Animal Baby Names: 90 Animal-Inspired Choices for your Wild One

Pass on your love of animals to your little one with an adorable animal-inspired baby name.

We at Mum Central have rounded up our favourite baby names inspired by animals. Some are common, some are rare, some you may have never heard of. Some are strong, some are dainty, some are fiery and feisty.

But all of them are worth a look, especially if you are after a meaningful name that represents your wild child, little leaper or free-spirited flyer.

The trend-setters

These animal-inspired baby names are most common for little boys and girls. None make the Top 100 Most Popular Baby Names list though, so you don’t have to worry about choosing a super common name.

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  1. Fox
  2. Bear
  3. Cub
  4. Pheonix
  5. Griffin
  6. Wren
  7. Raven

The wild ones

These names are perfect for your feisty little fella or lady – they represent the cool cats (and other animals) of the animal kingdom and, while you may not be keen on them as first names, they may work as a middle name instead.

  1. Sable
  2. Tiger
  3. Colt
  4. Wolf
  5. Lynx
  6. Cougar
  7. Coyote
  8. Buck

Names that have wild animal meanings

Not keen on a full-blown animal-inspired baby name. Here are a few that have animal meanings:

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The felines

  1. Leo (lion)
  2. Lenny (brave lion)
  3. Lev (lion)
  4. Leona (lioness)
  5. Ariel (lion of God)
  6. Dilllon (like a lion)
  7. Tora (tiger)

The canines

  1. Rudy (wolf)
  2. Zev (wolf)
  3. Conan (little wolf)
  4. Channing (wolf cub)
  5. Lowell (young wolf)
  6. Madigan (little dog)
  7. Caleb (dog)
  8. Madden (little dog)
  9. Mai (coyote)

The bears

  • Arthur (bear)
  • Bjorn (bear)
  • Kodiac (type of bear)
  • Orson (bear cub)
  • Ursula (little female bear)
  • Quillen (bear cub)


  • Everly (wild boar)
  • Averett (strong boar)
  • Tabitha (gazelle)
  • Addax (white antelope)
  • Brax (badger)
  • Brayden (salmon)
  • Rachel (ewe)
  • Taura (bull)
  • Delphine (dolphin)
  • Jael (mountain goat)

The cutesy animal names

Moving over to the delightfully dainty animal-inspired baby names – these ones are perfect for your cuddly little critter!

babies born in june

  1. Bunny
  2. Joey
  3. Kitty
  4. Cat
  5. Otter
  6. Fawn
  7. Kit

Birds of a feather

If you’re on the hunt for a baby name that represents your child’s free spirit, then these names are sure to soar to the top of your list.

  1. Hawk
  2. Birdie
  3. Robin
  4. Jay
  5. Lark
  6. Falcon
  7. Finch
  8. Sparrow

Names that have bird meanings

These names all mean “bird” or variations of it in different languages or cultures.

  • Aya (bird)
  • Ava (bird)
  • Evelyn (little bird)
  • Jenna (little bird)
  • Meena (bird)
  • Tori (bird)
  • Tziporah (bird)

Birds of prey

  • Gavin (white hawk)
  • Aster (hawk)
  • Ari (eagle)
  • Corbett (raven)
  • Adler (eagle)


  • Jonas (dove)
  • Jonah (dove)
  • Paloma (dove)
  • Callan (dove)
  • Poe (peacock)
  • Corbin (crow)
  • Kiara (cockatoo)
  • Mavis (songbird)

Insect and reptiles baby names 

We’ll end with a few unique names from the sky and water, perfect for any water babies and free-spirited flyers.

animal baby names

  1. Keya (turtle)
  2. Kobe (turtle)
  3. Kayda (little dragon)
  4. Drake (dragon, also male duck)
  5. Melissa (honeybee)
  6. Vanessa (butterfly)
  7. Bindi (butterfly)
  8. Yara (small butterfly)

Which animal-inspired baby name is your favourite?

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