We’ve recently discovered that one of the most popular naming trends of 2021 will be magical baby names. No, we’re not talking about Harry, Hermoine and Ron but rather more mystical, darker names. 

Names found etched in literature, history, mythology. Magical baby names that are sure to make a statement for your enlightened spirit. 

If you love the dark arts, then why not cast your eye on some of these mystical monikers?

Mystical baby names found in nature 

Hazel – The hazel tree is meant to be a magic tree, known to protect against evil spirits. 

Ash/Ashlyn – The ash tree is another magical baby name option, thought to have medicinal and mystical properties. 

Oak/Oaklynn – Another magical tree, Oak/Oaklynn is also an adorable boho name choice. 

Rowan – The rowan tree has a long history in folklore and carries whimsical connotations.  

Sage – Is there anything more healing and cleansing name than sage? A fitting name for 2021 too! 

JadeThere are a few gemstone names that have a magical element to them, including Amethyst and Jade. Jade is used as an amulet to attract good fortune, prosperity, and abundance. 

Crystal – Another magical gemstone name is Crystal. If you do like gemstone names, have a read of our colour baby names – there are plenty of pretty options there. 

Mythological names 

Griffin – A Griffin was a mythological beast considered to be half lion, half eagle. 

Triton –  Triton was the sea god and could be a great option if you and your partner love the water. 

Maia – In ancient Rome, Maia represented Earth’s mother and the goddess of spring. So pretty! 

Freya – The Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.

Persephone – In Greek Mythology, poor Persephone was kidnapped and taken to the underworld. But she was also the goddess of spring growth. 

Arion – Arion is a Greek mythology name, meaning “melodious”. It’s a cute one if you like the nickname, Ari. Another option similar to this is Aries

Ariadne – Sticking with the ARI theme, Ariadne is a gorgeous and unique choice for a little girl. She was a Cretan goddess who ruled over fertility. 

Odin – In mythology, Odin was the highest father of all Norse gods, who presided over art, war, wisdom, and death.

Calliope – Another enchanting option, Calliope was a muse of poetry and eloquence. 

Clio – Meaning “glory”, Clio was another muse in Greek mythology. She inspired poetry and presided over the magical sea.

Dion – Short for Dionysus, the god of wine, fertility, and the arts.  

Earthly names

Luna – The mood goddess herself. 

Ambrose/ Ambrosia  – Ambrose means “immortal one”. 

Lucius – Meaning light, Lucius is popular in both religion and literature. 

Astrid/Astra – A name fit for your little star, Astrid means “divinely beautiful”.

Zephyr – Meaning “west wind”, Zephry is also the Greek god of the wind. Magical yet modern. 

Arcadia – Similar to Eden or Heaven, Arcadia is an area “offering peace and contentment” – the perfect way to describe your bundle of perfection. 

Elysia – Another “paradise” name, Elysia hails from Elysium, the mythological heaven. 

Fantasy and fairy tale names

Faye – The English origin for “fairy”. 

Aeryn – Airy and fairy-like, Aeryn definitely has that magical vibe to it. 

Titania – The name of the Shakespearean queen of the fairies in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

fairy baby names

Meadow – Where else do fairies flock but in a meadow? 

Althea – Meaning “with healing power”, Althea is another enchanting and unique choice. 

Ingrid – Meaning “fair” or “beautiful”. 

Morgan – Morgan Le Fay is the fairy witch goddess in the Arthurian legends. 

Gwendolyn – The fair maiden from the Arthurian world. 

The darker magical baby names

Azreal – There is something so mystical and mysterious about this name but it’s also the name of the Angel of Death in Jewish and Muslim tradition. 

Regin – Regin means “mythical blacksmith”, someone who was well-versed in the art of black magic.

Onyx – Onyx is a cute gemstone name but it was actually considered a bad luck stone in the past. Now it’s used to keep senses keen and instincts sharp,

TheodoraThe Wicked Witch of the West. 

Loki – Thor’s brother and arch-nemesis, Loki is a villain from the Marvel series. But he makes bad look pretty darned good. 

Lilith – is an Assyrian name meaning “ghost” or “night monster”. 

Pheonix – A supernatural beast, the Pheonix rises from the ashes and is a powerful name for both boys and girls. 

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