that Shaun and The Dog are such good friends, and if course loves the little lamb!

  144. Avatar of kathy clark
    kathy clark Reply

    My granddaughter and her dog, they sit and watch it as quiet as can be

  145. Avatar of Betty S

    I have to admit that I love Shaun the Sheep as much as my kids do!

  146. Avatar of Rozie Miller
    Rozie Miller Reply

    my son & daughter, they turn the volume up & jump around excited as soon as they hear the theme music at the beginning!

  147. Avatar of Deb

    My daughter Ava. We’ve been trying frantically, almost daily, to win a plush Shaun the Sheep out of the skill tester machine at the local shopping centre. So far no luck. This pack would make for a VERY excited little girl!

  148. Avatar of Cathy McDonnell
    Cathy McDonnell Reply

    My husband! My 2 y/o daughter runs to get him and says “daddies show”

  149. Avatar of Leah Eitzen
    Leah Eitzen Reply

    Not sure who is our fave, Shaun, Bitzer or Shirley! Timmy can be cute too.

  150. Avatar of Kylie Clayton
    Kylie Clayton Reply

    Me! I love watching Shaun the sheep with the kids… And I’m fairly sure hubby does too. 😉

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