Short and Sweet: 50 Cute Three Letter Baby Names

Three letter baby names are nothing new. Have a look at the most popular baby names of 2020 and you’ll notice plenty of the favourites for parents are only three letters long – Mia, Ava, Ivy, Zoe, Leo, Max and Kai, to name a few. 

We love these names but if you’re searching for a short and sweet baby name that is not on top of the most popular charts, then check out these 50 three-letter baby name choices.

They may be small in length, but they are strong, mighty, feminine and cute as can be! 

50+ three letter baby names to consider

A to F

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Ari – This unique name works for both a boy or a girl, but it is rising on the boys’ list quicker than the girls’ list. 

Ada – Vintage meets feminine – what a classic combo! 

Ace – A cute option for your little hipster. 

Aya – If you like Ava, then Aya might be a good one to add to your list. 

Ash – A popular prefix for both genders  (Ashton, Ashley, Asher, Ashlyn), Ash also makes a nice name on its own. 

Avi – Like Aya, this one might suit if you like Ava but want something less popular. 

Blu – A cute middle name, Blu can also work as a strong first name. Check out our complete list of colour baby names here. 

Cub – For the animal lover, Cub is roaring with potential. 

Dax – Another hipster name, we reckon Dax is a great alternative if you’re a fan of Max. 

Dot – Traditionally short for Dorothy, we reckon Dot works on its own too. 

Eli – This one is starting to climb the boys’ names charts and comes with strong biblical connotations. 

Eve – Although etched in religion, Eve actually means “life or animal” and is as sweet and pure as it gets. We love Eva too. 

Fae – Love this twist on an old-school favourite. In French the meaning of the name Fae is “Fairy”.

Fox – You’d be surprised how popular the name Fox is becoming – I hear it all the time! It’s edgy, it’s charming and it’s got some serious character to it. 

Gia – Meaning “God’s gracious gift”, Gia is sweet and feminine. 

Gus – I know the name Gus is pretty common with pets (and a mouse in Cinderella), but it’s also a cute three letter baby name. 

H to O

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Hux – A cute combo of Huxley and Huck, we reckon this name is going places!

Jai – Or Jye for those wanting to be extra fancy. 

Jax – Made popular thanks to Sons of Anarchy, Jax works for both a boy or a girl three letter baby name. 

Jet – It’s a type of plane, it’s a colour and it’s also a rising name for babies. 

Kya – Meaning “diamond in the sky”, Kya is certainly a bright choice. 

Kia – Okay, so Kia is a type of car, but can also be a pretty cute baby name for both a boy or a girl. 

Koa – A cute alternative to the highly popular, Noah. 

Liv – Originally the shortened form of Olivia, Liv is totally strong enough to stand alone. It’s also much less popular than Olivia which is currently the number one baby name in Australia. 

Lux – A little bit fancy, Lux is not only a pretty choice but also a meaningful one – in Spanish, it means “light”. 

Lea – A cute combo of Lee and Leah, this three-letter option means “meadow or pasture”. 

Lou – Popular for boys, Lou is also pretty sweet for a little girl. 

Lev – A fresh alternative to Leo, Lev also means “lion”. 

Mya – Pronounced the same as “Maya”, this may be a good choice for those looking for a less popular version of Mia. 

Mae – You may also like Mae, a modern version of May, which works as both a beautiful first or middle name. 

Neo – If it was good enough for Keanu Reeves, it’s good enough for us. 

Nya – The meaning of “Nya” is purpose, which is so fitting for parents. After all, our babies become our main purpose in life, don’t they?

P to Z 

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Pia – Another alternative to Mia, Pia is connected to beauty and wisdom in Spanish. 

Pau – Popular in Spain, Pau is the word for “peace”.

Poe – If you’re a fan of the poet, this one may work for you. 

Ren – One for the Star Wars peeps out there.

Rue – Made popular by The Hunger Games, Rue actually means “regret”. But we don’t have to focus on that. Check out some of these other names that have unfortunate meanings. 

Reo – Or Rio, if you’d like. Both mean “river” in Spanish. 

Sir – We’re kidding with this one. Although Beyonce got away with it, the name Sir is actually banned in Australia.

Sky – A beautiful nature name that’s not too popular, Sky is lovely as a middle name too. 

Sol – Sol means “sun”, a fitting name for your ray of sunshine. 

Tao – This name is rooted in a lot of cultures – In Japanese, it’s a popular girl’s name, in Chinese it means “long life”. 

Taj – Strong, mighty and powerful, the name Taj glitters with royal connotations and actually means “crown”. 

Tai – A cute option for a little girl, or Tye, for a little boy. 

Val – Another cute old-fashioned name, this three letter name means “power”. 

Vin – Vin Diesel made it cool way back when, but the name Vin is not used very often. Vin means “conquerer”. 

Wes – Wes means “west meadow” and is a shortened form of Wesley but we like just Wes much better. 

Wyn – A winning three letter baby name if we’ve ever seen one! 

Zia – Edgy and sweet at the same time, Zia is sure to stand out in the crowd. 

Zen – Cool, calm and a cute option for your little dude. 

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