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Harry and Mia, Aged 6 and 8 Lost Both Parents Just Four Weeks Apart


Two little children are without their mum or dad after they lost both parents in just one month. Friends are now raising funds for the children in hopes to provide Harry and Mia with a good life in the wake of this heartbreaking tragedy. 

A terminal diagnosis

In September 2020, Amie Walton, then 28, started to experience heartburn. She didn’t think much of it at the time but she went to the hospital anyway.

“I didn’t expect anything, I wasn’t worried at all. Nothing clicked. No one in my family has ever had cancer,” she said previously.

After 12 hours in the hospital in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, where she lived with her partner, Chri Mills, 43, Amie was told it wasn’t just heartburn. It was a cancerous tumour on her colon which had spread to her liver.

She started treatment right away but, despite eight rounds of chemotherapy and surgery to treat the multiple tumours in her body, she was diagnosed with stage four terminal cancer.

When I was diagnosed with stage 4, I just went completely blank. I was so distraught. It all happened so quickly,” the mum said of the diagnosis.

Quietly passed away during the night 

Amie spent her final year soaking in as much family time as she could with Chris and their two children, Harry, now 8 and Mia, now 6. She never expected her partner would pass away before her.

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Amie and Chris were aware she didn’t have much time left with her children but they never imagined Chris would pass away before her.

Sadly, one morning, Amie woke up next to Chris to find him not breathing in their bed. Chris died suddenly from a ruptured stomach ulcer, something he wasn’t even aware he had.

Amie, Harry and Mia were broken by the unexpected news. The children were aware their mum had cancer, but no one knew that Chris also had health complications.

Chris passed away on 18 July 2022.

Just four weeks later, on 18 August 2022, Amie lost her battle with cancer and Mia and Harry said goodbye to their mum as well.

Lost both parents, just four weeks apart

We cannot imagine the sadness of losing not one, but both parents in such a short time span. Harry and Mia are being raised by both sets of their loving grandparents and the family is doing everything they can to help these two children through this understandably difficult time.

A friend, Bal Singh, has started a Crowdfunder to help support Mia and Harry.

Bal writes,

Both my brother and I, and undoubtedly many of you, were deeply touched and affected by this tragedy as we felt a personal connection to the loss. We felt the need to do something positive for the children and hopefully be part of something bigger than our individual selves.

We both hope you will join us in raising as many funds as we possibly can as a community and come together to place a smile on the faces of two beautiful children. Thank you for your support, kindness and care.”

So far over 1,300 supporters have helped raise over £36,000 for the two young children. You can donate to the fundraiser for Amie Walton and Chris Mills’ beloved children Harry and Mia here.

If you have a question about cancer, or to find out about the range of support services for people affected by cancer in your local area call The Cancer Council on 13 11 20 to speak to one of their specially trained staff. The Cancer Council is the leading charity in Australia for all types of cancer.

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