Remember the days when our mums would send us off to school with a brown paper bag for our lunches?

Well, you might want to reconsider the ol’ brown paper bag lunch after this disgusting lunch box discovery.

Why? Because your child’s seemingly safe and sanitary reusable lunch box may be a breeding ground for mould and bacteria.

The Yuck Factor! 

Disgusted mum Grace Bollen sent Facebook into a flurry last week when she shared some photos of her children’s lunch boxes.

While doing her daily hand-wash of the lunch boxes before letting them dry for the next day, Grace noticed a itty bitty black spot in the corner. She went to investigate further, lifting the bottom off the lunch box and prying away the glue.

And then she discovered this: a plastic platter of mould engulfing the bottom of the lunch box.

lunchbox mould warning

Lunch box mould warning goes viral 

As Grace explains, the lunch boxes (not from Yumbox)  were both used for less than 12 months and washed every night.

“I’m absolutely appalled,” the concerned mum shared on her Facebook page. 

“I feel awful that my children have been eating lunches out of these.”

Since sharing her surprise discovery, her Facebook post has received thousands of shares and comments. Her warning has promoted plenty of parents to check their own children’s lunch boxes.

Many mums say they have discovered a similar mouldy infestation. In some of the lighter coloured models you may be able to check if there’s mould by placing the lunch box near a light.

lunchbox mould warning

Check those lunch boxes, ladies!

While the make of the lunch boxes remains a mystery, Grace urges parents not to “buy any lunchboxes that you can’t clean ALL the parts”, no matter what the brand.

She says the retailers who sold the manky lunch boxes have since reached out to assure her they are”working to rectify the problem with the manufacturers and make them watertight”.

See, brown paper bag isn’t looking so bad now, is it?

Looking for more lunchbox stories? This mum’s lunch box fail is absolutely hilarious! And not nearly as disgusting.


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