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Meet MAMMA-MIYA: The Game-Changing App for Busy Mums. Download to Win!

What a year 2023 has been! From January 1st til now, it’s been go, go, go and I cannot even count the number of times I’ve huddled in my closet corner because it’s all just too much. Am I alone in feeling this overwhelmed? Maybe? But I don’t think so.

DID YOU KNOW: Data shows that 83% of mums feel parental burnout, so if you are in this category, like me, you’re in good company. Add to this, 70% of mums struggle with managing their work-life balance and 60% also said they can’t seem to find the time for self-care. Speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

Yep, 2023 was crazy and 2024 is looking to be another big one. But my goal for next year is to be less of a hot mess and more of an “I’ve got this” mum.

And I owe it all to MAMMA-MIYA. She’s my new secret weapon.  Developed for mums, by mums, this is not your ordinary app. They experienced first-hand the struggles that motherhood brings because, let’s face it, we’re not all natural-born organisers. But somehow, society expects that once we have a baby, everything will fall into place … and we’ll just pull it all together, complexities and all. So they developed MAMMA-MIYA, which they pretty much built to help sort their lives, and are now scaling to bring it to the world. Amen Sister!

At first, you’ll think she’s a clever planning and organiser app, but dig deep, and you’ll find she’s so much more. She’s my personal assistant, daily planner, sanity checker and, above all, my new favourite app to explore when I have a bit of downtime. Think of her like the Fairy Godmother in your back pocket. You just need to load her up with what she needs to know, and then she’ll be your daily prompter and organiser while she keeps checking in to help you keep the cogs turning (and the wheels from falling off).

MAMMA-MIYA will change the way you keep the wheels turning. Source: Supplied


Let us introduce you to MAMMA-MIYA and why this little app is a busy mum’s smartest sidekick.

Confession: I’m not a regular mum. I’m a sports mum. 

Before I get into MAMMA-MIYA, let me introduce myself. I’m a working mum of three very active children. All of them do after-school activities. Two of them do before-school activities. Two of them also do weekend activities.

Add in homework and reading, an overactive dog, a bit of time to enjoy my own hobbies, plus birthday parties, competitions, tournaments, groceries, cooking meals, snacks, an epic battle with laundry that NEVER ENDS, attempting to keep the house clean, attempting to keep my hair from going grey, work trips and meetings, and any other commitments …. life is just go, go, go!

People tell me to say NO more often. But when you have children who absolutely adore their activities, it’s really hard to say no. Their activities give them purpose and pride. Yes, I’m tired, but I’m also my kids’ biggest cheerleader, and watching them score a goal or perform on stage is, well, hard to put into words how heartwarming this is. And how hard it is to say NO.

I’m sure other parents can relate to this, right? We want to do it all for ourselves, our partners, our careers, and especially our kids. But it can get hectic and overwhelming. This is exactly why the team behind MAMMA-MIYA designed their app.

Start your day the right way. Source: Adobe Stock

MAMMA-MIYA … for the many hats mums wear

MAMMA-MIYA is the world’s first and only daily planner app designed for mums, by mums.  Designed by mums who understand and care for the woman behind the many hats she wears. MAMMA-MIYA is the result of thousands of hours of conversations with mums around the world.

This data, paired with behavioural science, gives us a daily planner app to help busy mums organise their day-to-day so they can feel more balanced and fulfilled each and every day.

The goal of MAMMA-MIYA is simple:

To help busy mums not just survive but thrive. To find balance. To increase productivity. To ditch the stress. And to remove mums from this state of being overwhelmed. 

Not your regular mum planner

I’ve never used an app quite like MAMMA-MIYA before either. Sure I’ve used calendars, to-do lists and other iPhone apps to help keep track of my commitments, work events and the like, but MAMMA-MIYA collates all of this into one app. It’s free and easy to set up on any iPhone or iPad with a pretty awesome set of features if you want to upgrade!

In essence, MAMMA-MIYA makes space for what matters in our minds and in our day by giving us an easy way to track everything – tasks, events, routines, reminders, lists, and even thoughts.

Since using MAMMA-MIYA for only a couple of weeks I already feel less stressed, more in control and more prepared to handle every day. I don’t need to make to-do lists in my head at night and I just feel a sense of balance. Yes, my life is busy, but MAMMA-MIYA has helped me manage my busy life without feeling burned out or overwhelmed.”

Customised to your life

Mum burnout is something many of us struggle with, with each of us having a different week ahead. Different activities. Different engagements. There are so many different reasons why we might feel overwhelmed.

This is what I love about MAMMA-MIYA – it’s a universal app for ALL the mums, but it’s also customised to my specific life. My kids’ sports. My goals for 2024. My mental health.”

Mental health, mindfulness and more 

Another really cool thing about MAMMA-MIYA is how it’s designed to help with your mental health, too. Anxiety and overwhelm go hand in hand for me, and I often have a hard time living in the moment and focusing on the now rather than worrying about what needs to be done or what’s to come the next day.

The Brain Dump function is brilliant for your mental health as you can simply open it up and write down whatever you need to do or what’s popped up in your mind.” 

The brain dump feature is one of the most powerful ways to relieve us of overwhelm. Source: Supplied

Manage your Hats

One of the things I really like about the app is that it lets you set up your schedule based on the many HATS you wear, all colour-coded, of course. I’ve got a HAT for each of my kids to keep track of who has practice when and who needs to be at rehearsals across town at what time. Your ‘me’ hat could even be split into mind/ body/ soul to really break it down and make sure you’re filling your cup!

I’ve also got a HAT for my partner, a HAT for my work and a HAT for my running (as I am also training for a half marathon next year … just to add another thing to my plate!). You can add events and tasks assigned to each hat and easily keep track of what you need to do every day/week/month.

For business owners, your hats could be set up into areas that you need to focus on specifically like marketing/ admin/ content creation/ networking etc.

Either way, you can ensure that you’re getting the focus you need in an organised way.

Get a little help in managing the hats we wear each day. Source: Supplied

Set up, sync and feel sorted. 

Initially, I suggest grabbing a coffee and sitting down to set up the MAMMA-MIYA fundamentals It was actually wonderful to sit down and plan out the next three months of what I’ve got on so far and feel a little more in control and across what lies ahead. Once the basics are set, it’s easy to add things as they come up, knowing I can trust the app to remind, alert and keep track of everything in my world. Plus, when I have some quiet time I can dig deeper and explore the other features in more detail.

FUN FACT: You can also sync MAMMA-MIYA to your current calendars, including AppleCal, Reminders and GoogleCal.


I’m actually looking forward to sitting down once a fortnight and adding in tasks and events – it’s somewhat calming and a great stress reliever. There’s something so comforting of feeling like you’re on top of everything.” 

Give gratitude

The Gratitude Journal has also been really helpful for me and something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Basically,  open your Gratitude Journal and MAMMA-MIYA will ask you a random question such as “What fear did you overcome today?”. Write down your thoughts, save it and keep it to look back on.

This daily activity is a game-changer and helps change your mindset to be grateful and appreciative of every day, even the little things. I’ve always struggled with this and in just two weeks, I already feel more positive and at peace.”

MAMMA-MIYA helps you practice showing gratitude daily. Source: Adobe Stock

Don’t forget to breathe …

It’s no surprise we breathe faster when we are stressed. Breathing faster and tightening the muscles in our body are instinctive responses to danger. But when daily routines make us feel this way, our bodies and minds can get fatigued by the constant anxiety.

Deep breathing also has long-term benefits, from reducing anxiety and relieving pain to improving immunity and increasing energy.

It’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed when we think about all the balls we have in the air or the things we need to do to get through the week.  Mum Central’s founder, Belinda Jennings, actually rates this as one of her top features of the app.  Here’s what she has to say:

Hands down, one of my favourites has been the mindfulness feature. Not kidding, every time I choose the ‘Pause for a breath’ option on my home screen and hit the breathe button, my phone gives off the slightest of soothing vibrations (unlike a vibration I’ve felt on my phone before) and just watching the animation as it leads my breathing in and out, I honestly can’t help but take in a big breath as I instinctively slow down and ground myself. Genius! – Belinda Jennings, Founder, Mum Central

Stop and breathe, and feel all the better for it! Source: Adobe Stock

Productivity app and health tracker 

MAMMA-MIYA doesn’t just track your daily routines. It’s also a period and activity tracker. We all should be tracking our periods monthly and I will be the first to admit I often don’t… and then worry myself senseless. MAMMA-MIYA makes it really easy to keep on top of your period so you are well aware if anything is off.

The Activity Tracker is also a great feature and I’m looking forward to exploring more, especially when I amp up my running next year. Both sync to your Apple Health so you don’t have to plug anything in.

Track your movement and cycles all in one location. Source: Bigstock

Explore more great content 

The Explore section is also loaded with mum goodness, including calendar templates such as School Term Dates, helpful lists including packing lists and back-to-school checklists, plus self-care ideas and real mum stories.

If you do have the time or are scrolling on your phone one night, you’ll find plenty of useful tips, tricks and content.

More fun features:

  • Set up daily routines for yourself and your kids
  • Add a Village to delegate tasks and jobs to others in your tribe
  • Pick your Top 3 most important tasks each day 

Free to use and so much to gain!

MAMMA-MIYA is completely free to download and has been a game-changer for me and countless other mums in 115 different countries. You can also opt for the Premium Version – MAMMA-MIYA Gold, which costs $29.99 per year although they do offer 2 WEEKS FREE to get a taste for what it offers. Alternatively, you can opt for the MAMMA-MIYA Monthly Subscription at $2.99 per month, available for iPhones and iPads through the App Store. The Android version of the app will be launched by the first quarter/ early 2024 ( join the Android waitlist here).

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Mum Central readers can get their FIRST-YEAR HALF PRICE using the code MUMCENTRAL – a saving of $14.99 over the next 12 months.  Hurry, though, it’s for a limited time only!

I look forward to putting it through its paces even more in 2024 and tackling the year with more balance, less stress and fewer meltdowns in the corner of my closet.

If you are feeling the mum burn, then try MAMMA-MIYA. You really have nothing to lose and it may be just the thing you need to find that inner peace, boost your productivity and most importantly, find the time to appreciate your crazy world, the many hats you get to wear and the chaotic children who make every busy moment worth it.” 

Available for iOS download at the App Store. Android users join the waitlist above.

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