Free Their Creativity with Magnetic Construction Cubes from Magicube

There’s so much to love about being a mum. The cuddles, the kisses, the ‘I love yous’. All awesome, right?  But you know what’s especially great? The silence. 

Silence? With kids? I know, it doesn’t happen often.  But, on those rare moments when you catch your kids playing quietly, doing something creative and … wait for it, actually working together without fighting, well, these moments are absolute bliss.

I live for these moments. I actively search for toys that encourage these moments  – moments where the kids are being creative, constructive and relatively quiet and where I can either watch from afar with a cuppa in hand or, join in on the fun if the mood strikes.

Well, mums, on my endless quest for this blissful play, I’ve discovered the be-all-end-all of constructive play. It’s called Magicube and it’s revolutionising the junior construction toy category.

If your little ones love building with blocks, making things out of DUPLO or LEGO or crafting towers out of pretty much anything – blocks, paper cups, sand, for example –  then we reckon they are going to absolutely dig Magicube.

Magicube for kids

What is Magicube? 

In a nutshell, Magicube is a kit of magnetic cubes. The cubes attach on every side so kids can build up, down or side to side, however they want. By using the invisible and magical properties of magnetism, children will be able to let their imagination fly and create different shapes, colour combinations and even 3D structures.

It’s a relatively new product and is already winning the hearts and minds of mums and kids around Australia.

The 20-second video below shows exactly how they work if you’re still a little unsure.

YouTube video


They look cool, right? Trust us – they are! Your kids will LOVE the magic of building with them and you will LOVE the quiet play they provide AND the cognitive benefits they bring to the toy table.

Magicube set

It’s the gift that keeps on giving – and keeps them building!

Toys that keep my kids quietly playing are ace in my books. But what’s also great about Magicube is that it’s also a great toy for developmental purposes. Yep, Magicube is entertaining AND educational. But, ssssh, don’t tell the kids.

Every time the kids pull out Magicube, they are:

Enhancing fine motor skills and developing dexterity in the process!

Getting those creative juices going. With every tower they build or city they create, they are also expanding their imagination.

Boosting their focus levels, problem-solving skills and their confidence.

Developing the ability to play independently – so important for their development AND mummy’s sanity!

Or, if they are playing together, building those tricky-to-teach co-operative play skills like sharing and teamwork. This is my favourite thing about Magicube – sure they are fun for kids and great for development, but they also encourage my kids to get along.

building with magicube

Fun for the whole family

Magicube is great for kids of all ages too. Smaller kids will love to simply connect the cubes together while older kids can get extra creative and build cities, creatures, anything really.

Even better, they are pretty fun for us adults too. When my kids ask me to play with them, we often pull out Magicube. We build, we chat, we laugh, we often compete over who makes the best tower (I always win).

It’s a fun way to connect with the kids and to encourage creative, constructive, cooperative play. It’s a win-win in our house and we reckon it will be in your home too!

dad and daughter playing Magicube

Where to buy Magicube kits 

There are heaps of different Magicube sets available, including 8, 27 and 64 coloured-cubes. Plus, there are also toddler and preschool-friendly kits which feature images on each side of the cube – you can read more about those here.

Pick up a set of 27 cubes for $79.99 through the Online Toys Australia website and keep them happily (and quietly) building well into the New now

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