This may be the most heart-warming story you’ll read today.

Leah and Scott Kennedy have their hearts and hands full. Three beautiful daughters (Makayla, Charlotte and Denarah) and a gorgeous son (Hudson) round out their family and there’s no shortage of love here. At their emotional wedding at Glen Ewen Estate three months ago, vowels were said to the girls too and they all committed to each other. It’s a touching way to bring two families together as one when they have started out separately. But there’s even more to this story than a moving commitment ceremony.


Scott’s daughters, Makayla and Charlotte, lost their mum, Lucinda, to cancer five years ago when they were only 5 and 3 years old. Lucinda would have been 35 years old on 7 February 2015, which is the day that the girls chose to do something very, very special.

Makayla and Charlotte, together with their new sister Denarah (Leah’s daughter) made the decision to honour Mummy Lu by donating 40cm each of their own hair to be made into wigs and donated to AAAF for people suffering the effects of cancer. Plus they raised enough money to provide three free wigs to children without hair.

If that’s not enough to bring a lump to your throat, the video shows that all of Lucinda’s family were at the hairdressers to support the girls when they had their beautiful hair cut.

Leah had this beautiful video made in honour of Lucinda and asked us to share it for her to raise awareness and inspire others.

Grab a tissue and watch the video here










We are a normal family that came together in a not so normal way. I’m truly blessed to have this incredible opportunity given to me. I’m honoured to be the girls’ mother. I love all of my children and my husband very much” — Leah says

Photo Credits:  Amy Campbell Photography, Lux Photography and Leah Fellowes

Video:  The Smile Factory Film




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  1. Wonderful story and beautiful video. I love the song too – can you let me know the title and artist please?

  2. Lu's workmate Reply

    Beautiful story and beautiful girls, Lucinda would be very proud! Brought tears to my eyes!

  3. Sue Taylor Reply

    Wow. well done girls,your mummy is looking down on you and is smiling from heaven at her beautiful girls.

  4. Wow…. Words cannot express how amazing these girls and family are

  5. Lyn Beames Reply

    Wow just amazing & inspiring. God bless you girls what a beautiful gift to give your mum on her birthday.

  6. deb hannam Reply

    this was such a beautiful way of celebrating the girl’s mum’s life well done and helping other ladies as well girl’s you should be very proud of yourselves as your mum would be in heaven watching over you all

  7. Found it Day 4. Beautiful girls – inside and out. Mummy Lu would have been so proud.

  8. Jayde Hopkins Reply

    Found it day 4

    Beautiful Girls. Your mum is looking down on you from heaven xo

    I would like the lego friends set 🙂

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    Star Wars please – Master 4 is going to be Storm Trooper when he grows up!

  10. Dani Duffield Reply

    Found it. Day 4. Such a beautiful tribute, I cried like a baby!!

  11. Marianne Douglas Reply

    Found It Day 4. Lego Chima because my son’s name is Lennox (one of the characters).

  12. Dianne Childs Reply

    Found It Day 4 – would love LEGO Star Wars Brickmaster please

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    Found it day 4. Our favourite lego range is Lego City, is that one of the choices?

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